Sunday, June 5, 2011

anne?  anna nikitichna aready died and they made g0 daddy?.... they already killed my father f0r g0 daddy after they t00k my 23 and me.... and my friends name.... 

anna died when I was 10. 

anne w0jcicki.... /my breast/ 
wr0ng pe0ple... anne...criminal...

after fake alexandra...inna didenc0. kate.

and r0 id?

she has n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my gate....0r apartment.... 
l hate mafia. criminal....with her ugly 0ld b0yfried. r0tary club....he and her need t0 be killed.

at 0thers life price.....

 killed many in my family. g0t apt. in spain...

pr0h0r0v. n0thing has t0 d0 with me. 

her ugly child anastasia....fr0m fake alexandra......

president b0yfriend killed my family and gave m0ney t0 inna.

he c0uld d0 fr0m her family.. and c0uld kill her family....0r at list ask me....

0r wh0 did it? then he g0t cancer.... brin 420? 911....?

and anne with my 23 and me. ?????

and my my friend benji name....and g0gle 

fr0m my family...and pincus with apartment in

 spain baby....carmen...

and they tried t0 kill me...

prince charles is first...big mistake...

need t0 be killed anne. I t00k n0thing 0f hers.

n0t f0r any0ne. n0thing pers0nal.....

thats why anne w0jciciki ugly.

I liked brazil.....tw0 rings....Milinda.. 

The company Yukos....

u is ukraine /verka serduchka/..... 

Im russian means I. 

right w0uld be Yikos.

in the diam0nd with black d0t and 2 feathers  inside....
fr0m my say0nara party 1994
0n the lock it say C I. 925 italy. 
thats my last name cвечина. 

wh0 killed my d0g?
Hawaii Department of the Attorney
425 Queen Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Prince Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Apulia (born 13 October 1967) is an heir apparent to the disputed headship of the House of Savoy

1167? landsman michael..../jewish/
11 is my building.. and what they did was crime.

The company Yukos? was created on April 15 /my father birthday april and 15 my gate and as a child i went t0 play in 1 gate 0f aksy0nva 15 with 0lga s0m0va. she is n0t fr0m my family/ / b0risevski vs0ne 0f creat0rs 0f nuclear Топаз lived there t00...0lga s0m0va  had Four Rooms. because her grand m0ther lived with them.../, 1993 by Resolution №. 354 of the Russian government. /35 I was in 2008/

Steven Michael Theede Стивен Майкл Тиди
Стивен Майкл Тиди (Steven Michael Theede) родился 31 марта 1952 года в городе Хатчинсон (штат Канзас, США). 

1993. in kamakura with fukada san and anjelica plyazidevskaya.

11 years later 2004...when my film wast0ped...

The film opened in limited release within the United States on December 3,

dec. 73. 

Blue Velvet is a 1986 American mystery film written and directed by David Lynch. 
fr0m my apt. t00.....

pillow f0r my alt vi0lin.......

brin los alt0s hills?

The Pillow Book (枕草子 Makura no Sōshi?) is a book of observations and musings recorded by Sei Shōnagon during her time as court lady to Empress Consort Teishi (定子) during the 990s and early 11th century in Heian Japan. The book was completed in the year 1002.

The Pillow Book is a 1996 film by United Kingdom director Peter Greenaway.

 2004, in New York and Los Angeles, and opened on additional screens throughout the country two weeks later.

While Mei is incarcerated , Jin and Leo decide to let her go to track the mastermind; Jin will pretend to be a lone warrior called Wind, and break her out of prison. This will gain her trust, and hopefully, Jin will be led to the headquarters of Flying Daggers. 

mei w0rked with me in ichirin sf.

19 января /my m0thers birthday/  1998 года в Москве руководители компаний "ЮКОС" и "Сибнефть" подписали меморандум об объединении своих производственных мощностей и структур управления. Объединенная компания получила название "ЮКСИ".

 my meeting  j. pig0zzi. 

I didnt kn0w he is criminal.

he made hinew ugly book and brand fr0m me... after I already did my pictures in 2008. 0limpics....?

he c0pied mine ...  

and they tried t0 kill me....and I have n0 m0ney t0 pay rent.

Приглашение в "ЮКОС" от имени возглавлявшего тогда компанию Михаила Ходорковского Тиди получил в ноябре 2002 года, и весной 2003 года договоренность о начале работы в компании была достигнута .

 2007 vv putin.... 0n the bag 0f na0mi.... backwards 453. bill gates w0n...../ my gate/ 53 pig pig0zzi was in 2005
when he pushed me t0 have sex.....and I didnt like it....and that was change... later we became friends... but they were already making bad plan against me. started bef0re we met...

they /pig0zzi/ tried t0 kill me with zhuk0va and 0rl0va mafia in 2010. wh0 are they it I d0nt kn0w.....wh0 will pay my damages ? na0mi n0t fr0m my family. and its ugly t0 use pe0ple wh0 are n0t as str0ng as y0u are....mayaki...

svetchina Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive qi. The original designation for the discipline is Kan Yu (simplified Chinese堪舆;traditional Chinese堪輿pinyinkānyú; literally: Tao of heaven and earth)
criminal na0mi with ugly criminal b0yfriend.

why they d0nt put them all in jail?

j. pig0zzi invited me and he needed t0 make

 sure that n0thing wr0ng happens t0 me. 

hercules wastill alive then. 

black  jean pig0zzi....same as mick jagger black...2008. need t0 be in jail.

pig0zzi is 0n criminal line.....ugly rapist. 

and criminal na0mi....selyan0v?

Keizo Saji was an adopted son. /nakanishi keizo l met in ichirin and he signed paper that he will help me with the m0vie 1999/ The second son of Shinjiro Torii, Keizo was brought into his mother, Kuni Saji's family....

we lived in the ku since 1975. gate 15 3 fl00r. 30 years after .. m0ther nina..... and vera.

bef0re I was b0rn.

larry page...

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor b0r.... serpuh0v...(commonly referred to as MichiganU-M,UMich, or U of M) is a public research university located in Ann Arbor, Michigan in theUnited States. It is the state's oldest university and the flagship campus of the University of Michigan. U-M also has satellite campuses in Flint and Dearborn.

Saji San waS b0rn.... in 45 .... then l met him and Kuniyasu San....

abram0vich is criminal.  

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