Sunday, October 23, 2011

I didn't invite anyone in my life. How did they get there? and why they don't live their own life? and who tried to kill me in 2010 on stockton 525 in SF. they were russians. WHY THEY NOT IN JAIL?

 Zipcar Logo.svg


I paid for my school classes..... 

1997. they waisted my life time and they need to pay. now 2011.

my car in sf was with zipper.

Zipcar is an American membership-based car sharing company providing automobile reservations to its members, billable by the hour or day. Zipcar was founded in 2000.

since 2000. 

 by Cambridge, Massachusetts residents Antje Danielson and Robin Chase, and is now led by Scott Griffith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. 

yesterday I went to emergency room in sf. I'm still not well from the attack 
of criminal russians last year.

I WON with  visit PIGOZZI in NYC in 2005.

and WOJCICKI CRIMINAL AND VULGAR TRIED TO KILL ME and russian mafia need to be in jail..

I already served Micah  Reed with paper to court, after he stole my bag.......

MY WEDDING 2003 with Micah Reed....And then soon divorce.. because he
 is unstable and stole my LV bag. 

Emperor FAKE Micah Reed... (E for Error)  they tried to make FAKE Maria Romamova... using me....

 why they kept my life on? 
the one I finished? 

and without asking me...???? Means it's true..... they are criminals.. that google.... 
and they own me money.  MAFIA NEED TO GO TO JAIL. 

I didn't harm them . They harm me. 

Means it's my Crown of Russian empire.... and my money google owns me and apple too.... and the rest...

and that's 
why they tried to kill me in 2010 in sf  and they tried to put me down.... and they need to go to jail. 

they are liars.... and criminal:

has nothing to do... with my life. and they have no right to use me!!!!! it's not their time and I want to know who tried to kill me. 

D. Medvedev went to Turkey....

Сильнейшее землетрясение произошло на востоке Турции. Есть многочисленные разрушения в ближайшем к эпицентру крупном городе Ван, люди попали под завалы. Российских туристов в районе землетрясения нет, заявили в турецком посольстве. Первоначально сообщалось о магнитуде в 6,6, но затем турецкие сейсмологи переоценили силу толчков: максимальная - 7,2 балла с афтершоками силой до 5,5 балла. Власти ожидают многочисленных жертв, сейсмослужба - до тысячи погибших. По последним данным, которые поступили лишь из части пострадавших районов, погибли минимум 80 человек, свыше 200 пострадали. На место землетрясения срочно выехал премьер Турции.
В городе Ван, который находился ближе всего к эпицентру, обрушился семиэтажный дом, под завалами находятся люди, сообщил мэр города в эфире телеканала NTV, передает РИА "Новости".

1993.  Vera

Anetta sister of Angelica lives in Turkey. ( MY STAGE NAME was Anetta. 
They doing crime. I told them to stop in 2009.)


snigiri edyat ryabinu (my aunt)........ = (EA... eating ashberry)  
S nigiri ... tomo sushi....

My mother.

Vera 1B. (V)


my shirt...

s nigiri...

mick jagger said he wanted to eat sushi....

420? why?

  Jean I met in 2002. Fake 2003.

my from Japan.


and ..... Miss Universe Oksana Fedorova.... 

taken from her and put on miss Panama in 2002.


Antonina..... my aunt.

Anna Nikitichna..... my aunt...

this is not from my house or family.. they mafia.

????? what is that ? what they have to say in my life? nothing. criminals.


they tried to kill me, but killed my aunt HOPE. who is going to jail. I don't like fake people. 

Sara from Rumaniya is on the left Inna d. is in my corner  with photographer who  cheated on her...Ken is on the left with Tanya (shintaiso senshu) and  Inna Didenko is again in my corner..

1997 1998

from our photo. 

The Rainbow Bridge (レインボーブリッジ Reinbō burijji?) is a suspension bridge crossing northern Tokyo Bay .
Construction started in 1987 and was completed in 1993.
The bridge is 798 metres.


criminal Inna Didenco, Prohorov ( Romanov) fake Alexandra sitting on place of my gate. 

she never lived there. and she can't be there. why they did crime and lied? and Killed?

my uncle...

and mine.

before I met Jean Pigozzi.

mafia of marina orlova and mafia from Obninsk,  who I don't know...

An assassination is "to murder (a usually prominent person) by a sudden and/or secret attack, often for political reasons

Our Lady of the Assassins (SpanishLa virgen de los sicarios) is a film by Barbet Schroeder about a Colombian author in his fifties who returns to his hometown of Medellín after 30 years of absence to find himself trapped in an atmosphere of violence and murder caused by drug cartel warfare. It is adapted from the novel of the same title by Fernando Vallejo.

(Shiller lives now in Valleho)

The film was shot with early high-definition video cameras (Sony HDW-700) in the year 2000. The digital video gives the movie a cinéma véritélook and was one of the first uses of HD video for a feature film.

 Olhovskiy from bering straight band ,  tried to kill me  2010. 

 but killed my aunt..  who stands on the place of my 15 gate.

and they torchured my mother and 
killed my father..  jail?

and why they don't leave me alone? 

didn't need to still from me.  who did that? 
fake and ugly... and they put in me something and don't letting me live my life.
she was wrong...
and CIA need to put to jail  her and her mafia friends together with all criminals in this years....
marina didn't live in my gate and not part of my family. 

it was my time. mafia dis that?
they killed 

they did that. this is no connection to apple or to anything. and they will pay me or Olesya 

will be harmed. 

she was wrong. and why they tried to kill me?

russian mafia killed his child.. not us...

this ones are fake and criminals.... why they got in my life? AN?  ( and AN pigozzi's criminal lawyer  child friend of zhukova.. who was not invited to my family..just like the rest of them) and fake AN in Obnink .  they need to leave me alone... they not our house and we not for their house.... that how they amok money and mafia there too...

2002 before I met J. Pigozzi. who pushed me to have sex and killed Hercules. then opened brand on my time and place in Japan. and disapired with the island from my mother...and brand from my book. 


(REAL A.N.S was my aunt....)   CRIMINAL people.

Sushi Tomo

Categories: Sushi BarsJapanese 
201 University Ave
Palo AltoCA 94301

I was 20 here. 

from our photo in Ershovo made before I arrived to Tokyo in 1993. 

one stockton. and who is going to jail?

Tomoaki born 1970. please kick out Pigozzi from Japan...for crimes against me....

775 Bush str. Golden Gate Hotel.

1977. VERA


Marilyn Monroe (pronounced /mɒnˈroʊ/ or /mənˈroʊ/, born Norma Jeane Mortenson but baptized and raised as Norma Jeane Baker; June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962)

????? who did that?

M. M. ?

The Prince and the Showgirl is a 1957 (15 years old) American film produced at Pinewood Studios starring Marilyn Monroe and co-starring Laurence Olivier who also served as director and producer.
The film was released on 13 June 1957.


criminal pigozzi with brand out of my book and island in  Panama

he didn't pay....

criminal Naomi dressed fake like in my lover film.  
she is not for Panama. they criminals...

Naomi is fake. they knew she is fake.... and what they did? Putin VV? 


??????  what it means? 

2010 they tried to kill me.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is heading

home with her newborn girl Giulia, 

the first baby born to a sitting 

French president. 

I'm not Lia and it criminal Russia and cia need to get on them. 

This Lia wife of criminal singer mafia  from Russia. Ross... his name.

get her out of my life. 

1996. Tokyo. no connection....

Katya MAKAROVA.???

also they killed  Murat Nasirov child Lia too. get her out of my life also.... 

1979. Obninsk, I'M NOT LIA and they (russian mafia) need to leave me alone.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11

she never lived in my first gate in Obninsk and Nikita is also her son... My brother is  older... 
They not me and they need to go to jail.

We not with her.... and they need to leave me alone. and they have to pay.


Maddona after my mother long time ago... then after criminal Inna Didenco... ( named after  my grand
 grand mother Alexandra)

????? and????? she didn't have to have premier in Russia in 2009.
and she has to pay. and it was my time.

We had "Modern Talking"...... and they simple criminals. and they need to go to jail.

??????? did they pay me? 420?

criminal stole photos without asking and made money. and waisted my time.
 Killed Steve Jobs and my father and aunt... mafia..


M.Mamontova (Olhovskaya) ???? Inna? 


Inna, not Vera..... Now Olesya need to be killed? and Orlova? and 
why they killed my aunt? 

when will they pay me? 

 2009. now 2011.

my name.

Vincent and Anne Mai? They don't know MAI. and my mother is....

 for me... and they tried to kill me and torchured my mother and

 killed my father and who are they? 


Svetlana and Yuri shiller.?

what they did in 2010? Hasan? On time of my film? when russians tried to kill me? 

Linda sister ? criminal... went to make film in Japan and they did crush...atomic...

they are wrong on first place. 
Sveta never lived in my Gate and she is not my mother. They have no connection to me and fake house for house from Obnisnk need to leave me alone. 

My Fila 1993. Chritmas.. Merry Christmas..... ( Tim Cook?) 

???? are they stupid? 


killed Herkey. My and my mothers  t shirt on Svetlana.


e in my fathers passport.... killed in 2007.

Svetlana Medvedeva why they still my photos???? they have to ask and pay.

don't they know?

Svetlana. in my apt.


I'm not Svetlana.... she is criminal.

and where is my hotel? Last train from Roppongi?


I lived on Stockton from 1997. and it's time  for Las Vegas to pay too.......

My mothers card in gate 15. from 1955. 

Miss Panama. 

Miss Panama

and they killed M. Jackson . and Darya zhukova  who we didn't invite.....

pops sand they killed jackson? and they need to go to jail. 

Anna Sui (born August 4, 1952) is an American fashion designer....

why they put so many fake people ( not my family people ) in between?

they made t shirt

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