Saturday, January 30, 2010


Around my corner in SF... 
HE WROTE «Treasure Island».

Next street is Monroe st. There I used to park my White Mazda Miata in the Garazh.

BACH R. Seagull Jonathan Livingston.

ALSO JUST REMEMBERED.... That my mom was invited to work in ALZHIR Alger in 1965. To teach Mathematics. She decided not to go.

I went to Japan in 1993. 28 years later.

In 2009 Abramovich got player Zhirkov (FAT). And Dasha got Pigozzi for Garazh. Now she stands before stripper pole in LA (In a house same style as M. Fitzgerald. ) in dress like Orlova.... 5 years in the strip club - 5 days a week and they both will be sexy. And Pigozzi looks old and ugly as never before. Same as all his Game partners.

They also made a flag from name of my Geisha mama san. MAI  - They take things for free. Too much stolen money to bother. They think they special.

I like Marat Safin and Aлcy better (I never met them). Her birthday is same as our plant starting day....

Why is that Oksana Apekaeva died? Kalinina (We have one in Obninsk too)  Ruslana? Marina Mamontova... So Dasha Zhukova and Marina Orlova can climb Hollywood hills? Greek idiot can  become princes in Italy?  And have baby with her brother? Russians can enjoy Russian Golden Eagle?

Everyone got on my way dishonestly.

And everyone pretends they do good for the world.

Hello again, Hilda Swinton!

I still dance and my film is not made. I'm 36. My mom is waiting for me in Obninsk. She wants to have grand children. She is 68. Worked hard all her life. She didn't still. Didn't cheat. There is many like me.
But who cares? Zhukova is in Hollywood hills. Orlova is in Beverly hills... Tom Luddy is on a photo asking someone suck his dick. Is it right ending? Who is going to do it? Dasha Zhukova? Marina Orlova? V. Putin? Is it  Russian's jock? Orlova's jock? Or Princes Olga jock? Pigozzi's jock? It's not funny. He is 30 years running Telluride.

I find it embarrassing whomever made him do it.

But who cares... again...?


JD Selinger died.....  One girl I know lived with him for 2 years long time ago... She became a wonderful writer. Long time ago, when she gave me her book "At home in the world" she asked me what do I want to do for practical training after I finish school here in USA...  I said - I want to go back to Japan... because I want to make a film there.  I didn't want any "practical training" in the USA. She proposed me to get a job in her friend production company to get some expirience. I didn't think it was right for me. And I was right.... 

This is funny.

Власти Грузии просят официально сменить название своей страны на японском языке с нынешнего "Грудзиа" на английское "Джорджия". С подобной просьбой обратился грузинский министр иностранных дел Григол Вашадзе 10 марта во время переговоров в Токио, сообщает ИТАР-ТАСС.

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