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last s0ng fr0m my film.

my 15 gate.

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last s0ng in my film.

kim illustat0r....... natasha made a mistake and shimidzu didnt 

come t0 the airp0rt with her m0ney... 

they didnt give me m0ney t0 finish my film...2004.


MOSCOW (AP) — Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's party struggled to hang onto its majority in Russia's parliamentary election, results showed Monday, suggesting Russians were wearying of the man who has dominated Russian politics for more than a decade.

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (born July 3, 1962)

green tea... and jasmine... fr0m 1951....


1997 sf...

Vera Svechina in San Francisco.



shriber..... liev ?

  l.shriber@......? moviemakers 1973...........

michael white...

Everything Is Illuminated is a 2005 film.



Albert Arnold "AlGore, Jr. (born March 31, 1948) served as the 45th Vice President of the United States .

my mother was born in 1942.  

2000. t0ky0

imac The iMac G4 

Tokyo Dome (東京ドーム Tōkyō DōmuTYO) is a 55,000-seat (actual capacity of 42,000) baseball stadium located in Bunkyo Ward of Tokyo, Japan.
The stadium opened for business on March 17, 1988. It was built on the site of the Velodrome which was next door to the site of the predecessor ballpark, Kōrakuen Stadium. Like Kōrakuen, the Dome hosts the Toei Superheroes live shows of the year.
Tokyo Dome's original nickname was "The Big Egg", with some calling it the "Tokyo Big Egg". Its dome-shaped roof is an air-supported structure, a flexible membrane held up by slightly pressurizing the inside of the stadium.

10 billion fr0m apple and etc.......when?  I have n0 

m0ney and n0 place t0 stay. im in sf.

 / there is als0 car....etc..../  2009 nyc

boku to anata

me and me..../iceo/

I have scar 0n my right side.. b0k in russian..... 

fr0m  when they tried t0 kill me when 

I was b0rn....

 bef0re  I was b0rn 

Image Detail

svechina vera.

apple .....Richard Starkey...  Ringo Starr.

Starr wearing sunglasses and a black T-shirt bearing the sequined words "LOVE" and "PEACE". Only his torso is visible, but his left hand appears to be on his hip. His right hand forms a V-shaped peace symbol in reference to his quote "Peace and Love".


they never paid me....

when I get paid?


NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Verizon has decided to block its customers from installing Google's new, high-profile Wallet application on the carrier's smartphones.

lm next.... and brin  did 420 ... and he used vera....

and they killed jobs steven........

Arthur D. Levinson  ? 

"Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)" is a song performed by Christopher Cross, which was the theme to the 1981 film.

1996. masayasu san....  l said n0... its in my b00k......

The Man Who Wasn't There

2001 film and 2011 he was not home when l arrived...../ it was manipulated... im n0t vanya  shap0val0v.... 

tatu made fr0m me means nancy shevel als0 fake/

and tim c00k need t0 c0ntact me and give me my m0ney.... and l  will always l0ve y0u...

"I Will Always Love You" is a song written by American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton in 1973. 


from 1997 to 1999.... I went to film school in sf . criminals d0nt let me put p0ht0 here.


Dolly Parton in 1973. 

and then w. hust0n...

/ when l  was b0rn/ 

Dolly Parton = didn’t likeJessica’s last album...  

I didn’t like Jessica’s last album, but I do think she will do well with a country one.


criminal band bering straight killed marina... and didnt stay

 f0r the funeral with stars 0n child st0cking

 and then they tried  t0 kill me../ 0r wh0?/

they have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 apple....

/ kissing jasica stine /... criminal pincus film....

The Man Who Wasn't There is a 2001 neo noir new 

m0ntg0mery film sch00l vera....

film written

 and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. and g00gle made irina


and they tried t0 kill me in my apt. 525 st0ckt0n....403....

in 2010. means mafia c0ntr0ls.... wr0ng...

why they killed pr0m0ter shimidzu? 

ira n0t fr0m my apt. abram0vich criminal n0t fr0m

 my apt... with irina and  criminal dasha....

1964 serpuh0v...

Hiroshi Shimizu (director born 1964)

"Angie" is a song by rock and roll band The Rolling Stones, featured on their 1973. 
I was b0rn in 1973. m0viemakers 1973.  england... 

"Silver Train" /medal 0f my m0ther was silver... after high sch00l graduati0n. 


angelina and jenny Shimizu but they cant abuse their p0wer especially behind my back....



いつでも夢を 1962 my m0ther was 20.

Itsudemo yume o (1963) - IMDb

Directed by Takashi Nomura. With Shigeru Akiyama

vera born 1973 ...moviemakers by michael white...

shige.... 1998

1999. 25. 

they killed hercules. pig0zzi killed hercules.


russian mafia.... what they d0ing? they need t0 be killed 

0r put them t0 jail.

alexey uchitel and his wife  in miff..... edge? 2010 and they tried t0 kill me...

vera in 1v.

Im n0t alla b0ris0vna.  maxim my magazine...../ apple l0g0/

I p0int at maxim ..... and since 2001 0r earlier alla pugacheva and maksim galkin.......

 ...... they didnt pay me and where  my 

1000 000 red r0ses in 2009? 

they st0pped my film. 

and I d0nt like kirk0r0v...... we brazil..... they bulgaria... arturs christmas?

lana  and yuri... lena..... fr0m my pisez..... aslan

fr0m 1996 arthurs s0ng   in my b00k and film...

and p0vevkiy max.... they killed... he was with red head... 

russian sh0w bussness?

my m0thers dacha....

1999 vera morihata...shinnen....


my film m0vie pr0ducer.....n0t f0r russian mafia....

1 oku /1 milli0n d0llars..../  1986.


MISIA. Everything..../ bear/

first time I came t0 america in 1995 with 


means brin s0w my ph0t0... and they t0ld me n0thing.

i was in sf.

and they with mafia tried t0 kill me in  2010.  and they 

will be killed.

by g00d pe0ple.

what they all need fr0m me?


  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet at Stanford. (Larry, 22, a U Michigan grad, is considering the school; Sergey, 21, is assigned to show him around.) According to some accounts, they disagree about almost everything during this first meeting


im 2nd child in my family. and im twins. at 23 in usa.



  • Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim writes a check for $100,000 to an entity that doesn‘t exist yet: a company called Google Inc
  • .



they had n0 right t0 t0uch my life with0ut my 0k.. 2006 and 

they need t0 pay.... 

st0le my identity...ugly. killed my father .... hurt my health.... 

my t shirt...

they killed hercules....

Fri 5/07/04 2:06 PM
well done! - it’s fabulous news you’re making your movie! - [and ed lachman is brilliant and delightful] - hope to see you in cannes – my no is 06 07  25 59 25 – much love, herc

Prince CharlesPrince of Wales.

Dreamgirls is a 2006 ugly mafia musical drama film, directed by Bill Condon.

2009 everything was great. wh0 attacked  and tried t0 kill 

me in 2010? zhuk0va mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

?  ?  ?  ?  ?  

two Oscars at the 79th Academy Awards.

and they killed family 0f Jennifer Hudson.

why they had t0 kill her family? when

 w0jcicki family did crime.


stupid kayta. 

ugly child with defect. has n0thing t0 d0 with me. wh0 did that?

this is n0t mine. she is fr0m my b00k. l have

 many characters

 in the b00k

ugly  w0jcicki... are they stupid? wh0 they think they are?

t0 harm me.


my br0ther st0ped t0 be friends with ptahin sergey. ?????

 33??  I d0nt see the answer......

child 0f my m0ther? n0. and get 0ut. n0t invited....

 they have n0 right

t0 use my family... they think im stupid...

they just ugly. 

Stanley George Wojcicki

the m0st ugliest horrible  pe0ple i met in usa

 were w0rking at g00gle.... they were in 

charles fergus0ns h0use...rude and ugly.

because 0f this ugly.....she has n0 right.

2006 in my shirt......l didnt even kn0w wh0  they are... brin 

fr0m 0ther c0untry ...they usa. im n0t brin. my shirt is n0t his.

and n0t hers. get 0ut 0f my lilfe and pay.

23 and me. what? 0r wh0? 

A person diagnosed with schizophrenia may experience

 hallucinations... They can include delusions.


where is w0jcicki? sergey l00ks at vera. inc0nvinient truth?

they killed Gian Carlo Coppola 


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