Tuesday, February 15, 2011


1967. Serpuhov.


I never seen that photo before yesterday.

and in 2007 in Mexico I got this shoes. 

and they (I don't know who) tried to put cancer in me in 2010.

2008. something was very strange...

photo by j. pigozzi

my 30th birthday party... 2003. My photos from Japan show....

Viki John Lennon?

 В прессе выдвигались версии, что в 1999 году проводилась «Операция Наследник»  комплекс мероприятий «Семьи»

but they did mistake.

sayonara party 1994. Tatlo Lace. 

June (host) points his hingers and that was Toms T-shirt in 1999 Telluride trip. 

Tellutide... My close is from Japan. Yugeni (Zhenya)  is with me.... in gray shoes...

she was desperate .....

and was Pincus's tribe.net....no kidding.....


Mark Pincus moved to his new house after I met him. and its 1572 "Shrader" str.and Carmel. 

Carmel. with V.Erofeev. 1998.

the block starts with 1550 ( thats when King little horse kicked my mother in Dubrovka) 
and 15 is our gate... WE DONT HAVE ANYONE WHO born 1972.

Inna who changed her her name is passport to Alexandra.... 
sitting in my gate place
(Alexandra is really my mothers grandmother name)
Inna Didenco is not in my family or my gate

neither GOOGLE is. why they use  me and my family? 

and Ali Pincus, founder of One Kings Lane ?

"The Outskirts"1998
Directed by Peter Lutsik. 


 my Metallic skirt...

and a...????? what? go daddy?

and this in my apt. 


Bush str. 722. Next block from where I lived since 1996.

crossing street Powell.

Shingo. (CHANGE GO. and page and brin were #5 in 2009. 

June 5.  is my birthday....11 is my building. 

Tokyo 1998.

my nose...tried to became this... Olesya is neighbor of Lena Pleshivzeva....

4 star rating
13 reviews
1453 Mission Street Fl 4
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 575-6100


53 J. pigozzi was in 2005.. that's when I went to visit him in NYC.

2002. I took this photo on the way back to airport from Pigozzi house... with Inna's SONY

and that was Mountain view police department in 2010. who thinks Google can do no wrong. 

because Oscar was behind me in 2009 and 
Thierry FRÉMAUX was there.

14 gate????  GATE 16 DED MOROZ??????? SVETA MOROZ???? 
OR MY GRAND FATHER?? SVETLANA RUDENKO NEVER LIVED IN MY GATE AND NEVER WILL.  IS it all because D. Medvedev wife is Svetlana... She doesn't live in my gate and has no rights to it. 

ugly... she never lived and she doesn't live in my gate. and never will.
 and Im not her god mother. He was named after some other person I don't care about....
and no body in my family cares....

00 95? 

1995. Texas....

sharks didn't like that Marina Mamontova didn't help me.... when I was helping her always. 

thank you.

inspired by couch....in Tokyo 1997.

LP? Vesta was killed in 1999. (Powell?) 2009 Pox. (Funeral of Marina)

1990. Lena Pleshivzeva from apt. 99.  (Later 62) and they killed Kolya....

my sharp 2001. Mebius for JAPAN ONLY. Macbook air...

Microsoft.com piracy...
How to tell?

1973 dec. Obninsk.

Japan. Kamakura. 1993.

2011. On the way to Steve Job's house...

Alexis Bryan was Micah Reed's girlfriend.... (my short time husband)

Племянник духовного лидера буддистов Далай-ламы XIV был насмерть сбит на одной из трасс в американском штате Флорида, когда он совершал 480-километровое "Шествие в поддержку Тибета", сообщает во вторник агентство AP со ссылкой на местную полицию.
По данным полиции, инцидент произошел в понедельник ближе к вечеру (19:30 по местному времени) на трассе A1A. 

По данным ABC News, автомобилем управлял 31-летний житель Палм-Кост Кейт О'Дилл, которой вез в машине двух своих детей. 

 after my digital face rolex from Matsushima Tooru (Kihachi)
in 1996. Tokyo.

Matsushima Tooru visited me in SF and we went to KIHACHI then. Chaya......

1998. that photo from O'Maganda.....

after A. Bryan building?????????

and long time ago  I met seal......across the street from Apple store in SF..... Seal IV (2003) 


7. People Asking Why" (Seal) – 4:45

2006....I think.... he didn't visit Hustler then...when I worked.... that was a mistake. 

Pincus has lived in several cities across U.S. including Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC and Denver and currently resides in San Francisco with his wife, Ali Pincus, founder of One Kings Lane ????? and his twin daughters... ugly babies.....I wish them all the worse....

Greory Gund...died June 16. 2005. and that 1 day before Olga Gonina's birthday... and Olga Gonina had 
baby Gena last year.

Miranda July (born February 15 (My gate) STEVE JOBS???? MARK PINCUS?????? 1974) is a performing artist, musician, writer, actress and film director. Born Miranda Jennifer Grossinger, she works under the surname of "July"

and I got phone yesterday until 16 July 2011.

She has no connection to my family.

Nakanishi Keizo Yell. 1992.

1992 was when.....I signed with Onix....to go to Japan.


Groundhog Day is a 1993... they were making it in 1992. with my rocket watch....

3 cats we had at home. not in MGIK's dorm.
apt. 99 has no rights to it and not anyone else.

and it was my room 62 and Kolya's in 1990 
in MGIK.
Lena Pleshivzeva got there in 1991...

that's when Steve Jobs got married to LP.

and it became J.Pigozzi? when? and that was the store in Tokyo on my birthday...


1.800.362.62.99. bank of america.

70 (NIGO)  42 is wrong..... right 42 and 70. 

and Nina is not 5. 

901 BUSH that was burned ....

why did he pushed me to have sex??????? 
and opened 
his brand on my birthday in 2009 in Tokyo, 
in my place.
and didn't even know it's my birthday. JUNE 5.

23 and me.  Lina and Zhenya...brin



Alex from Panama... 

Harper Collins 10 east 53 str. NY Ny 10022. That is my LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI.


what happened in 2010???? Greek princes????
I think she doesn't born to be princess. 


and who will pay my rent?



and I got letter in my san francisco address in my mothers name, but she never been abroad. 
and she doesn't live in my address. 

and her middle name is Vladimirovna and that is Vladimir Putin. And they put Olesya  Olhovskaya
on place of my nose and others
that Vladimir Putin never looses?.... That's wrong.  


He was chosen after  my grandfather Vladimir...Takaev...and grave of his wife Tamara with 

on grave yard...

and that was B.Elzin too?

this year 100 years since my grandfather Vladimir was was born in Kalinovo. 

police. 1991 I was 17 and I met Kolya on my birthday.


I sow ad.......one girl was black with Italian boy and a baby....

and that was Tokyo 1996. I was 23. Not 29.

Armas Clifford "Mike" Markkula Jr. (born after my mother  February 11, 1942.

Nick Polevsky took me to see houses in  sea cliff san san francisco ones....

(Steve Jobs,  Mark Pincus....(all illigaly using my family).  baker botts travis thomas
(The firm traces its history to 1840 in the Republic of Texas, with the beginning of legal practice by founding partner Peter W. Gray. )  is an American entrepreneur who was an angel investor and second CEO of Apple Computer, Inc.

cake from Mike Mogi (Markula) Markkula served as chairman from 1985 until 1997, when a new board was formed after Jobs returned to the company. 

and I went to Berkeley. 

and Shan Shan started to make Glass in Venice after I met copy of Mike in CA and he did glass sculptures.... at his home.

and then this.


founded 1901. 

and my grandmother Zelenina (Green) got married to 
and my stopped in 2004 movie "Last train from Roppongi" was Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" is a 2006 documentary.

How to Stop Global Warming? 

dont make my movie and and my book..... and put some ugly mafia in....

According to RadarOnline.com, Jobs, 55, has been attending

the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California, the same

 cancer clinic where screen star Patrick Swayze sought 

radical chemotherapy for 

pancreatic cancer before his death in September, 2009.

ziakaeva svetlana. that was mistake. that was 2006. 

they came to usa... few russians in 2006  and 

some came on my 

33rd birthday. 

then ziakaeva svetlana went to LA to work in  LIDAR.com 

and there 

was also criminal "go daddy"....who killed my father,  

stole my photos.....


and pretended to be me and tried to kill me in 2010.

this is svetlana. after my yellow jacket...

thanksgiving 1994. 

IATE dorm. Obninsk. the big boy with glasses is DAR. Its his name. was it Jean Pigozzi?
and his brand in Japan on my birthday 2009???? how ugly! to do that.....

present from Sparrow. Masayuki Uchida.


Im sitting in place of 4th gate of Aksyonova 15 and it was Dasha Avramova... she flew down from her balcony. 
She was a student in IATE
was gold medalist in school and was married to much older man.

there is also Black boy lives there.... son of Elena Efeshina...who I kissed when I was in elementary school
. She was much older....

Dar stands on place of gate 16 

AND MY APT. 160. and it was made out of my family brand....

And blond boy....stands on place of Gate 15 ...

Sergei (son of teacher, who worked with my mother)  later became friends with my father and came to visit him with Guitar..... 

sergei and his mother.


160 0 and they tried to kill us all. Killed my dog, my father...made go daddy and fake me.

 torchured my mother and tried to kill me. Are they  ok?

IT's my house's 16 gate. I know them. 
I'm not against them... 

Neither Apple nor Jobs has not officially stated whether Jobs' current health battle is 

related to his liver transplant from 2009, or whether the pancreatic cancer he previously 

defeated has returned, or if there is a new problem.

I had trans in my health battle and I sow MS on the blanket and also my dog .

what  MS is it? 

MAKAROVA KATE???? from MAFIA??? 1996?

I hope Mar'evka. Svechin(a)... And its green on top of Apple logo in 1977.



1996. with Mike Mogi in ZAUS.

then  in 1999

                        Jeremy Thomas Born     26 July 1949 (age 61)
London, EnglandYears active1976 - presentSpouse Eski Thomas

                       THERE WAS NO MISTAKE with me.

Nokia Corporation (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈnɔkiɑ]) (OMXNOK1VNYSENOKFWB:NOA3) is a Finnish multinational communications corporation that is headquartered inKeilaniemiEspoo, a city neighbouring Finland's capital Helsinki.

And I met Nok in Tailand in 1994... Its in my book. 

and the rest is crime. 

and .... my old tsumori chisato....

Mike Markkula was the first CEO of Apple, who had about 12 employees at this time in May, 1977 at their offices on Stevens Creek Blvd in Cupertino.

Armas Clifford "Mike" Markkula Jr. (born February 11, 1942) is an American entrepreneur who was an angel investor and second CEO of Apple Computer, Inc.

and Tim Cook. 

MIKE MOGI IN TOKYO 1996. I met him in 7/11 or am/pm.....
My 23 birthday. He is in my book and movie....

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