Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Also I remember going to the hotel room (SAN FRANCIS HOTEL) after work in "Ichirin" in San Francisco (1999-2000) with ex-president of Microsoft in Japan Makoto Naruke. We've been talking ABOUT... MY MOVIE... HE WAS A REAL GENTLEMEN. I was not scared at all. And he really inspired me! No wonder his company called "Inspire". I forgot what he told me... I think he was listening. He was very serious.

Also creator of SEA MONKEY knows about my film "Last train from Roppongi" too! I also met him in "Ichirin". LOOOOONG time ago. He was a bit strange... but nice. He showed me his game.

By the way, on my hand (shoulder) I really have something...

Just sow photos of russian girlfriend of Ronnie Wood...Amezing... She looks so much like me with dark hair.... Maybe she can audition for my part in my movie "Last train from Roppongi"... If she is good - I will take her.

Thank you guys! YOU ALREADY THOGHT ABOUT MY CAST! THANK YOU SO MUCH! if she is no good, she can always can be an extra. We will cast extras too.

And what? Beresovzky's girlfriend will be Angelica? Or she is not Berezovsky's girl friend?

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