Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I was wondering who is Bob Dylan. Because of my age and life I didn't know. I know who is Dylan. She is a strip dancer. I have lots of her photos. She is really nice.  (I sow movie few years ago, but I didn't understand anything) Now. I understand. Bob Dylan is a friend of Mick Jagger. And Mick Jagger is my friend!!!! :) That's cool! When we will make a movie in Japan, we will go to karaoke! For fun! And together with filming "LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI" we will continue to make a "Making of "Last train from Roppongi"! AND WE WILL SALE THAT! :) (just joking. :) everyone is sailing and I also want) But then, Mick we will need a new song from you. Or we will sing the old one. I can teach you some Japanese song. We can do Japanese duet! Do you know this one? "Itsudemo yume o"? That is one of my favorite Japanese duets.  (we can change the words. will see how you feel then!) THAT WILL BE A KARAOKE! And possibly a new TV show - SINGING  SONGS WITH JAPANESE STARS. @vera svechina.

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