Thursday, June 16, 2011

1966 album

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band, formed in 

London in April 1962 by Brian Jones..

i had friend brian west. west killed him sf..

his main instruments were the guitar and the harmonica

pin  1973.... sergey makar0v div0rsed with wife vera...

my pin 1984 ted.

After losing a power struggle with the board of directors in 1984,  Jobs resigned from Apple....
came back when I came t0 sf in 97. never met me.....0r paid and brin didnt pay me... 
and als0 faceb00k ...

Kids is a 1995 drama film written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark. 
In a statement given on January 5, 2009 on, Jobs said that he had been suffering from a "hormone imbalance" for several months.......

then 1989... 15 years 0ld...0r 16....


ph0t0 irina bur0va...

rapist j. pigozzi made pin without asking me and tried to kill me with russians. and opened store in my store in japan..on my birthday

gin gira gin....

Sayako Kuroda (黒田 清子, Kuroda Sayako, born 18 April 1969), formerly Princess Sayako of Japan (紀宮 清子内親王, Nori-no-miya Sayako naishinnō)

She married Yoshiki Kuroda on 15 November 2005. As a result, she gave up her imperial title and left the Japanese Imperial Family, as required by law.

my grandmother a. zelenina.../green/  and ys.

saji san 
komiya san

Jugo no Yoru - The Night (15の夜, 1983)

my uncle. 


1994 after japan ...0bninsk.. change .....with me from long time ago..... my b00k... 

my from brian (Rolling Stones).

and Jhon Lenon.

was for my film and books..

f0ur change...

wrong ph0t0. fake criminal mark. they used my private ph0t0s
 with0ut my permissi0n fr0m my160

Jobs was born in San Francisco, California  and was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs (née Hagopian) of Mountain View, California, who named him Steven Paul. Paul and Clara later adopted a daughter, who they named Patti. Jobs' biological parents — Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian graduate student who later became a political science professor, and Joanne Simpson, an American graduate student who went on to become aspeech language pathologist— later married, giving birth to and raising Jobs' biological sister, the novelist Mona Simpson.

 jessica Simpson... fr0m my card.... and they

 g0t in and made

kissing jessica ....2001...

with my farm ville.

mark need to pay me for my farm ville.

barack is wrong to like people like that.... bad for next generation.

2009-1994= 15. my gate.

2009 ????? mick in my shirt d0esnt live in my gate 15. now is 2011.

mark stock..... stockton my street. 

from Brian my 37 we needed to record with Mick Jagger.

instead they killed brazilian prince and rapist pigozzi put his pin 

/my pin/

in my place in Tokyo 0n my birthday.. pretending he is me 0r my m0ther.. 

2003 10.  band bering strait.  /bering0v pr0liv me fr0m 1977/

veseliy crazy. illigaly t00k my things.

producer Maher.


kimura takuya...shingo. w0ng kar wai...

Shingo Katori (香取 慎吾 Katori Shingo, born 31 January 1977) is the youngest member of SMAP.
SMAP debuted their first CD in 1991

20 years after my m0ther was b0rn/
My mother Nina Vladimirovna /Takaeva/ Svechina. Born 19 of Jan. 1942 /year of horse/ in Serpuhov.

52 Johnny pig0zzi...
In 1962 Johnny & Associates 
In 1962, Kitagawa launched his first group called Johnnys....

l0 0lh0vskaya l...

we n0t j0hnys. 

vesta b0rn 1987. Katori Shingo.... 

0x. kanji. Go to fullsize imagesvechina /svetchina/
10. beringov proliv... (apple ) ringo starr...and i went

 t0 make film in russia...and it was st0pped. and they didnt pay me.

Angry Verka is this.

18 hera mahera

bill gates

william gates I I I

18373 rd. ave. ne

medina. wa 98039

la.with elizabeth. h0llyw00d...

1991. red sq. m0sc0w

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