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wera svechina /vera svetchina/  
/never seen apple l0g0 

susan wagner house.... christmas...1996. ca. tracy. usa...
The first Apple logo was designed by Ron Wayne.

newt0n ... lm 23..... 


/my b0k/ 1973

photo by jeff wagner. all his family was there. 

l had star mark ..and craig alpert ... then craig newmark.. 

and farmville made illigally fr0m my ville.

The famous Dogcow has become a legend within the Apple community.

and s0me rend0m  japanese pers0n gave me japanese 0ne 0n my first visit 0f arbat street in m0sc0w.
red and black 0ne...

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983)

Gengo Hara Takeshi Kitano ."The Seed and The Sower"...1963. 

Sir Laurens Jan van der Post (aka Laurens van der Post) (December 13, 1906 – December 16, 1996) was a 20th century Afrikaner author of many booksfarmerwar heropolitical adviser to Britishheads of government, close friend of Prince Charlesgodfather of Prince William, educator, journalist,humanitarianphilosopherexplorer, and conservationist.

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor b0r.... serpuh0v...(commonly referred to as MichiganU-M,UMich, or U of M) is a public research university located in Ann Arbor, Michigan in theUnited States. It is the state's oldest university and the flagship campus of the University of Michigan. U-M also has satellite campuses in Flint and Dearborn.

and my garazh..... and g00gle ........susan w0jcicki...?
g0 daddy?

l00k at that face. ugly. agree.
and film  Electinons 1999.

tracy flick...with my pin.

fake made in  2003

1. lena 1973-5 /go is my birthday/ lena who

2. collage of voices 1973-5 

3. 1977 radio interview.

university 0f buffalo

2002 cannes .... satoko.... a is my apple. criminal zukenberg...
lena herzog? fake. like everybody else....
ugly w0jciki...

Werner Herzog Stipetić  born 5 September 1942)... my m0ther b0rn 42....
 and her baby h0rse kings hat 0n his head in telluride 2007.

killed herculebellvive.... russian mafia puts russian girls 0r b0ys and they c0ntr0l....?

 in 1999 married photographer Lena Pisetski, now Lena Herzog. They live in Los Angeles.
there is n0 lena... that0lder w0man lives fr0m 3 gate...where lena pleshivzeva lives... in 99.... 
Russian actress Anastasiya Vertinskaya (1944) is a popular Russian actress best known for her roles as Assol 
in Alye parusa (1961) and Ophelia in Gamlet (1964).

lena was painted as 0phelia... by chase chen... wh0 was friend eduard t0p0l..

Joan Chong Chen (Chinese name: simplified Chinese陈冲traditional Chinese陳冲pinyinChén Chōng; born April 26, 1961) is a Chinese American actress, film directorscreenwriter and film producer. She became famous in China for her performance in the 1979 film Little Flower 


and n0 pathetic criminals ar0und....

and came to international attention for her performance in the 1987 Academy Award-winning film The Last Emperor

1999 vera came with pr0ject t0 cannes.. killed hercules fr0m stupid pig0zzi.

Oct 23, 2003 . 0ur zkb and
 "Carnival Strippers," by photographer 
Susan Meiselas in 1974. 

cs...I already did in 7 haven in t0ky0...

this is t00 0ld
Carnival Strippers
Larry page...married with

with0ut zkb 2009...s.f....

new 2008 stefani.... and larry page....

page als0 with my m0ney.......

where is my lawyer?

what happened last and this year?

After the war he worked at the National Physical Laboratory, where he created one of the first designs for a stored-program computer, the ACE/d0g tuzik fr0m my m0thers h0use?/
Towards the end of his life Turing became interested in mathematical biology. He wrote a paper on the chemical basis of morphogenesis, and he predicted oscillating chemical reactions such as the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction, which were first observed in the 1960s.

Alan Mathison TuringOBEFRS ( 23 June 1912 – 7 June 1954 Maida Vale is a residential district in West London between St John's Wood and Kilburn.), was an English mathematicianlogiciancryptanalyst and computer scientist.
Turing's homosexuality resulted in a criminal prosecution in 1952, when homosexual acts were still illegal in the United Kingdom. He accepted treatment with female hormones (chemical castration) as an alternative to prison. He died in 1954, several weeks before his 42nd birthday.

On 8 June 1954, Turing's cleaner found him dead; he had died the previous day. A post-mortem examination established that the cause of death was cyanide poisoning. When his body was discovered an apple lay half-eaten beside his bed, and although the apple was not tested for cyanide, it is speculated that this was the means by which a fatal dose was delivered.

band fr0m 0bninsk 0n my place..bering0v pr0liv. Im n0t g0vernment. al n0t alla....

and all fr0m my apartment 160. 0r fr0m my ph0t0s. need t0 be paid f0r....

my d0ll was m0nica..

she d0esnt things... and they tried t0 kill me 

with g0 daddy.  

w0jcicki paid 400 dollars and wants things....

anne is n0t feeling like bliding??? 

philosophy of Google which says, " can 

anne w0jcicki 

make money without doing evil.


Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

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