Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ECO SEXY "FLYING STRIPPERS" t-shirtS by verasvechina

Also we should not forget who are ("SHISHKI") cons here. REAL CONS ARE IN THE FOREST. ON A PINE TREE. Johnny's dogs thought me that. That was really ECO FRIENDLY of them. Thank's a lot! I liked them. And Mick (thank's for the movie). And forest belongs to cons. You remember there was a painting by russian painter Shishkin? He make a nice painting called "CON'S FOREST". That is the truth. And don't believe to anyone who will tell you anything different. Everyone else are just layers. That's their real positions. Especially it regards to people who have money and power. SO THEY ALL REALLY HAVE TO WAKE UP AND REALIZE THEIR ROLE ON ERTH: SLAVES.

Especially it is regarded to all those cute people who I see in the galleries and all kinds of events being happy about making some "Legendary bag" huge and spending lots of money on it. You all look really pathetic there. GO DO SOMETHING GOOD. PICK UP SOME garbage FROM THE STREETS FOR EXAMPLE. IN RUSSIAN PROVINCE. We REALLY NEED SOME HELP HERE. RUSSIAN PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT.

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