Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PICKY, international FLYING STRIPPERS t-shirt shirt
PICKY, international FLYING STRIPPERS t-shirt by verasvechina

Today I had a dream: I was looking at my photos with Mick Jagger posted on face book and then I sow a lot's of photos uploaded there as well with me and Yuri Shiller on an elephant and elephant walks on the street of Tokyo in some parade. I was surprised to see those photos. I couldn't remember when they were taken... (of corse never) then I was already in Tokyo in some school. I went to sleep in some Korean girl (my classmate) house in Tokyo and we slept in one bed for 4 days. I was on the way somewhere and I had no place to stay. Her parents didn't mind. They didn't think it was weird. I thought they could think so, but no. The house was very Japanese style. Then I was riding a bicycle on the street with cars, but had no direction and didn't now where I was going. I did a sharp turn and shoes fall off my feet. It was ugly russian man shoes. Then I sow many people on the corner in some building. I started to talk to them in Japanese about how to go to Ginza. They told me it' s 3 streets back - there is subway I can take, I knew the station. I realized that they guy I was talking to is not Japanese, he was English and I was disgusted. Then I sow many foreigners there. It was Japanese language school. Someone asked me if I ever did something with foreigners in Japan,  I said "NEVER" - I never liked western foreigners, who lives in Japan. They have no idea about Japanese culture and were not learning.  I had "0" interest in them. I walked away and sow little restaurant with Tempura... It smelled so good... I decided not to stop and continue to walk to Ginza. Ginza. That is where I wanted to go.

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