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im 23 ...  Reno nevada usa. 

greek sergey hristidis... 1996- 1942 when my m0ther was b0rn =54 when at0mic plant was made...

1997 - 1942 = 55.....  when bill gates.......j0bs steve....etc....w0znyak steve...were b0rn...

"The Bodyguard"

Mary 'Mimi' Gates (née Gardner) (b. ca. 1943) is an American art historian who is the recent Director of the Seattle Art Museum. She marriedWilliam H. Gates, Sr., father of Bill Gates, in 1996. Gates has a B.A. in art history from Stanford University, a certificate with honors in Chinese language and culture from the École Nationale des Langues Orientales Vivantes in Paris, a master's from the University of Iowa, and a Ph.D. in art history from Yale

Mick Jackson (1992

 / h0w did it get in my privet life in 2009?/ 

g0 daddy

A former Secret Service agent takes on the job of bodyguard to a pop singer, whose lifestyle is most unlike a President's.

kr0k0dile fr0m japan ...fr0m uchida  1993

c h a k /koroleva/ /my blue t00th fr0m erics0n/
l liked Kevin Costner. 3t and lv....?

Chuck  Norris was born in Ryan, Oklahoma

dankiChuck Norris - Zap2it

562 Mountain Village Boulevard

Mountain Village CO 81435

62 my r00m in mgik and year when my grand grand

 m0ther alexandra died in h0use 33 . and t0m cruz was b0rn...

Alexis Bryan, Vanity Fair ? micah reed......

In 1989Sergei  Makarov was allowed by the Soviet Union to join the National Hockey League and the Calgary Flames. He won the Calder Memorial Trophy as rookie of the year at the age of 31 (as a result, the rules were changed and now only players under 26 qualify for the award - the Makarov Rule). Makarov also played for the San Jose Sharks from 1993 to 1995.

John Shelby Bryan (born March 12, 1946) is an American communications executive, also known for his affair with Anna Wintour, editor ofVogue magazine.
The Texas-born millionaire attended college at the University of Texas, and became a Golden Gloves boxer. He soon began working with Ralph Nader, then studied at Harvard Business School. From here he began working at Morgan Stanley.
In 1985, Bryan built up Millicom, which was one of the first two cellular phone companies in existence. In 1994, Shelby Bryan became CEO of ICG Communications. In 1996, Bryan became one of Bill Clinton's chief fund raisers and supporters. In 1999, Bryan was named to Clinton's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.
In 2000, Bryan's ICG empire crumbled. The collapse was seen in part to be the result of Bryan's overspending.

At Stanford, drop by:  Gates Bldg 
Office 420 

already ring fr0m my m0ther? 

42 year when my m0ther was b0rn.... 

20 when I went t0 japan. and my film was f0r ;change;.

and fr0m 0ur absence...... and from brins 


As of 2011, his personal wealth is estimated to be $19.8 billion.

my 3rd floor 

1994 mgik... criminal brin.... and all russians...they had n0 right t0 l00k at my ph0t0s at my h0me....

june 1994

r00m 62
Mary Maxwell Gates (July 5, 1929—June 10, 1994) was an American businessperson. Gates served 18 years (1975–1993) on the University of Washington board of regents. She was the first female president of King County’s United Way, the first woman to chair the national United Way’s executive committee where she served most notably with IBM's CEO, John Opel, and the first woman on the First Interstate Bank of Washington's board of directors. Mary's son Bill Gates is the co-founder ofMicrosoft.

Gates was born in Seattle, Washington as Mary Maxwell to James Willard Maxwell (Nebraska, 1901 - 1960), a banker, and wife (married c. 1927) Adele Thompson ((probably EnumclawKing County), Washington, c. 1903 –).[1] She received a degree in education from the University of Washington in 1950. 

my christian dior....fr0m japan... different c0ll0r fr0m light...my grandm0ther alexandra died in 62

Im n0t my father.

e? .....

Yutaka Ozaki (尾崎 豊 Ozaki Yutaka?, November 29, 1965 – April 25, 1992)  

1999 I was 25......anne? g0 daddy 2009.

died Brittany Anne Murphy

killed my father

KPCB is a world leader in investments in Information Technology, Energy, Greentech industries, Utilities, the Life Sciences, and Pharmaceuticals.

 founded in 1972, was among the pioneers. ?

1999 roppongi ys. norifumi suzuki...

Fumihito, The Prince Akishino (秋篠宮 文仁親王 Akishino-no-miya Fumihito shinnō : born 30 November 1965) is a member of the Japanese imperial family.

ys fr0m marievka

2000 r0pp0ngi bar.....before work......dohan....

Genius Bar

2000 sf

1998 inna in wr0ng place... with stupid mafia.....that I hate...

1998 with my custumer....pathetic  inna didenc0...kate.. fake anexandra

need t0 pay f0r her life...

matsu shima?

inna Poshlost' is the Russian version of banality, with a characteristic national flavoring of metaphysics and high morality, and a peculiar conjunction of the sexual and the spiritual.


Phil W. Schiller is the senior vice president of worldwide product marketing at Apple Inc. He is a prominent figure in Apple's public presentations. He aids Apple CEO Steve Jobs and has been a member of the company's executive leadership team since Jobs's return to Apple in 1997.

Schiller als0 mafia......and they want t0 kill s. j0bs. 

because 0f my l0g0.... because hisfirst wife 

irina and she is ugly 0ld w0man...abram0vich...irina..

bur0va..... lilya f0rever ...mamm0th.. all against my m0vie...


green pea /ipod/.... lana Schiller model....1999


0ksana zibulskaya fr0m my gate.... fake  inna deidenc0 fr0m 0bninsk pr0 h0r0v became criminal alexandra 0n my expance  and thats wr0ng............0ksana pr0h0r0va  wh0 n0t live in my building....zibulskaya d0esnt kn0w her.... all fake...

criminal pr0h0r0v.... my farm ville.

my 23 and me.....my killed father ....my n0t finished film....my friends name f0r child... my m0ney.

killed many in my family...killed marina and they they tried t0 kill me. and made big pr0blem f0r my m0ther and my physical c0nditi0n.....
and brins m0ther...and j0bs...

they made ps 22... my train my father? 

criminal ....

my father w0uld be very n0t happy...m0ther t00....

I wish annes family unhappiness......f0r the rest 0f her life....

we had plenty...

game in p0land


Execution by shooting ... after they 

tried t0 kill me...  I met already few ugly angry

 w0man fr0m g00gle ... they all Unsatisfied 


inna japanese ugly 0ld b0yfriend 0f

 inna /n0b0dy/ g0t in my m0ther.... made it 

l00k like 

I w0uld care ab0ut ...s0me stupid 

criminals..wh0 kills my family...

we d0nt have t0 pay f0r inna didenc0 fake life....

/my m0ther didnt mean anything against her self and her family..../ 


w0jcicki m0ther is h0rrible... they tried t0 kill me... like I w0uld d0 s0mething against myself 0r my family... it d0esnt make sence...

all m0ney mine. l can hire w0jcicki f0r my 

23 and me....l didnt yet. there is many pretty

smart and h0nest pe0ple 0ut there. 

killed Brittany Anne Murphy 
g0 daddy? anne w0jcicki g0t m0ney.... I d0nt have t0 pay 

f0r her life...
???? g0 daddy? 2010. ???? 

Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojcicki attend the 23 and Me Spit party at the IAC Building on September 9, 2008 in New York City.

?????? this is me..... I didnt al0wed the t0 use my life

and make m0ney f0r 

their sh0w...

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