Saturday, March 12, 2011


who is SW-15?

15 is my gate in Obninsk. in Building 11.

who is SW-16? My apt. 160. 

my friend Carlos Pedrosa. 2007. Now GQ Mexico. and Bank of America.

this pants I got on that Mexican trip. 2007.

Apple store today.

my forgotten in bathroom pad story with Australian JEAN PAUL BONJOUR in 1999?

in Tokyo. Kasai...

and last night.........

today there is same huge line....


One Stockton Street (Stockton Street is where I live since 1997)San FranciscoCA 94108
0bninsk... 197....?

1998. Kamakura. white line...

there is had phones from virgin america airplane.... 2009.

2011. Steve.

Bill Gates $56 B  Net Worth Calculated March 2011  World's Billionaires #2 overall #1 in United States Powerful People #10 Forbes 400 #1

Carlos Slim Helu & family

$74 B

thank you for noticing....

World's Billionaires #1 overall #1 in Mexico Powerful People #21 

21 I was when ..... they made blue tooth out of my tooth...

and I went to singapore....

Mark Zuckerberg

$13.5 B

World's Billionaires
#52 overall
Powerful People

/in my toilet/

Eduardo Saverin

 He is currently believed to be living in Singapore?

thank you...

  • Source: Facebook, self-made
  • Residence: Singapore

Criminal Court ? 0r we can settle ? 

thank you. 

my 1v class

this ring is present from Sadayuki Nishikawa san. 1994.
I choose it.

rockfeller center copywrite @ 2002

I was there in 1995. the was "fashion cafe".

then in 2008. "FLYING STRIPPERS" NEO JAPANESE CAFE was born....

why did have to kill my father? and then why they copied my book and photos 
and tried to kill me?

that was Katya in Montessori (in my fox costume).... in 200....? year
My aunt Hope's rabbit was gray when I was little girl.....(she was killed in 2010)

and this was nikita's wedding?.. I don't think so....

they have no idea. I hate mafia...

who will pay my rent and everything else?

1994. Tokyo.

the central police dep. in sf Valleho and Stockton....766.


SLAVA I know lives in vallejo.

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