Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ones, my friend - a strip dancer met a boy in the strip club during her job and they started to hang out. He was a young solder, who just came back from Iraq. They invited me to go see our other strip dancer friend.  On the way we talked a bit. I was very curious what kind of people go to war.

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  1. The question is not “What kind of people to war?” but “Why do people go to war?”
    Anybody can be a soldier. For example women in Israel are required to be in the military and there are other countries that also required their women to be in the military e.g. North Korea. There are two main reasons why people go to war: First, they want to better their way of life, and second, they want to protect their way of life. Those who are willing to join the war against terrorism are looking for a better life by removing an enormous source of fear and worry.