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Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr. (pronunciation: /ˈdʒoʊsɨf rɒbɨˈnɛt ˈbaɪdən/; born November 20, 1942) is the 47th and current Vice President of the United States, serving under President Barack Obama. A Democrat, he was a United States Senator from Delaware from January 3, 1973 until his resignation on January 15, 2009, following his election to the Vice Presidency.


that was my missing january shot.

ON PLACE OF MY FILM.... OR FROM MY BOOK without my permission.

from the same card....


same earrings that I have from dan go san .... ( BRIN?) 
IT Was my idea of Franchising it

YOPPI?  And Apple had in the apple store band 525 stockton..

from Japan... I lived in 525 stockton before Yo Ueno... lived there.. MY FRIEND. 

not theirs...

angelica worked in UENO. but they no connection to my privet life. and Mafia had no right
to use them..... (or whoever it was) (shimamura... Virgin from my mother and Panama... 
Angelica is not My mother.) 


nick lives in Tailand.

and tried to kill me in sf. I dont  know who. Russians.. 

everyone asks: why american green card is white?
moviemakerS. (michael white 1973)

mick after me.
fake sofia

???? for 32 years...

Ushi. 1973.

1995. NYC

my omikushi. 

and Oleg Semenzov died in 2008. Volodya is left.

V.Putin in my and Steve Jobs sweater 2004, painted by swedish painter Christopher from Academy of Art

(V.Putin didn't give Selanov  money for my film in 2004)

when I collect this? and from google also and from facebook..... and from others....


without my permission behind my back..
criminal pigozzi.

my short film NIGHTS 1998 AD
 David Scott Van Woert. 

Academy of Art University. DP Mike Slot.

president of Academy of Art University. I paid for my classes. and they
 take advantage of me all my life.

behind my apple store in SF. 

on Stockton One, that opened long time ago.
Mar'evka. we have sunflowers there.

this is ugly scott. this is not me. 

L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger - 2011 MET Costume Institute Gala.

Jagger has been dating jealous model cheap  L'Wren Scott from 2001. fake
 with cosmetic
from my photos. Jean Pigozzi Invited me. 
why they dont take from his photos? 

why they don't take from their photos?

Why they all take from my photos? 



I was 35. Russian band Tatoo are criminals.......and they need to pay me..... 
this photo I took in criminal  Hustler. SF

mine is good luck. 

and they tried to kill me.  because MARK STOCK!  ( my mark on my shoulder and JZ 

shot his brother on the shoulder)  and Mark  Pincus is criminal. 

1973. Painter!


my shirt on mick jagger.

mick in my shirt from sf. he said let's
 try "to make my film" and russians 
tried to kill me in 2010. and they broke
my credit record and made me 
move out from my apartment.

all they did is illegal.

 1999. they already killed Hercules...
Svetlana in my mothers and my shirt. ???
not from my apartment 525 stockton.
terrorist ziakaeva

all in my shirts and from other countries.
they not me. They work for me. are they going to take advantage of me
and my mother and father??

it's big shame. and pigozzi need to pay.

I won. With Barack Obama, and D. Medvedev.

what Linda Bahmane went to Japan for? why they fake house for house? 
and they sale my hamster? 
They dressed like my mother in 50s and LB? 

this is not me. neither Bahmane neither Aksyonova. 
My film means film of Vera Svechina 'Last train from Roppongi" Aka Asobi.

That selyanov started in 2004 and didn't finished.
because V. V. Pitin didn't give him money.

not fake house for house sister film in Japan. 

and russians tried to kill me and made me move out from my apt. 
and they killed many innocent people.

aksyonova's mafik from her club....yakuza... no connection and no business with me. VS. 

mafia...doing this things. because they useless. we don't mess  with her and her ugly family. 

1997. two girls from different club...
mafia did it... Anna in Orange shirt... (AM my aunt anna nikitichna VGU?) and another An and then child of lawyer Alexia Niejelski....

I ALREADY LIVED IN San Francisco 525 Stockton str. and studied..... 

Apple Store, San Francisco
in restourant orange....funeral of girl from  that diferent club....... 

my orange was 1994....

I'm VS. and Svetlana gave birth to Arina Svechina 2004 when I started my film. and she shows fig on the photo as a baby. MAFIK? crazy?

and askeyonova's child better be carful... because she is in danger now. I will not forgive that. 

he need to be killed and askyonova need to pay to svetlana chenskaya and to us. together with bah mane, for waisting my time.

??????? who are they?

who is going to jail? 

after me:

in gate 5 we have Artem Xajibekov who got gold medal in Shooting in Atlanta in 1996.
he was shooting for BC. (my name Bepa C.)

moviemakers 1973 

And It's my film SHOOTING. 
that they stopped.

On place of my gate there is tree. Olga and Nikita broght me Vesta. I paid for Vesta. Olga was from Smolenk. Olga is not living in my Gate. I'm not Olga.  And instead of crushing planes Google and others need to pay me for using us for so long.
and there will be no reason to make war. 

Svtnana Rudenko from Obninsk..matematic.... but not My mother
and she can't be there, place of 15 gate, where I live and she don't.

they tried to kill me from Obnisnk in 2010. bad matematics...

this is private photo. there is no band RUDENkO.  the one is there...IT"S CRIME 
AND IT"S illigal band.

111 Minna Gallery. 

and my friend  Yosuke Ueno had show there earlier then Vulcan, who painted google.  he is not living in my building 11.

and 525 stockton band plaid in Apple store?  they not Apple.

and Vucan with FLYING STRIPPERS.

Svetlana Rudenco is not living in my building 11.

that was my project "flying strippers"
and this band is criminal.
and they have to pay me.



1984. Obninsk Russia. Prince Harry was born...

I took this photo of my old photo last year without thinking.
1984. Steve Jobs.
Daijobu? O K I S I G O T O! 

my father worked in Postroicom (

 jealous Russians... that's why they horrible.

He made it from Me and my family and it's not  his Empire. It's mine. 

Apple Computers will pay shortly. 

Valera was born in 1948 in Serpuhov. ( after 9 month of Pragnency of his mother Tamara) and he became Alcoholic.

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