Tuesday, December 13, 2011

and they did

in my b00k st0ry 0f lucy blackman

sergey and lucy.. and they made sergey

 div0rse with lucy in m0sc0w...in 

p0dnevesnaya /svechina/

and they killed vali...club fr0m 1st


Writer Hall Baltimore (Kilmer), in career decline, comes to a small town during a book tour, and becomes involved in the murder investigation of a young girl. In a dream, he is approached by a young ghost named V (Fanning), whose connection to the murder is unclear....

they tried t0 kill me....

ugly w0jcicki....anne...tried t0 kill me..... anna died  l0ng time ag0... black magic?

2006 arrived. after my ph0t0 with n0bu tada... 

m0m0e...... e err0r. emper0r 0nly 1. 

criminal m0 tried t0 kill me st0le my ph0t0s. 

michel meere..  in my apt. australia.... mm

2001...in  my apt. mam0nt0va marina..... /0lh0vskaya/ 

mm she is n0t living there....

never lived never will neither any0ne

fr0m her family. they 0nly killed her. 

they s0w my film fr0m linda club.. there brazilian w0man 

 linda was saying  vera 20000

 /m0re then any0ne/


 1999 ....in 2003 in n0rimaki they st0le fr0m my wallet 

niman yen.......20 000. wh0?

russians need t0 g0 t0 jail. all that fake mafia and w0jcicki 

and brin.. need t0 g0 t0 jail.

after mick jagger.. 2009

criminal pr0ducer chiliyanz invited fake ugly linda with

sister  fr0m 0bninsk... and they tried t0 kill me...

0lh0vskaya with my hair fr0m 2009....   they tried t0 kill 

me and medvedev went t0 0bninsk

we had mila peach..... means.... milla  y0v0vich....als0 err0r.... and they killed my aunt..

and tried t0 kill me. m0? me d0ing this... she need t0 g0 t0 jail.

and my brests and mad0nna

st0le my ph0t0s never lived in my apt. ugly tatarin  

svetlana fr0m samara with mafia...


2009 after cannes

im n0t criminal tatarin  izaekaeva. she has n0 c0nneti0n 

t0 my life. wh0 put them there?

0rl0va and ziakaeva arrived in 20006  and mafia 

with zhuk0va tried t0 kill me..

st0le my ph0t0s with0ut asking me.... and tried

t0 kill me. and they killed jacks0n 


many 0thers..

killed nadezhda....siz0va and nikita kesha? wh0 d0ing that?  

what mafia? 

she need t0 be killed. 

alexia liked that...because she stupid and ugly pers0n 

friend 0f ugly mafia  zhukva wh0 was n0t 

invited t0 my family..... 

that was death in 2009 and many pe0ple died.... criminal... she killed and tried t0 kill me.... her pe0ple....0r wh0

Mr. Stark include ''Murder by Death'' (1976), and they killed lucy blackman 

cacha0...  i arived in 1995.....

The Goodbye Girl is a 1977 American romantic comedy-drama film. Directed by Herbert Ross, 

killed  my father....... kill her father..... 

killed..... kill 0rl0va...

this m0 n0t sup0st t0 be there.... killed ..

ab0ut year 2000 .....in my apt.....

y0suke uen0 t00k this ph0t0. 

my film was stopped in  2004. 

my ph0t0 sh0w...f0r my birthday...2003../wikipedia named after wiki ped  micah and me/

wiki n0t kn0ing and g0t married t0 eric...... eric was in zinzani and then in g00gle.......

y0suke uen0 my friend  www.spaceegg77.com 

m0ved after me t0 525 st0ckt0n

2009/05/03 at Apple Store Fukuoka Tenjin 

(FUKUOKA, Japan) 

2009/08/27 525 Stockton Fukuoka Tenjin at Apple Store

Schmidt was elected to Apple's board of directors on August 28, 2006. On August 3, 2009, it was announced that Schmidt would resign from the board of directors at Apple due to conflict of interests amid the growing competition between Google and Apple.

Eric Emerson Schmidt (born April 27, 1955) is an American software engineer and the currentexecutive chairman of Google.[3] From 2001 to 2011, he served as the chief executive officer of Google.

In its 2011 'World's Billionaires' list,Forbes ranked Schmidt as the 136th richest person in the world, with an estimated wealth of $7 billion.

and russians tried t0 kill me.....

Google gave him $100 million in 2011 as a parting gift

/my 1 0ku/ 

男 tombo? and they tried t0 kill me 

and killed many pe0ple....

and his friends 525 st0ckt0n band went t0 play in apple st0re.....

barack fr0m my script and russians tried t0 kill me in sf

russian mafia... 

pincus need t0 get away fr0m  me.. he didnt impress me.

they need t0 pay me and never i want t0 see them again. 

they need t0 find wh0 tried t0 kill me put the t0 jail.

fr0m my apt. what 0ne king way and they triy t0 kill  me and pincus harasses me. 

y0suke painted my fathers village... sora name 0f the painting....

they didnt ask me if they can d0 farm ville... they didnt pay me... we didnt sign c0ntract...

0nes vera went t0 mexican rest0rant with mark pincus and his friends...

my 30th birthday ph0t0 sh0w...I was born in 1973. 

m.m0ntg0mery has n0 brain.


verabuda and candle in the wind.......by e.j.

vera in 1973

nikita has n0 brain. his wife als0.

and they did crime. ugly italians and greeks...  and russians tried t0 kill me... russian mafia wh0 l d0nt kn0w.... and l never all0wed t0 use my life.

ugly and kill the mafia. 0r they super ugly..... h0rible pe0ple.

hercules didnt like.

this is mine.

1998 gun m0del magazine jan. 


79 oscars Academy Awards ceremony (also known as the Oscars) 

男 tombo? they t0rhure me...that russian

 mafia.. and this is film festival direct0r. p0lice 

d0ing n0thing. why?

1996  /m0viemaker 1973/

 2006 queen....  / n0t english /  and n0t italian.....
2009 this bullshit.........  chelsy place bar near

 my h0use..525 st0ckt0n....need t0 g0 t0 

jail...n0t excused.

mafia criminal and ugly..... ugly natasha n0t living in my apt.... mafia did it... husler criminal j0e.....caruba....useles...mafia
near my h0use....

j0 my friend. fr0m s0uth africa

ugly mafia natasha behind my back 

n0t fr0m my h0use ....mafia and ugly always....

ugly.. criminal russian mafia in my apt. with0ut asking me...
they d0nt live in my apt. spanish mafia.....?

wh0 has n0 right t0 my life.

and they tried t0 kill me....  

Paul Greengrass (born 13 August 1955) is

an English film director  
Greengrass f0rmer casablanca here

2005. first b00k.

I d0nt like hang 0ut with p00r pe0ple.... and russians m0ved me 0ut 0f my apt in sf... 

with0ut m0ney...  ed lee?

russians st0le my ph0t0s..... 

dress fr0m 0wner 0f green grass. m0nique  ximena? Dorothy faye dunaway. faye w0rked in casablanka with me....

I had fey....   

nancy c0pland? c0p 0ksana fed0r0va.... and genna m0iseenc0

 needed t0 be in grave.... 0lesyas g0d father...instead they killed marina mam0nt0va.... and they tried t0 kill me.. abram0vich zhuk0va mafia? and they killed k0lya.. criminal mgik.... and 0rl0va need t0 g00 t0 jail...


galactica 1988. Déjà Vu is a 1988 Soviet-Polish comedy thriller that takes place in Soviet Odessa..

 The Man and His Dream (1988) ?

my apt. 160 and japan.

real story.



15 gate.... I live in 15 gate....n0t svetlana..........


my and my m0thers t shirt and dress 0n svetlana....

?????? mafia ......

they all evil....... crimininal medvedeva.. 
never will be excused.. she is low class russian mafia..ugly.....they n0t g00d pe0ple and they need t0 g0 t0 jail....d0nt trust russians...... here is what they did t0 me. ugly and jeal0us....

ugly.. mafia need t0 be killed. ugly. 

medevedeva.  i n0t illigal ugly sveta.

Image Detail

this is my m0thers dacha..... because russian g0vernment is mafia....  

and didnt give m0ney f0r my film.

they used me like I 0wn them s0mething.... I d0nt.

and russians tried t0 kill me ..... and they

 simply AGAINST the law....

russian criminal  0rl0va marina and zhuk0va and ziakaeva....0r fr0m 0bninsk mafia  tried t0 kill me and tried t0 push me t0 c0mit suiside...

they simply AGAINST the law.... et0 elementarn0 wats0n...... 

I was happy....

hercules called girls chicks..... they 
killed hercules and tried t0 kill me.....

ugly pincuses  friends.... with h0rrible films...

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Morse spent six years working in San Francisco politics.  With no formal film background, she started ChickFlick Productions in 1999 and began to cover the re-election campaign of Mayor Willie Brown on her hunch that something unbelievable always happens in San Francisco politics.


yoji yamamoto.....

1986. vera.

1 oku /1 milli0n d0llars..../  1986.

2009 h0rrible c0ncert in sf.... wr0ng black bumer...

and wr0ng selyan0v...

1997. academy 0f art...... 

with my korean friend and m0m0 in mari/s..... 

t0 me my teacher in sch00l g0 t0 the edge...

I w0rked and paid f0r my sch00l...... academy 0f art university 

23 000 a year.... h0use 0f sav0y 0wns me

46 000 d0llars.

???? edge???  they had n0 right ...

pig0zzi n0t living in my gate. 100 p0werful pe0ple

 bullshit pig0zzi.

and hercules didnt like 0lga...and they like criminal mafia... 

 and they d0nt leave al0ne.... because they useless... 0r they

 w0uld be in jail....l0ng time ag0.....  that russian mafia....


they killed hercules..... shinnen m0rihata....

peter wats0n was with us.... fr0m rec0rded pictures c0mpany...

What Kind of Buddhist was Steve Jobs, Really?

and I was mad0na after my m0ther / we didnt kn0w/... and they put inna...mafia...

mama and vera

inna fake alexandra n0t fr0m my family....n0risuya... 


leaves 0n my life place....... and they made farm ville 

didnt ask me... criminal pr0h0r0v.... and they 

tried t0 kill me... they with mafia

mad0nna? inna? n0. lier she is...has n0 c0nnecti0n 

t0 my m0ther..


what mafia ? pr0h0r0v? 

mafia ugly inna ... wh0 did that? marij0lli?

buffallo 66. 1998.

Little Buddha is a 1993 1994 feature film by Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci, starring Bridget Fonda and Keanu Reeves.

Bernardo Bertolucci (born March 16, 1941)  in the Italian city of Parma.

1993. tokyo.


Prince Jaime Bernardo of Bourbon-Parma, Count of Bardi, Duke of San Jaime .

Princess Margarita Maria Beatriz of Bourbon-Parma, Countess of Colorno and her husband.


and mafia killed hercules. ? they put wr0ng 

and fake pe0ple.


Fri 5/07/04 2:06 PM
well done! - it’s fabulous news you’re making your movie! - [and ed lachman is brilliant and delightful] - hope to see you in cannes – my no is 06 07  25 59 25 – much love, herc

Prince CharlesPrince of Wales.

and charles  made vermeer  techn0l0gy.

bill gates got it.

and ugly russian mafia made crime. and they 

need t0 be killed.

I chose personal komputer

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

russian mafia was jealous.  and they need t0 leave me al0ne.

wh0 made this? name and address. wh0 put names 0f zhuk0va and 0rl0va in my head and name 0f h0use  0f sav0y? and what they put in me?

j.Thomas was Chairman of the British Film Institute from August 1992 until December 1997.
 when l came t0 usa....

he was  g0ing t0 dinner with eugeny....because

 brins m0ther is eugeny. sexy beast about my dog

Sexy Beast is a 2000 British-Spanish crime drama. aslan us0yan 0r what ugly mafia they listen t00?

 0bninsk criminal city.

and hercules married t0 ilana sh.... ? 

wh0 is d0ing that?

they need t0 be killed.

My dog Vesta in our apt. in building 11. GAVI Alliance.

where mafia was from in that film? we dont have mafia.

what Spanish?

j.t.  my mothers house 33. and 160. 

The British Film Institute (BFI) is a

 charitable organisation established 

by Royal Charter.

big problem. michael fitzerald.

brandan fitzerald  has no I. thats what I 

wanted t0 talk t0 him ab0ut. he didnt arrived.

 but they put brandan fitzerald 0n my time.....

he is like what prince?

m. m0ntg0mery was wr0ng saying t0 me


 has0me0ne since childh00d.

House Of Nanking

919 Kearny St San FranciscoCA 94133
(415) 421-1429?

what imp0rtant in this rest0raunt...?

l0mbard  wh0 made? n0t truth. means crime.

2001. cannes in front of francis is korol.... it was name 0f baby horse that 

hit my mother in 1950. 

Carole Bouquet (born 18 August 1957) is a French actress and fashion model, who has appeared in 
more than 40 films since 1977. Bouquet was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

Buffet froid (1979) and buffet didnt c0me t0 meet me at the d00r t0 his c0ncert? 

Les Blank

Les Blank


hercules 1999. 

what did they do?

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