Thursday, July 7, 2011

th0se wh0 did my pr0blem in 2010 need t0 be in jail.

1977. my apple l0g0... baby face my face and they tried t0 kill me. 

cathy fitzerald.......... fr0m 1973. 

 michael fitzerald alice and my father....... and alice his child and its 0nly me his child girl.

berkeley. and in 2008 after I put russian geisha and I  put n0rik0 geisha 0n fr0nt page negative energy started t0 c0me t0 me t0 me.... n0t fr0m japan. in sf.

alice waters

510 548 55 56

fr0m apple ...teravera .... with painter un san...

unvera  Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 22:35:20 +0400

> From:
> To:
> Subject: for Vera from Vera
> >Vera! Privet! Just got a e-mail from Jonny Pigozi, he told you he met you! 
> >Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where? How are you? I'm in SF. What are you doing?
> Hi!!! Really - it is very funny!
> The world is so small!!!!
> Now I╟m in Paris!!! I need to find an apartement here - it is so difficult!!!
> You will not be in Paris next year???
> What are you doing???
> Kiss!
> Vera


Prince Jaime Bernardo of Bourbon-Parma, Count of Bardi, Duke of San Jaime (born 13 October 1972) is the second son and third child of Princess Irene of the Netherlands and late Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma, and is member of the Royal and Ducal House of Bourbon-Parma, as well of the Dutch Royal FamilyCurrently he is a Dutch diplomat.

joe menel from South Africa gave me melson mandela t shirt

In 1999 Princess Irene purchased a farm near Nieu-Bethesda in South Africa, turning it into a sanctuary.

and I thought there sh0uld be a 2009 visiting antibes.

lena pleshivzeva aunt galina....lived in bulgaria

В связи с катастрофой круизного теплохода "Булгария" на Волге, жертвами которой стали, по всей видимости, более 100 человек, обозреватели и аналитики в России и за рубежом делают один и тот же неутешительный вывод. 

titanic 1997 ? 

Im 24. joe menel from South Africa intr0duced me t0 film pr0ducer hercules. 1999. they made film in japan.

 they killed herc.

my birthday june 5. 1973.

“Ан-24” разбился об Обь

Московский Комсомолец № 25690 от 12 июля 2011 г.
Эксперты “МК”: посадка на воду спасла большинство пассажиров
Еще не закончились поиски пилота вертолета “Robinson R-44”, затонувшего в воскресенье утром в Енисее, а журналистам уже приходится выяснять детали новых трагедий, по какой-то мистической закономерности также связанных с водой, — катастрофы теплохода “Булгария” на Волге и жесткой посадки на Оби пассажирского самолета “Ан-24”. Количество жертв этих трагедий с каждым часом растет.

my apartment. this girls n0t live there. marina died already. n0t fr0m my apt. n0t fr0m my family.  nelli n0t my m0ther. her sister n0t right linda. 


this is my family.

maki san mete0. 1998. 0wner maki san.

t0ky0 1996. 

makar0va katya has n0thing t0 d0... and lena t00.... with my intelectual pr0perty. 

0r t0 my family 0r anyhing. ugly  mafia. i hate criminal jail mafia.

fr0m diferent club nelli. mafia 

faceb00k zukenberg...fr0m my apt..  and sat0k0 in 2002. 

mete0 thing behind denis. he is child 0f w0man wh0 l00k like that w0man 0n the right.
he lives in 3 gate t0gether with elena pleshivzeva. np0 techn0l0gia....

they d0nt bel0ng t0 my family they d0nt 0wn my apt. game? they fr0m diferent club. and they bad mafia. 

david sat0 in 1998. and aleaxndr arzamaszev in 2009. 0n the funeral.

2003. they div0rsed me with micah with0ut my perissi0n. mr?
need t0 be in jail. friend benji ... ended up as baby 0f brin.... t0gether with my 23 and me...

micah lived with  alexis fr0m vanity fair.
why alexia niejelski was there? pig0zzi l0wyer child.. what f0r

? criminal.

has n0thing t0 d0 with my film 0r b00k.

2009 nyc. wh0 0rganised that  need t0 be in jail . 

micah reed had add. 

and it was my breast add and mad0na.

mr? with my ph0t0s ... criminal. tried t0 kill me
with name

0f mafia dariya zhuk0va and criminal  0rl0va fr0m la. my 

taken. need t0 be killed f0r trying t0 kill me.

 they are n0t virgin ... wh0ever 0rganised it need t0 be in jail.

wh0 is going to jail?  who will pay my rent?
11 month.
my chinese landlord is not happy. 
i made l0ng time ag0.  that is my film.


and then they gave cancer t0 michael d0uglas. because he married t0 actress I liked. 

and they did cancer t0 him. 

and 0n b0at 0f paul alen.... light went t0 wr0ng place.... light pers0n in 0bninsk makar0v vict0r.

and vict0ria vict0r  I met in hustler. fr0m my b00k. and it was c0pywritten .

mafia  in 0bninsk put 0lga g0nina. her birthday is in july .... they th0ght Im my m0ther  nina.... but we 2 different pe0ple ... Im her child. and they didnt let me make my film. 

0lga is in serpuh0v..... relative. n0t 0lga 0f greece.... 

0ur h0use 33. privet pr0perty.

michal jacks0n b0rn 10 years after valera. killed 2009.

ted and my pin in 1984

1999. vera and n0ri..... 1993 and 1999.  princes n0ri married t0 mr. kur0da.

why w0jcicki in my shirt with my 23 and me.... and my friend benji as a child. and steve j0bs with n0 liver. 

????? 23 and me?
need t0 pay me and g0 t0 jail. 



 1999 why angelica plyazidevskaya in my pants. she lived 0n usuriskaya str. tiger was my father. she n0t fr0m my family. her m0ther vera. she is n0t my m0ther.

need t0 be in jail....

why pig0zzi in my shirt?

they t00k things fr0m  my life  and they had n0 right t0 d0 it. princes 0lga d0esnt live in my apartment. and n0t my relative.  she is fr0m diferent c0untry princes. pig0zzi criminal with my criminal brand in place f0r me  kuniyasu. 

carmel 1998. russian american conference. tim cook joined Apple in 1998.

1998. I met francis c0pp0la. t0m and mata yamam0t0. 

mataichir0 yamam0t0 film last train fr0m r0pp0ngi .... chikatetsu....

sch00l direct0r fr0m malasia tetsuya 1993.  pushed me t0 have sex. 
that is crime. 

 I wr0te ab0ut it in my b00k and film. 

that was my ch0ice. he is n0t in jail. 

I  came t0 study film.  I  paid my m0ney. b00k writen. film test made 2007.

in the c0rner mari and they d0 marij0li fr0m my ph0t0 and my family ..

with0ut asking. lm fr0m russia. Im n0t italian. 

my m0ther had nick name chicken when she was a little girl.  Im her child.

in sf... chikatesu.... when Im going to make my movie?

pig0zzi pushed me t0 sex in  2005.  game?   and 0pened 

st0re 0n my place.  2002 n0w 2011. and then they tried t0 kill me.

we live in gate 15 fr0m 75.

criminal mafia  nelli and her sister.....  linda ... n0t en0ght t0 dress as a tree...

carmel 1998. russian american conference. tim cook joined Apple in 1998.

and they killed hercules.

they put my m0thers c0ll0rs and fl0wers 0n nelli....aksy0nva...mafia...2002.

Medina, WA? 
nikita alexeevich svechin.

then I met pig0zzi with hercules and they tried t0 kill me. and killed hercules

bill gates got married....

Seattle Mariners ? ichiro

The Seattle Mariners are an American professional baseball team based in SeattleWashington. Enfranchised in 1977, the Mariners are a member of the Western Division of Major League Baseball'sAmerican LeagueSafeco Field has been the Mariners' home ballpark since July 1999. From their 1977 /my apple l0g0/  inception until June 1999, the club's home park was the Kingdome.

my uncle... valera 7 years old. born 1948.

and mafia did  their thing...


michael white g0t hurt.... 


he ended up with my st0re in t0ky0 and angelica.... she is n0t my m0ther. 

dasha zhuk0va criminal and her father mafia  tried t0 kill me in 2010 with criminal 0rl0va and rapist pig0zzi...  never lived in 33. neather in apt. in 0bninsk. pig0zzi need t0 pay my rent 11 m0nth and disability bill....f0r last 2 years. 

killed hercules. 

my 0ld sticker. n0t pig0zzis sticker..... 2007 b0n0 came. 

and pig0zzi changed shirt with me like he is me... he is criminal.  he l0st his h0use in 2009.
in my apt.
in my apt. 160.

my 23 and me my friend benji..... 160 0?
 h0rrible and ugly rich.  I d0nt care and d0nt get int0 y0ur life? why they get in my life?

10 billi0n. cash. 

they killed my father
0rl0va ? lis0va 0lga abram0vich and j.  pig0zzi

why take my pr0ject ? why still my ph0t0s

filmlink msn.c0m  mata yamam0t0...
I didnt  all0wed t0 take my n0tes. my ph0t0s.... its crime. killed marina mam0nt0va.
killed my father..

Sara from Rumaniya is on the left Inna d. is in my corner  with photographer who  cheated on her...

2010 0rl0va pe0ple tried t0 kill me. g0 daddy and criminal g00gle...

pig0zzi did this and need t0 be with mafia and abram0vich and dazha zhuk0va and wh0ever else put inside me s0mething t0 c0ntr0l me. mafia need t0 g0 away. 

pig0zzi need t0 pay f0r my apt in sf. 

 abram0vih criminal. criminal pig0zzi tried kill me. with help 0f ....mafia

this criminals are n0b0dy t0 me and d0esnt 0wn my h0use 33. we n0t greek 0r italian.  we russian. 
and its privet pr0perty. 

they fake. criminals. pig0zzi criminal with abram0vich.....tried t0 kill me. prince0lga n0t fr0m my h0use. herkules didnt like her. because liers.... they n0t fr0m where Im fr0m. b0th kids f0rever unhappy... f0r crime. bad luck f0r b0th children.

we have d0r0zhkina 0lga f0r me. 

my a n0t fr0m apulia a.

my br0cken 8 years 0ld n0se and Im year 0f the bull . a. 

liver? they cut his liver... and tried to kill me.

 killed my aunt and st0le my ph0t0s. with0ut permissi0n. need t0 be killed. its my pr0ject f0r many years...they jealous

they did attack 0n my b00k and film and 0n my m0ney... my credit.. my health... my life. 

I live there fr0m 75 ...

killed with pig0zzi and alexia niejelski help husband 0f angelica hust0n.

bretney anne merfy died

they tried t0 kill me

already in my shirt.... criminal lier.
?????? it s my apt. in building 11. my privet pr0perty.

0nly vera is fr0m 0bninsk and building 11 gate 15.
Im resident there. 
 the rest is crime.

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