Tuesday, September 22, 2009

welcome home flying strippers t-shirt! shirt
welcome home flying strippers t-shirt! by verasvechina

Something else I wanted to say about Film co-production Forum in Moscow. Some one there found a footage of 100 years old of Leo Tolstpy living in the village. And they want to edit it. "GENIUS ALIVE!" - it's called. So why make a film about dad genius, when TOLSTOY say that 'GENIUS ALIVE!" ( he was talking about me).

I proposed it to the producer of a film to make my film insted, he didn't like my idea. Also I asked one question each director who had their projects there. NO ONE HAD ANSWERS to any of my simple questions about their projects! NO ONE! And two man Vladimir and Kirill took me out from the room. That was really funny. I asked Kirill Rozlogov (director of MIFF) about who where they - he didn't know.

People from the forum told me later that it was really boring after I got kicked out....

Nothing like that happened to me before.

Also it was held in the hotel National, across the street from Red Sq. And for those who doesn't know russian history, Soviet people could not enter hotels like that in Soviet times. Only Prostitutes were there. And here I come to the first co-production forum forum with my project about Russian girls in Japan, who are not prostitutes, but who are Geisha's. When Very soon this discussion about Geisha's will not have meaning no more. Who will care about "WHAT IS GEISHA"? When Prostitution is almost about to be legal!

Some problems are just going to disappear with time...

SO we on the edge (THAT IS REAL EDGE) of disappearing of ONE OF THE BIGEST MYSTERIES ON EARTH! GEISHA'S! But what made me mad - that NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE!
They continue to want to make films about life of DOSTOEVSKI!

When I have such a great movie project: LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI....

The first day of forum was called "SOFIA'S MEETINGS" - it really made me laugh....

People kept asking if I smock something. I said no. I really never did. Everything was just TOO FUNNY! I thought that someone organized that forum for me as a comedy show. To entertain me in Moscow film festival. As I was there only guest.

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