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lawyer needed

1951. serpuhov. house 33. 

Jean Pigozzi was born in 1952. thinking that he is what? Valera died at 52 years old in 2000. 

then they tried to kill me and tried to make me homeless in sf... like they did to my uncle Valera... jean pigozzi did it with russian mafia ....

451 University AvenuePalo AltoCA 94301

my studio in sf on stockton str

....since 1997.

 2002. Im russian.

stanford movie theater
221 University Avenue, 1925.

1974. last train from roppongi

24. with film last train from roppongi. 

roppongi. last train from roppongi.... y's and .....nori....

my uncle valera with black ball...Im n0t uncle valera... they trying t0 make me h0meless in sf...


I d0nt like that  singer. 

Valeriya (RussianВалерия) is a stage name of Alla Yurievna Perfilova (RussianАлла Юрьевна Перфилова, born April 17, 1968 in AtkarskRussia), a Russian singer? mafia....?

plant behind tamara anreevna rezvyak0va /merry.... cook... n0w tim c00k/ takaeva  ....

plant... kust.... in russian.... my father and m0ther met g0t married 1967

and went t0 live in 0bninsk. and in 1975 m0ved in building 11.  svechin takaeva...

1974. Rudakovo.

anna /nyura/ kotova died long time ago...

 2008. after my father died... in 2007 train from Obninsk to Moscow.  my 4 is for my money...ox..

they thought I'm 1.4?

and in my script nori brought me box with apples in 1994.

and criminals to jail...

microsoft apple gogle and facebook and more.... own me money and license.

семен ryabinin...

Семён— мужское имя древнееврейского происхождения, означает «услышанный (Богом)»

ashbery.... father 0f ant0nina ryabinina .  Simon... game? I met creat0r fr0m japan. in ichirin sf. marij0li?

1986. elena fr0m apt 99. we had d0g. 995 market edc ....

Im not elena. 

in fr0nt 0f me vladimir d0nt need t0 match t0 my ph0t0 fr0m dicney


marina mam0nt0va and mariya mam0nt0va. Im not maria and not marina... criminals need to pay me and need to go to jail. my mother have nothing to do with them.

Vladimir Cyrillovich, Grand Duke of Russia (Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov, Cyrillic: Влад́имир Кир́иллович Ром́анов; 30 August [O.S. 17 August] 1917 – 21 April 1992) was the Head of the Imperial Family of Russia and Titular Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias (historically the modern states of Russia,BelarusUkraineKazakhstanFinlandEstoniaLatviaLithuania and Poland) from 1938 to his death. died.

my sweater

Jo Lynn Allen is president and CEO of Vulcan Inc., the management firm she co-founded with investor and philanthropist Paul G. Allen, in 1986. Since then, she has developed and led a wide range of Mr. Allen's business and charitable endeavors around the world.


1993. 0nly Im here from my family. from 11 building.


my bill gates 3. I live there fr0m 1975

0n 3rd fl00r

me and my m0ther .

my dress 1993. pr0duced by any

anna nikitichna svechina? died fr0m cancer.. 1983.

no. 25570-71

fr0m italy....

1999.  I was 25. 

 fake.  need to be killed anne and all her family.  and she need to pay me and its my 23 and me.

and kill abramovich and zhukova and mafia. nothing interesting...

to have children is fine.. but my children.... and thats crime. and big mistake.

need to be in jail.

my  father killed. my d0g killed. 
her father didnt die.

nikita n0t living with us. there n0 b0dy else... everything is else crime.

bill gates got married? french?

lina my grandmother.....emelyan svechin /candle/ her father... nikita alexeevich and my father was born april 17 1938...
The franc (sign, commonly also FF or F) was a currency of France.
 Franklin (January 17, 1706 [O.S. January 6, 1705 ] – April 17, 1790) was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States
Franklin's father, Josiah Franklin was a tallow chandler, a soap-maker and a candle-maker. 

pigozzi rapist there is no excuse.

Angelina Jolie (pronounced /dʒoʊˈliː/ joh-lee, born Angelina Jolie Voight; June 4, 1975) is an American actress.

married Billy Bob Thornton (2000–2003)

and had blood on her neck.... 

and hair man bob died last month on bush street. around the corner from me...

then svet china:  giant panda...
then bread pit... and pit bull....

and j.b. miller...


g00gle g0 daddy... disney... etc.... my 23 and me.... benji.... apple iph0ne....

this is what they made there. 
because fake people took over with0ut us kn0wing
what is g0ing 0n in 160.

1996. japan. simply c0stume....
My second time in Japan. Atami  hotsprings 96 6 27


my hand since I was b0rn. 1973. with Scissors.

mak0t0 naruke. micr0s0ft. 

mick jagger mothers, Eva Ensley Mary (née Scutts; 6 April 1913 – 18 May 2000), born in New South Wales,Australia, was a hairdresser.


Gallo was born in Buffalo, New York, the son of Janet, a hair-dresser, and Vincenzo Vito Gallo, also a hairdresser and professional gambler.

academy 0f art. my film pr0ject nights. 1998  jas0n had Scissors and epilepsia. 


j0hn lenn0n.....killed. by same pe0ple wh0 tried t0 kill me.

j0hn w0rks 20 years in strip clubs. Im n0t armenian. Cher.

my time. 10 billi0n d0llars. 

cr0wn fr0m my b00k.

 2005 2009.  nih0njin and jean pig0zzi helped me with ph0t0s.  criminal 0rl0va c0pied my ph0t0s with0ut asking me, made m0ney and tried t0 kill me . he helped.


saji san didnt play game.

edamame /to my mother/ and jack sakazaki ended up with 90plus wine club...????

hi,in Rio til 7th of feb then Paris til 12th then LA til 15th,i,m very interested in your film because you know the world so intimately and it.s a compelling story with many visual possiblites ,i,ve have a feeling for Japanese culture studing Japanese films for years and shooting Toyko Ga for Wim Wenders/anyway comfort for housing just so it.s clean/safe ,have all the camera equipment we would need but have to work out my financial arrangement; I´would be fair but it´s a longer discussion because of my own expenses while i would be away for the amount of time and what i would bring to the project/shooting next few days where do i find you to speak with you directly ~ tavarish- ed

when I worked in Hustler.... father of Joe Caruba worked in happy donut and..

Sergei Chiliyans Fri, 27 Jul 2007
Donat Etienne 
Donato Rotuno of Tarantula films in Luxembourg

 film about models......


and they made facebook 1601....criminal....from my apartment...

film baby face



Alfred E. Green /green is my real grandm0thers last name/ 

my m0thers h0use was 33. 

A young woman uses her body and her sexuality to help her climb the social ladder, but soon begins to wonder if her new status will ever bring her happiness. Lily Powers

and m0nique m0ntg0mery had cat lily and Joe Menel didn't like her
and he didn't enjoy me being in hustler with Tom and others.. time when I needed to make my film.
he is from South AfricaSARSA or ZAF

The Mahlabatini Declaration of Faith, signed by Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Harry Schwarz in 1974, enshrined the principles of peaceful transition of power and equality for all, the first of such agreements by acknowledged black and white political leaders in South Africa.

Within the country, anti-British policies among white South Africans focused on independence.

they tried to kill me...

Directed by Joe Cornish....???? 

july 11? olga gonina... who don't live in my home or my block.... 

photo from my fathers funeral from jeff wagner said irina... 2007...Im not Irina... 

Irina Blok.....? google lamp from my apt. 62... olga gonina ended up with baby Gena...from mgik...

they need to go to jail. 

and thats was the attack... google doing things illegaly....2010.

Dick: A Film by Jo Menell lives in Bo lina s.... lina my grandmother.....

(1989) and his wife Carolina....from chili..../ baby horse KING

that hit my mother when she was 8 years old in 1950/

akulina died in Marievka in 1986. in Russia...

japan 1996 . 

My second time in Japan. Atami  hotsprings 96 6 27

 sf. Vera Svechina in academy of art.

1999 aunt 0lga Dorozhkina  on the apple place and my movie still not made.. 

in 2011

steve jobs?

Their insurance doesn't cover multiple evaluations and may not cover much of the half-million dollar transplant
much less the follow-up care. 

( that was  Budget for my film) 

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11

The introduction of Alice Miller's /empire entreatment/  first book, The Drama of the Gifted Child, first published in 1979. /ugly polish.../

they thought my father is cartoon  character girl??????????????? e?


they didn't let me make my film and book......


2006... and my mothers 33 house in Serpuhov.

18 July, 2011 – Today Nelson Mandela celebrates his 93rd birthday. my grandfather vladimir 100 years old.

picock... j. pigozzi was wrong...

and they put fake nelli an as my m0ther and it crime. we d0nt take any0nes place.

andrey m0ther sick already. fake linda...../I say no/

 and fake child 0f j pig0zzi lawyer an
and  j. pig0zzi made fr0m me with0ut asking me and they put it in my str0re in japan..

diferent family. why they dress them like that.... bahmane is them....2002...

geo gund... marred rosa from my photo....and they had baby luana... 
and they killed brother for the money from the family. not have to share.

this is crime. and they need to go to jail. 

from my old note book...

geo's photo studio was located in presidio.

?????? where now george lucas is... and that was mistake....

but apple studio is about my studio. 

 I have that.

ugly...ugly ugly.... mafia aksyonova....?

who did it? wrong. my mother 70 years old.

veras adress in obninsk.

aksyonova 13 is building across the building 11 where I live since 75... and who did that crime and killed all this people need to be in jail. 

criminal lawyer who works to supports killing.... of marina mamontova olhovskaya...

michael hall...?

they trying to make me homeless now. and its crime. and they tried to kill me and they need to pay and go to jail. 

2010.  dishonest ugly polyaki? (polish?) 

that's my house 11 since 1975. they have to leave.

where I needed t0 g0.  kuniyasu san...... my ku.... and my m0ther /nina vladimir0vna/ and me.... n0t any0ne else......

they didnt let me d0 anything and they killed many pe0ple. 

and  "Babyface" born in 1958. 10 years after 

my uncle valera fr0m h0use 33.

after Brian Jones died I inherited ....

The Rolling Stones. the English rock band, formed in London in April 1962 by Brian Jones.

togu palace.....  its not mick's palace...

cannes 2009. vostok? east..... is my film last train from roppongi.... what is mark stock doing there?......vera .... they did vivo.. and killed v.s.  borisevskiy one of creators of topaz...

  brin with google are behind me and they  need to pay and give me license for google...

it made illigally from my apt. without my concern.

mafia girl svetlana. arrived 2006...

criminal mafia ugly svetlana medveva and mafia criminal aslan usoyan....
 has no connection to my home.  girls and they tried to kill me.  she with mafia.

mafia in san francisco ugly


very strange pigozzi...2008. with cristina.... 
/alla pugachova child? russian mafia/

2010. russian mafia with pigozzi in sf. or from  moscow or my home town who think they are us when... they not us......

means he raped me. he could do something good... he didn't.

rapist jean pigozzi tried to kill me with dasha zhukova and abramovich and mafia who is behind
in shirt that illigally made. and 23and me is mine and cut off jobs liver. criminals. very ugly.
them and criminal google facebook and all who who dont want to pay me. pigozzi also need to pay me and he is not from my house...
michael got cancer


jean against michael...pigozzi with bad mafia.
?????? and I have to move out from my apartment without money or work. pigozzi to jail. he is not first.

17 henke ...The White Ribbon is a 2009 Austrian-German film, released in black and white, written and directed by Michael Haneke. white ribon from my mother's dress in 


what michael? jagger?


r0eg.... and what he did? and with stupid alexia who has no idea
and  brazilian prince crushed....

mark st0ck fr0m sf ? 

vo mark pincus...criminal 

and vevo.... when it's vera.  and abramovich mafia and stock behind me...  and they all made things illigaly. 

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11

In the United States, the last case of "wild" polio was in 1979

The last outbreak of poliomyelitis in the United States occurred in 1979, when a type 1 strain imported from the Netherlands caused 13 paralytic cases among unvaccinated Amish communities in three states. 

Michael Hennessey (born c. 1948) is the longest serving Sheriff in the history of San Francisco and is currently the longest tenured Sheriff in the State of California. Hennessey was elected in a run-off election in December of 1979 and has been reelected in seven subsequent elections. 

a lot of work to do....


15 is gate we live.

and another one same kind said mic #12 p.
dec. 77 
apple logo 


emperor of japan 

akihito born 1933 and our house in Serpuhov was 33.

cari borja with royal.... 

and Princes Nori of Japan  had to give up 

her title after wedding with commoner

 Kuroda san. 

prada logo from my sweater....

pigozzi criminal and they have to answer for all who died since 2009. 

when I was right.

mic december princes ... means my apple logo.

means me and my mother and they did crime.

15 my gate 1978 is when I was 5...and my father 40 and also when olhovskiy was born

they made 20 40

and fake bands bering straight and vesyoly delizhans..

it was not jeans.... it was mine and they they to pay me. 

after my father died 2007 after they put e in his passport in 1999... 
they thought Im my father when Im not....

they thought Im 2 in 2008...3 in 2009... when I was 35 and 36

and then they tried to kill me in 2010...

they thought I'm 4 years old?

Every Breath You Take - Sting & The Police. 1983.

ge0rge was bef0re the may0r..... fr0m 1956.

and that was ge0rge in 1999. and ge0rge lucas. 1999 

mick became sir fr0m my 1993 cr0wn .

they did wr0ng....

Steve Madden (born 1958) is the founder and former CEO of Steve Madden Ltd., a footwear company.
Born in Far Rockaway, Queens, Madden grew up in adjoining Lawrence in Nassau County, New York.

In 2002,  Madden was convicted of stock manipulation, money, and securities fraud. He was sentenced to 41 months in prison, and was made to resign as CEO from Steve Madden Ltd and from the board of directors

Madden served in a federal prison near Eglin Air Force Base,and Coleman Fl.near Ocala FL. Madden was released from prison in April 2005
52-16 Barnett Ave.

richard friend ....

vera in 1973

n0rth beach.... sf I arrived in 1998. az.... my grandm0ther.....

club hustler was there t00...

tom luddy went to live in north berkeley in francisc's house.
nikitas sweater remade in 2008

frem0nt 0range and green. where I g0t my car and my c0pywritten b00k. 
Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) is an Academy Award-winning motion picture visual effects company that was founded in May 1975 by George Lucas and is owned by Lucasfilm.

about when we moved in 11 160. 

svechina means candle in russian
from 1961 my father started t0 w0rk in msu 35 as электромонтажник . 

max polevskiy l00ks at my back. 1v.  1980. why they killed him? 

vulcan 415 /my gate 15/ 505 80 44 /change in 2009/.... and criminals didnt let me make my film. didnt let me make my b00k.... 0r t shirts 0r keds.... killed my father 
and russians tried t0 kill me. 

 and they didnt let me and vulcan d0 the sh0w in n0rth beach.

Paul and Jo Lyn Allen /angelina j0li after me/  are the owners and executive producers of Vulcan Productions, a filmmaking company headquartered in Seattle. Vulcan Productions’ mission is to initiate, develop and finance independent film projects of substance and enduring significance


construction electrician.....

ILM logo.svg

star wars?

and they... killed Joseph Brooks. made his son criminal

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