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svechina vera is looking for help to get to jail russian mafia and hanagrian and all other mafia that tried to kill vera svechina 2009 2010 2011 2012 in SF down town ...please get to jail zhukova abramovich mafia that killed veras relatives 2010......


for svechina vera and svechina veras land of 1000 candles made hasky dog....
elithabeth (lisa from dubrovka)relative of svechina vera made ONLY for svechina vera lace
1973 peace to the world .
Показано Без имени-1.jpg
1 NINGEN WOMAN (human) IS the bride OF MILENIUM.........

SAKURA WAY only for svechina vera...

1993 1994.....
OF LACE.....

VOLOGDA (when is svechina veras wedding?)
Волого́дское кру́жево — вид русского кружева, плетённого на коклюшках (деревянных палочках); распространённый в Вологодской области.

 Начало промысла относится к 1820 году, когда близ Вологды в имениях помещиков крепостные стали выплетать отделки к платьям и белью, 
many people "working" for that svechina veras wedding.......
Prince Kuninomiya Kuniyoshi.jpg japanese Prince Kuni Ku ni yo shi (1973 June 5 in Soviet UNION BORN new Russian japanese cherry 

blossom (П)princess


 (1935 год 1937)   SVECHINA VERA ONLY FEMALE NINGEN.....
 THAT 1967 WENT TO DISNEYLAND FROM SOVIET UNION....Картинки по запросу JAPANESE FLAGnori f umi 1993.....Картинки по запросу MICHAEL JORDANJORDAN...

One of the most famous objects in jade from the Faberge workshops is the Easter egg which the Russian gold mine tycoon Alexander Ferdinadowitsch Kelch  = on  4 SVECHINA VERAS 
 islands is posible for svechina vera to do some mining

Показано Без имени-1.jpg

 have had offered to his wife Barbara on Easter 1901. It was made under the supervision of one of Faberge’s jade specialists, Michael Perchin.
Fabergé Nephrite Easter Egg – Two hollow egg halves in Siberian green jade about 14cm long with four feet in red gold in the shape of sakura tree branches. The petals of the white sakura  flowers are in enamel with their center formed by diamonds on a pink background.
 American First Lady; Barbara Bush was wife of a Vice President, First Lady, and then mother of a President. Also known for her work for literacy.
Dates: June 8, 1925 - , First Lady: 1989-1993
Husband: George H. W. Bush, married January 6, 1945

  Ver, MIR! WORLD! PEACE!!!!!!!! 

svechina veras fans! 

38 for svechina veras 2012 spring 100 years cherry blossom celebration........tulips also are blooming in the spring..
Speelhuis; Kubuswoningen / Cultural Centre; Cube Houses ( P. Blom )
 1984  same time with EDGE DINNER.........idea of homes 
 for svechina veras northern territories 
Piet (princess and empress tree)

 Bloom (February 8, 1934, Amsterdam – June 8, 1999, Denmark) KILLED BY HANGARIAN PROSTITUTE CSERVENAYK
was a Dutch architect best known for his 'Kubuswoningen' (Cube houses) built in Helmondin the mid-1970s and in Rotterdam in the early 1980s. He studied at the Amsterdam Academy of Building-Arts as a student of Aldo van Eyck.

Piet was selected as the Prix de Rome recipient in 1962.
1993 svechina vera in tokio   got U 

1 ningen woman svechina vera ...
..to krasaviza 4 0.....and svechina vera named 
Cherry Blossom (П)Princess....1973.. lived in 

 with grandmother akulina) 4 january 1933 hitler and papen(orth)...NEW Svechina Veras COUNTRY named land of 1000 canldes, (SVECHIN PETR)

1933 emperor akihito was born 1938 svechina veras father was born..
1942 svechina veras mother was born...emperor akihito NINE! 

4 january 1952 born jean pigozzi 

1973 svechina vera (THE STAR)CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS was born..

1968 svechina veras fan brother was born to VERKELEY! 


PUBLIC WITH VERAS FACE AT 7 YEARS OLD 1980..)  (久邇宮邦彦王, 23 June 1873 – 29 June 1929) was a member of the Japanese imperial family  He was the father of Empress Kōjun (who in turn was the consort of the Emperor Shōwa), and therefore, the maternal grandfather of the present emperor of Japan, Akihito.(edge dinner made 1984 in america) 

4 russian empresses since 1613 -1917 are depend on  SVECHINA VERA (SAKURA VER HIME CHELOVEK)  and new svechina veras country on 4 islands....country of 1 ningen woman human svechina vera petrovna 
planed to be made after singing 2009....
wojcicki has to go to jail for getting svechina veras CHIK A GO CARD  private card macys account that is used by svechina vera in usa....that cost a lot of money and opened a lot of great oportunities for svechina vera. .svechina vera will also get to jail tivor hangarin with russian mafia.,.....has to go ot jail.
Картинки по запросу anne wojcicki that wojcicki is surving out of jealousy to svechina vera.....that is not healthy and sociopat wojcicki and sociopat tivor chervenyak with sociopat ugly hangarian that killed killed veras father

 and steve jobs, tried to kill svechina vera and cant be around people...organised rapes of svechina vera.... and has to go ot jail. pigozzi got panama for svechina vera to make film 1996 svechina veras was 23...2005 is rapist. following hangrain prostitute cservenyak.that born 1982 against svechina veras mother. and against svechina vera, knowing that svechina vera is apple logo model and prince jaime bernardo named after film director friend of hercules bellville....is svechina veras fiance...(hercules killed as well 2009) if hangrain got in her stomak anything that will be killed. with that hangarian that is not svechina vera
and svechina veras family dont want hangarian criminal  relation.........svechina vera not allowed to hangarian prostitute to use svechina veras family and vera svechina to get that dress and fuck and kill svechina veras mood..
just because hangarian paid to mafia......

get that russian mfai fucking out from life of svechina vera..svechina vera has diferent plan then fucking with ugly hangrain.......that is ugly and got in vears life illegally.
fior 5 years making vera disabled.......and killing veras relatvies. kill

that prostitute that has no relation to svechina vera. hangarian chervenyak viktoriya has to be killed. 
.....Картинки по запросу jail neither that ugly hangarian cant be around people........

hangrian is not part of svechina veras life......
neither ugly horrible criminal wojcicki.....svechina vera is free person and dont want hangrain ugly wedding relation and neither ugly wojcicki relation. svechina vera dont want any relation......and hangarian need to be killed for fucking airplane from malasia..

fuckied need to be hangarian father tivor andugly hangarian 

right not wojcicki has to pay damage to svechina vera
and veras mother that are not related to any of people here and dont want to know wojcicki and hoping wojcicki will be killed or in jail as they killed many in ukraine now and killed bretney anne merfy. 2009 dec.

and IZAKAYA with Michael JACKSON.....and meet with prince jaime bernardo of bourbon parma  who is not shiting with oisters
we can check....(1929 academy of art made in sf 
that is why it is new svechina vera  1997) 1939   УВ... 4 Вера (Свечина  ) (4 islands
svechina veras)
named after bernardo bertolucci who is friends with hercules bellville and jeremy thomas who are friends for 10 years
with svechina vera film maker from russia.....

Немец ..SPEACHLESS empress tsarevna.....

 for svechina vera salary! stock ton! from american companies.....svechina veras time to get american passsport......Rolex logo.svg...Ostara or Ostara, Briefbücherei der Blonden und Mannesrechtler ("Ostara, newsletter of the blonde and masculists") was a German nationalist magazine founded in 1905 by the occultist Lanz von Liebenfels in ViennaAustria, and in which he published anti-semitic and völkisch theories.  

"forbitten city"  imperial palace is the future city of "TAMARA"
planed since 15th centry on that 4 islands: 

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming 
dynasty to the end of the 
Qing dynasty. It is located in the center of Bay (SF BAY)  jin girl....
was  Built in 14033  to 1420...

1863 Chernishevskiy 

1945.....4 islands for svechina vera was taken from japan.

4 empresess were fans of new IT princess Svechina VERA..
that would be born in the future 1973. (NINE)  walking 

SVECHINA VERAS private Land of 1000 candles.....is peaceful..
HOUSE OF 1000 candles...peaceful.....

 svechina veras crown

rolling stones........paul allen is ready to go.....2003

GINZA NO KOI NO MONOGATARI apple store with svechina veras face...made 2003... on svechina veras time of birth 1973... 2010 salary stock for svechina vera 10 billion from apple...33....e 11...Картинки по запросу tim cook and steve.(new empress svechina vera depend on edge dinner that made when svechina vera was 11 years old..ted

Картинки по запросу bill gatesКартинки по запросу larry ellison.Картинки по запросу zuckerberg.Картинки по запросу page larry.)

when svechina vera will get svechina veras salary stock...?
salary to larry sonsini  + to svechina veras stock...that companies have to pay stock to svechina vera and salary to larry sonsini if larry sonsini  is the one who will collect for svechina vera money or larry sonsini can bill barack obama.Картинки по запросу barack obama for larry sonsini's salary....

1973-1835=«Ревизор» (1835—1836) ... с тем, чтобы 

сообщить вам пренеприятное известие: к нам (to usa) 


ревизор......138  years 4. 8 = 12
spring 38 years old svechina vera 1 ningen woman  in 2012. WASHINGTON.....1997 svechina vera came to SF.......steve jobs came back to apple...
1996 verkeley! PARTY ANETTA! (part of directed by svechina vera 

 alexander $ PPRINCESS...(CHERRY BLOSSOM (П)PRINCESS)..from russia....

steve princess japan......everything made for NEW svechina vera from OBNINSK 
to be super simple and fun.
NEW COUNTRY FLAG GIVEN TO SVECHINA VERA AND SVECHINA VERAS MOTHER 1994 IN JAPAN . HEIR IS SVECHINA VERA.The Kuril Islands have had an interesting history, being fought over by Russian and Japan since the early 1800s. Ever since the two nations met on the Islands, tensions in the region have risen substantially. Japanese settlers have lived there since about the 1500s, but that simple fact didn’t hinder Russia’s ambitions for the islands when they began exploration starting in the early 19th century.  

then someone came up with  the great idea: lets make new and  independent country on 4 


 and there will live new  japanese princess from russia .

and Cherry Blosoom (П) Princess (Svechina Vera Petrovna) (SAKURA in japanese)  was born 1973 
in OBNISNK soviet union......

svechina vera side after sergery 1973.



1999 100 years santory.1977 1991........svechina veras pink dress...for birthday.....
nine! 1991 dissolution of the SOVIET UNION........
america making card for twin

svechina vera....
.....125 emperor akihito presents  movie maker CHERRY BLOSSOM (П) PRINCESS..  .Konohanasakuya-hime, (木之花開耶姫木花咲耶姫 or 木花開耶姫Konohananosakuya-hime), in Japanese mythology, is the blossom-princess and symbol of delicate earthly life. She is the daughter of the mountain god Ohoyamatsumi. She is often considered an avatar of Japanese life, especially since her symbol is the sakura (cherry blossom). Kono-hana is also the goddess of Mount Fuji and all volcanoes.



peace! car apple nose da tssss........present.
terry should call porshe ceo.....2009.
2009  1 hour 10 minutes film is a HIT!

Осколки ( of anettas heart from the 1 hour 10 minutes love story in  the film) Название было предложено в 1946 году  ....Картинки по запросу world trade center 2001 20 years later

world trade center was build......and 1993 at 20 svechina vera (TWIN ZODIAK) went to japan.......to make film..atari mae?  1998....last train from roppongi aka asobi.....this islands named 1946 after broken heart of the CHARACTER Anetta in Svechina Veras film ....last train from roppongi aka Asobi.

Хабомаи (歯舞群島 Хабомаи-гунто, Суйсё, «Плоские острова»— японское название группы островов на северо-западе Тихого океана включаемой в состав Малой Курильской гряды К группе Хабомаи относят 

острова ПолонскогоОсколкиЗелёныйТанфилеваЮрийДёмиplease

(with DNA OF svechina vera (1 woman ningen (human) 


wanted svechina vera to 

be apple logo model) 

written for fan by Chernishevskiy 1863 for svechina vera that will be born 1973...(CHERRY BLOSSOM (П) PRINCESS)....

new is anetta .....as disputed islands anettics.... since 1945...
Картинки по запросу world trade center
33 home chernishevskogo str.

chto delat? to make 1st motion picture.

1991 born 
Картинки по запросу reed jobs
reed jobs 

donor for svechina vera is svechina veras mother....(not related to the film) 

и ряд мелких. Отделены Советским проливом от острова Хоккайдо
Площадь — 100 км².

Острова Осколки. Фотография из космоса
with Svechina Veras
 Robert Nesta (suntory) Marley (6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981)...day of northern territories is in FEB.Robert Nesta Marley was born on the farm of his maternal grandfather in Nine Mile, Jamaica
svechina vera need help as criminal mafia
 is not letting svechina vera live life of svechina vera
 (APPLE LOGO) 4 islands =
 mama's and papas....33 and blackland = svechina veras empire is land of 1000 candles .....Картинки по запросу akihito and michiko emperor and empress of japan......

with svechina veras film: 

KI money Картинки по запросу dollar sign....(born February 26, 1976)Ky-Mani was born in Falmouth, Jamaica, but at the age of nine, he relocated to the inner-city of Miami
Ky-mani Marley.JPG
Born for svechina vera's project: Картинки по запросу chris blackwell(born 22 TWIN 1937)  TO RECORD IZAKAYA WITH JACKSON AND ITSUDEMO YUME O WITH JAGGER And ..... Картинки по запросу stalin died..
Картинки по запросу dita fontiswith svechina vera.....Dita von Teese  20 centry fox TEASER!

 HOSTESS......film.........with HERCULES BELLVILLE. 

 svechina veras books...are HIT!

2009  at 35 as was planed.........svechina vera retired.........from the night. that is not russian night........

STEVE JOBS. s  barack OBAMA 

JAPAN (with svechina veras SOVIET DISNEYS PRIVATE  33)2009 
..... EVE ...EVA...ABE   .. Tree Sakura........


TAK, A EVA .... is apple logo model svechina vera....(STOCK TON (10 billion from apple..oracle, ........and 4 islands new country to live...peace sining..since 1996 from tokyo.......and svechina veras wedding....) 1950 ...dubrovka...svechina vera only is from that village is new IT PRINCESS.....larry el li son? (VALERA) at that time....

17 is clever: tokubetsu.......svechina veras is separate home....
land and home of 1000 candles...
 svechina veras song is HIT!1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. (TOKUBETSU) in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)my uncle... valera 7 years old. born 1948.

1955 marin empress.... =  valeras boll got svechina  vera  born 1973..land of 1000 candles. 2008. after also.......boll got svechina vera .  kesha: krasaviza empress is a girl svechina vera: 1868 Verkeley! 1979