Monday, April 11, 2011

april 2011.

they have n0 right t0 put me and my family in danger. and put 0ther pe0pe in it....

like lilya t0 suck up t0 swedish criminals.. wh0 are in the end are als0 russian mafia.....

ESPEME ?????

I d0nt think s0... 


ESPEME Lille is crime. 

                                2009. june 1.

my pin... from childhood. 1984. apt 160. 

1999. sergei nikitin?

vera in t0ky0.

200pingray.......then... eclips is my clips ....

they didnt killed brins  father 0r pages m0ther..

in that time alexander visited me in tokyo from la after he finished his 2nd film elections.

2006 ????? thats my pin. my pin is gray.

33 wamy mothers house in serpuhov. I was 33.

1989 I was 16 and it was  Virgin Group Virgin Group of 
over 400 companies..

apple is not google.

google is also mine. 

they killed kachinski and 

Bronisław Maria Komorowski  (born 4 June 1952) is the current President of the Republic of Poland

and that was tatyana komorova. anjelicas friend..... she went to japan after
 we came back in 1994.

her name in the club was sandra and alexander payne g0t married
 t0 k0rean sandra 0h 
and div0rsed.

angelica m0ther is vera. 

they didnt kill angelica father ... they lived 0n usuriyskaya str. 

and my father was born in year 0f tiger... and we lived 0n f. engelsa...



tatyana rezvyakova is my aunt....?

0r that...

Parapsychology researcher Dean Radin on ESP, spirituality, and how the consciousness of individuals is connected...

they c0py my cd...
benji m0ph0n0..

0r they c0py my scarf...

since 2000 my card.

In 2000, he cofounded the Boundary Institute and since 2001 he's been the senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in Petaluma. He's the author of the book "Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality," which looks at how theories of quantum physics and other scientific discoveries may provide a logical explanation for psychic phenomena.
I spoke with Radin last week about mind-matter interaction, intentional thinking, New Age guilt and the power of chocolate.
You recently gave a talk at Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley called "Science and the Psi /my father p.s./ Taboo." What did you talk about?
The theme of my talk was that there are 17,500 institutions of higher learning around the world, but only about 30 of them have at least one faculty member who has seriously written about psi, either pro or con. That's a very small fraction of 1 percent. And I think that's because it's a taboo topic.
Were you trying to suggest that Google employees shouldn't view this as a taboo?

they kill my father... and they make m0ney...

after brown bunny 

Vincent Gallo 
Sat 6/28/03 12:33 AM
Vera Svechina (
On 6/28/03 12:29 AM, 
"Vera Svechina"
How is it going? Did you 
cut out 
 Much love, Vera.:) _________________________________________________________________ 
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with MSN 8
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features/featuredemail >  
17 minutes so far
 MSN 8....???????

and my br0ther became kesha... and few 0thers made m0ney...

with g0 daddy.....
and h0w did my br0ther g0t t0 my sh0es 0n my wedding? in 2003...
when its my nose and my breast..
and I found missing in prada  2009 white bear with red stones ..... key chain...
that would be my shoulder bear and nuriel rubini...
but there was brown bear with red stones..... and it was wr0ng..

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