Friday, March 11, 2011

TOKYO (Reuters) – Thousands of residents were evacuated from an area around a nuclear plant in quake-hit Japan after radiation levels rose in the reactor, but there was no word on whether there had actually been a leak.
Underscoring grave concerns about the 


prestigious fashion school Bunka Fukuso Gakuin. 

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plant some 240 km (150 miles) north of 
Tokyo, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 
said the U.S. air force had delivered coolant 
to avert a rise in the temperature of the
 facility's nuclear rods.

The 8.9-magnitude earthquake that shook Japan early March 11 blew out the cooling systems of two nuclear reactors there. An inability to cool the reactors could cause radiation leaks, and both power plants are "bracing for the worst,” according to government officials.

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Steve Jobs

$8.3 B

#110 overall

Larry Page

$19.8 B

                                                    #11 in United States 
                                                                      Powerful People
                                                                       Forbes 400

                       Sergey Brin

                                           $19.8 B 
                                                           Net Worth Calculated March 2011

Powerful People
Forbes 400
ph0t0 from ab0ut 1999 0r 2000
0n the left in gate 15 nadezhda that died /0r was killed/ in 2010. 

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)

where is sergei brin? where I was sitting?

kvas. before I was born?

he brew.... pivovarov victor....and his child inna....
my parents friends...
/ all taken from my family without asking/

"...28 марта 1979 года рано утром произошла крупная авария реакторного блока N2 мощностью 880 МВт (электрических) на АЭС "Тримайл-Айленд", расположенной в 20 километрах от города Гаррисберга (штат Пенсильвания) и принадлежавшей компании "Метрополитен Эдисон"... Блок N2 на АЭС "Тримайл-Айленд", как оказалось, не был оснащен дополнительной системой обеспечения безопасности, хотя подобные системы на некоторых блоках этой АЭС имеются...
I have old card at home ....bear with wings...

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