Wednesday, March 30, 2011

+1 415 693 07 37 my phone since 1997. carol was manager the door code was ♯023.

WSGR Wilson Sonsini Goodrich&Rosati..

there is no rosa around....

and george gund got married with rosa...

1B6  1980 

healthy food.  0n the right fr0m me iInna Ranunculus.

my ring...

my green card..

marievka s....village when my father was born.

1996. japan.

2006. nyc. my br0kren n0se.

1999. usa.

eyes? /that is in my film last train from r0pp0ngi  aka asobi/

they represent google. 


my mother 20.


si ni......? we are not crazy.

m0ther 0f jean pig0zzi.

present fr0m japan 1993


my father killed 200grave number 3055.

1955 born bill gates and steve jobs....

g00gle made go daddy... 160 0?

0ur friend sergei and his mother 0bninsk.
sergey is a pilot......

tanya zaizeva next to me 0ksana and 

mgik after my trip to japan...
christian dior. 94.

2008. my new apt. in 0bninsk. kurchat0va str.

and they kept t0rchure me and my m0ther and br0ther...

 52 venice biennale 

and they  tried t0 kill me. russians.

the c0ver 0f my b00k is like a dream....son.... Mechta aka Dream, 1941 (Мечта) – Mikhail ROMM (Михаил РОММ)
41 is now place and house in dubr0vka....where grandm0ther 0f my m0ther lived. alexandra .

si ni.

Stephanie Imperial 
Sent:Fri 3/04/05 6:32 PM

I hung out with the Google guys last night!

So if you want to meet Sergey Brin, /Im 2nd child/ you are going to
have to come with us on a quick trip away maybe on the

 I am trying to work out a meeting that will be fun and
no pressures then both of you can get to know each
other and can take a weekend to do that!


1973.. they put something 0n my lip in this photo ..... they change photos because 
they loosers and criminals.

 2007. wera svechina girl russian or geisha russian.... mexico.

you are not alone. /I was home alone before I wa7 years 0ld/ my parents worked.

and they killed michael jacs0n 2009.

rosa is here.

news paper I h0ld called rush 0ur. 0bninsk. ab0ut 1991. and r0ses were my m0vie. 

Brett Ratner. with rush hour. 

the Chinese character 
The well-field system (Chinese井田制度pinyinjǐngtián zhìdù) was a Chinese land distribution method since at least 9th century BC (late Western Zhou Dynasty). It is named after the Chinese character for well (井 jǐng), which looks like the # symbol and represents the theoretical appearance for a piece of land under such an organization: the eight surrounding outer blocks being private (私田; sītián), and the central one block being communal or public (公田; gōngtián).
All fields are aristocrat-owned, but the private fields' produce is entirely the farmers'. The communal fields are worked on by all eight families, and the produce goes to the aristocrats, which would in turn go to the king as tribute.

/the baby horse king that hit my m0ther 
in 1950 in dubrovka/

The practice was more or less ended by the Song Dynasty, but scholars like Zhang Zai and Su Xun were enthusiastic about its restoration and spoke of it in a perhaps oversimplifying admiration, invoking Mencius' frequent praise of the system.

it2011 n0w.


microsoft.... bill gate s /my 15 th gate 3 floor since 1975/ One Microsoft Way. established April 4, 1975

1994. january 1st.

is this true...

Gates married Melinda French from Dallas, Texas on January 1, 1994. 

Wreckage of aircraft discovered by search plane 400 miles off Brazil. Five Britons among 228 passengers and crew killed in Air France crash

The location suggests that the pilot may have attempted to return to Brazil before crashing. Otherwise, the fate of Air France flight AF447 and its 228 passengers and crew, bound from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on Sunday night, remained an almost complete mystery yesterday.

A descendant of “Brazil’s last emperor,” Pedro II, was also on the flight. Pedro Luiz de Orleans e Braganca, 26, was on his way to his residence in Luxembourg, reported Bloomberg.
At least two Americans were on board: geologist Michael Harris /pr0h0r0v michael has never leved in 0bninsk and used my friend f0r car making...whichis n0t c00l at all./, who worked in Rio de Janeiro, and his wife, Anne Harris, 54, according to The Times. The couple were reportedly on their way to Europe for both work and leisure.

I told them /TASCHEN/it should 0f been my flying strippers book and not naomi harris and richard prince book about swingers. and there is 
sh0uld 0f been n0 anne. and n0 inna in my c0rner....

thats what it said in the imperial spa. 0n geary street 

sw-15. my gate. /suzan wojsiski in c0py 0f my garazh/

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