Tuesday, March 29, 2011

budist monastiry in San Jose


408 926 94 30

like Daniel, father of Olivier.. friend of Monique... I've seen they did it with VV from greece...... and horrible garazh  in Moscow...in 2009 

Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs Jobs married Laurene Powell /my friend at 10 years 0ld lena pleshivzeva...thats when g.lucas divorsed with Marcia Lou Griffin/, on March 18, 1991. Presiding over the wedding was the Zen Buddhist monk Kobun Chino Otogawa.

He died in Switzerland on 26 July 2002 by drowning while trying to save his five year old daughter who had fallen from a dock.

/after l met j. pigozzi in 2002 looking for invest0rs in my film/

Jeremy Jack ThomasCBE. He was the producer of Bernardo Bertolucci'sThe Last Emperor, which won 
the 1988 Academy Award for Best Picture.


I was 21

2101 waverley ....palo alto.

my 30. my wedding..... h0w c0me my brother is 0n my place near sveta trumm? he was not there.

bering straight..00?

to vera svechina

hope to meet you one day... one of the top 100 women in the world!
2008 nuriel rubini

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