Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And this is Yoko Ono. Only not real yet. Just photo for now. On today's newspaper.

Just like on the letter to Academy of Art in 1996. Thank you for inviting me to America.

Details of 1997. And why what they did - is crime. By putting Orlova's show on, Dasha Zhukova with Garazh, Princes Olga, J. Pigozzi to Tokyo, Google... and others.... Barack Obama got Nobel price (he is in my movie), Al Gore got Nobel price for making movie about global worming...... it all happened before I could make my movie as well.... My movie  could be Nobel Price movie.

As I said before I have cold sore (or herpiece or herpes... or herpes (her dog) on my lips sometimes if I'm tired, Or if I'm too much on the sun... or it's too cold.... COLD hurts...(Global warming) Cold hearts..  (Immigrants usually have heavy accent)... And cold sor (dust)- waist from nuclear plants...   Greek director (Alexander) Pain was in Tokyo (about Olympics) ... Hair piece I already had in my book and screenplay "Last train from Roppongi" ("Tatlo Lace" Bucho had it on) about russian girls working in hostess clubs in 90s and about Japanese playboys....

I'm sad for Mamontova Marina who had cancer and coudn't not get well..... She got Buried in hair piece as well.

This is Irina Burova. my friend from Obninsk. She came to Bay area first to get married to man from USA. This is 1997.

Film by Milan Erzeg.

Elephant was already here... then I met Tai Prince and his wife. "Shiriotai".

Hercules Belleville gave me elephant... Then there was 1st film co-production forum in Moscow in 2009...

Strangely, but I really could not understand what was going on. And I discovered... something very important. Now I see why many people following me... and then I sow they stole my life.

Vera in 1976. 

because they might not think it's real. But it's real. And I think it might of been for that reason 1st  Nuclear power plant was build in 20s century in Obninskoe and I was born there in my family.

I think I found the answers to "What to do?" and "To be or not to be".

This stone I got long time ago. It's a magnet for refrigerator.

But many from this story committed too much crime. I'm glad to find out, but 
I hope police will do something and I will find lawyer to collect for my abuse and hopefully not only good, but all system will change - because now it's impossible. 

This is Hello Kitty I got in 2006. Toaster for sandwiches with ham inside. 

This I got few years ago. 

In my University in Moscow I had friends sisters Schyotkini.

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