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Looking for Langston

In 1973 I had langs problem after I was born.....

15 is my gate I live there since 1975 3 floor 160. 

 The film is a short, running about 42 minutes. (my mother was born in 1942)

Teddy Award for Best Short Film at the 1989 Berlin International Film Festival.

My finger got broken. 

1989. lena is not from my house.......... 

lena has no connection to my life. 

Spearmint Rhino is a chain of strip clubs that operates venues throughout the United States,CanadaUnited KingdomCentral EuropeRussia and Australia. The club opened in 1989 as a supplement to the existing Peppermint Elephant Restaurant. This first Spearmint Rhino was located in Upland, California

and they need to go to jail all those russians and not

 russians..... who tried to kill me in 2009 2010 in SF. 

Gates 3 graduated from Lakeside School in 1973. He scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT  and 
enrolled at Harvard College in the autumn of 1973.


 character in the film need to be  better

 and more interesting  then actor who will play

 the role. 

I'm from 160. 

and in the GUN magazine in this Maki I was in Black.... San Meteo.

1998. (fake Gun magazine)

from RUSSIA WITH LOVE 1963 1973  my 24  1998. (I didn't know)  MAKI.

I was born in NATZU.

and they didn't let me make my second film this club... and I went to Sunnyvale. 160.
Backstage cafe.... and j.pigozzi ( didn't ask about Island ... didn't ask about brand...he made illegally from my book....pushed me to have sex and 

went with fake the concert for my parents. in 2008. and opened shop in Japan in Isetan without my permission on my time. also Marijoli... from my life.  and they killed many people.


 Kuroda Sayako.

PRINCESS NORI OF JAPAN married to mr. KURODA.  (Alexandra Popovicheva and 
Akulina Zelenina Green) KURODA?


they did 15 90 and got in 3 gate...... of next building. where is apt. 90 is.  and hercules died....

if do 16 00 then it's 160+1040.  

Google adress....1600 ???

20 40  in my toylet...... in OBNINSK and 

in SF they made bar SB 40? BRIN DID GOOGLE CRIME. and he will pay for all my years that I could make films. and for my stolen masy's card...
 and for my stolen 23 and me
aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)
 Vodka saved me in 1973

goose on my sweater 1979
 my mother and GO OSE.

Grey Goose was designed for the American market in 1997 by Sidney Frank, a self-made billionaire.
OSE 1995 moscow and in LA. and my stolen photos
by russian criminals in la...dima mogilevsky
and dima medvedev in 2009 and funeral...

and before my father died. 2007.?

"I believe I can fly" is from my book last train from Roppongi from 1993. 

(Vera leaves Moscow 
to go to Japan)

In the first Forbes 400 list, there were only 13


after year 2000. My birthday is in June.

(first published in 1982) I was 8 or 9. my birthday June 5.

My mother was 40 in 1982.

 ( they (mafia) tortured my mother  and they criminals

 didn't let me do 

anything for example my film.... or books....or "FLYING 

STRIPPERS".. or "ANETTA" WINE: means they didn't

 let me make money...

 and they did crime behind my back)  8 years old My nose was

 broken already.  

and they need to go to jail . 

1995. NYC

My was 4, BULL . money and change.

35 I 2009

The Prince Akishino (秋篠宮 文仁親

王 Akishino-no-miya Fumihito shinnō : born 

30 November 1965) .

He was 8 when I was born in 1973.

my mother had house 33.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)
JAPANESE empepor AKIHITO...born in 1933
stockton one. VERA. macy's BELIEVE....


 VERA SVECHINA 10 billion dollars. 

and mafia is not connected to that. and Mick has no was  2009 now 2012.

nothing done. just many killed people.

( ROB JANOFF made from my photo APPLE LOGO) 

jimmy buffett 1977  Margaritaville.

In Holland live

Princess Margarita.....and  Prince Jaime Count of Bardi....???? 

 I didn't like Micks girlfriend when 
she was counting money.  ( in my dress) It's not Japanese style. 

Prince Jaime is not me.  because TO DD.... J AI ME. ( me)

Oliver VARENE and DANIEL ..... since 14 poked... he was friend of Monique Montgomery.

POV... oksana Vasilenko....

UKRAINE? proverka.... and verka seduchka....  and macbook verka..... moviemakers. 1973

and who ever did crime need to go to jail. 
and child of oksana vasilenko was zombi.... and they need to pay for killed aunt HOPE.

they tried to kill me and killed MY AUNT HOPE.

In 1923, the ship was seen at the Cape of Good Hope by four seamen who reported it to Sir Ernest Bennett, a member of the Society for Psychical Research. The ship appeared to approach them, glowing with a particular luminous light between its huge masts, until it mysteriously disappeared.

One such story, which claims to be the original Flying Dutchman, took place off the Cape of Good Hope, at the tip of South Africa. According to this legend, Captain Hendrik van der Decken swore to get his ship around the Cape of Good Hope and home to Amsterdam, even if it took him all eternity.

Im "FLYING STRIPPERS" on stockton street.


I have no idea who this people are...

kill pvo's father. kill 12 people in her family...
or in his.

that's me.

who did it all behind my back?  they had no right.

it's oksana vasilenko ukraine and georgia.... and pot law in ca.....that's it. 

( on my time and it's crime) 

I didn't live for them and all crime what they all did.

mafia from russia need to leave me alone.

Im not  flying  Dutchman . and they only did crime.
and they is nothing to that...

my mother in 1950.

without ok. 

who allowed to make films behind my back and 

killed my father. he is not Jesus....

he worked building buildings for PVO. ( rockets) before

Madonna was my mother and Jesus my father? WRONG.
criminal inna's father alive...
Sara from Rumaniya is on the left Inna d. is in my corner  with photographer who  cheated on her...
????? this mafia need to go to jail. 

need to be killed. they not from my family. 

same Irina I don't like. they tried to kill me. 
they mafia criminal people. 

what mafia is that? yakuza? Im V.S.
and they had no right.

STUPID prohorov I don't like his company to have my name. 

and criminal Norusuya Kadama and fake Inna Didenko  in my gate. she never lived there.

Ukrainian Georgian...fake alexandra.. and j. pigozzi is not my father.

Suntory building I like.

NINA TAKAEVA born 1942

Steve Jobs got child EVA.....

1962 . Odessa...

my mother got ring in Estoniya. 8 rubles. 

BRIN is FAKE  and criminal and they cut in my city my trees...
many years to grow trees. 

my POV.  AKI HITO (REAL Emperor) 

Akihito Tsugunomiya

Born: 23-Dec-1933 11 years after my grandmother Tamara. 

and they did earthquake. 

instead of giving me money to make my film.  AND IT's CRIME. 

this girl stage name is aki. she is strip dancer. 

I used to play violin....

her copy was on my Microsoft boat ....... they were wrong.......


t ru mm and they killed merlin monro.... ? (1926  ( my grandmother Tamara was 4) 1962 .)

criminal j. pigozzi got island without our permission....


and it was my film. LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI aka ASOBI.

they didn't let me do it. 

and they tried to kill me.  

and NOBUTADA SAJI HAS NO CHILDREN....  because they messed with our lives too .

they want to end his line. 


Rudakovo.  ( my REAL story about rabbit) 

4 from 6 people on this photo are killed

because of fake people who didn't need to get in my work..



and so in RUSSIA they need to close OSE. 


my 30th SF.... tom buddy introduced me to lana and he need to take responsibility... 

they are mafia aslan....

sveta has no connection to my family or my mother or father. 

she tried to kill me and my mother....

they tried to kill me and killed My aunt HOPE Sizova (Nadezhda)...

this is mafia criminal ugly trumm... 

they tried to kill me mother......

they killed VENYA SIZOV already. Vincent Gallo? 

she is not my mother....not even close.

I got this when I stayed in OMOTESANDO. 

Ludmila Korablyova was my mothers  student in

 elementary school. 

they do like this: 

LUDMILA PUTINA didn't let me make my film. 
with putin and rest of russian mafia... they tried to kill me.
Ludmila Koroblyova falled with her Pizza restaurant in Obninsk...

we never wanted to play this game for free. 

I need to get paid my 10 billion dollars and get rights to all created from my apt. 160 and 403.

Im 3 years old. Apple Established on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino.
1976 VERA

my phone number was 34211 and 42376
 in Obninsk

wojcicki stole my 23 and me... (I Was in SF since 
I was 23 years old) and many times in Telluride.

and my film was stopped in 2004. 

BRIN MISHA  need to be killed if he and SERGEY is not paying me today.

they didn't ask me if they can do research 420.

they live very good and they make me get out of my apt.

 live in hostel..... have no money.. in SF.

they stole my 23 and me ( I paid for my school) 

and tried to send me back to Russia....

he didn't pay for my school.

and pigozzi also need to be killed. . he had no right to push me to have sex and use my 

book to make money in japan.

and kill marina orlova also. she stole my photos...

and kill alexia  niejelski...she was wrong.

 they used my life and  got money.... 


and they tried to kill me. ( coppola is fake)

what for? and they need to go to jail. 

who tried to kill me? AND THEY DID BIG PROBLEM IN JAPAN and  911 and  they need to be killed.

who organized THAT? 

 vincent gallo. with my photo....  illegally......


J ai me  C.B..... Nihonjin love Cherry Blossom . HANAMI? POV.

PVO?  and my father jesus? maybe her father is jesus? 

VERA 1973.

they already broke disk on my neck.....

and RUSSIANS  tried to kill me.

?????? who did that?  2009 2010.

Margaritaville Las Vegas

The Official website of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

3555 South Las Vegas Boulevard  Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 733-3302


 VERA 10 billion dollars. for being iceo and

apple logo model all my life.

mick jagger witness in my short. He dated Carla Bruni...

sf. mark  is  my mark on my sholder and stock.

on my shoulder BIG DIPPER .. polar bear.... michael white..... moviemakers 1973. 

Möbius and I didnt like CB2 store behind apple on stockton

Candle in the wind 1973.

ma rk? mar k? ( all vera. my mothers was not there.) mobius? criminal company...
and mark pincus is criminal.

and when I came  home  russians closed my head. and started killing me .. Im not blond ....
Im not Marina...

my boat...

she is criminal fake and need to go to jail. 

and she will be killed.




they killed my dog. they don't need to kill anybody. WE NOT WORKING FOR MAFIA.

my 26 birthday 1999. JUNE 5.

they took my and my mothers shirt.

Princess Alexia of the Netherlands

Princess of Orange-Nassau 

(given names: AlexiaJuliana Marcela 

Laurentien; born 26 June 2005) is 

the second daughter

and alexia niejelski is not good. she is ugly child of criminal rapist  pigozzi's ugly criminal lawyer.

pigozzi got island without my permission in Panama...

from my mothers hat. 

alexia is criminal and she tried to kill me with criminal  Orlova and 
zhukova and they need to go to jail. she need to be killed. 

because she tried to kill me.  she stole my photos . my Intellectual property.

killed my father and my friend. and my aunt. and my uncle.

she is not my dog. 

that needed to be shot off. they didn't.

my mother is alive they tried to kill her.

she killed his child. I hope he knows that.  

they stole my photos

 and this FAKE RUSSIAN criminal  from boat of MICROSOFT  (MY BOAT ) tried to kill me.. and killed my aunt. Nadeshda Sizova.
in Obnisnk.... and LEONID SVECHIN they killed my fathers brother...

and they need to go to jail

62 was my room in Mgik.... my mother was 20 in 1962...

after Mick jagger I met they tried to turn thing around and mafia did elena... 
who has no connection to my life. and Boris thinking of Vera and LENA AND BORIS live together 10 years and have no kids. Sergey was with Vera in the movie ... Lena was with Sergey 8 years ... nothing...

lena is from 99

elena not paid for this. who gets paid to brake my life? 

Lena is Bulgariya ( her aunt GALINA was living in Bulgariya and MINE BRAZIL.

Sofia coppola makes film on my time....

and they killed Brazilian PRINCE in 2009) 

on my grandmother side boris...

Boris Yeltsin was elected the President of Russia in June 1991, in the first direct presidential election in Russian history. 

this is after us.

(TIM COOK) they put pigooz in my time and place...... and did crime against me and my mother and father..

 Tour 1991 Birth Yutaka Ozaki officially released in Japan. THEY KILLED HIM and 

they killed NIKOLAY. Because he was my 1st boyfriend.

and they tried to kill me and they were wrong.

ANNA WINTOUR's child girl was separated from her boyfriend who became my 
short time husband because his mothers name was DIAN UPTON (2003)

music and passion were always in passion. fashion tv need to go out and they be fired and I dont like Dasha zhukova becasue they didnt ask me and they didnt invite me to the Opening of GARAZH.

they not from my family... they sucked up and killed people.

. it's all in my movie LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI aka ASOBI and 
 FLYING STRIPPERS they need to go to jail paul allen.. ( MY OSCTOPUS) .. becasue it was his boat and they tried to kill me. his  guests tried to kill me. and they mafia and it's not cool.

and they need to go to jail. no better how much money they have. they criminal people

 WIERA in German. nikita has no idea...
Im 3 years old. Apple Established on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino.
 8 on my dress in 1976.


AKULINA is my grandmother ( queen) 

2008. FLYING STRIPPERS. ( PHOTOS STARTED IN 2005 and 2007)  RUSSIANS  killed Ruslana Korshinova...

and then they stole my photos and  tried to kill me. and they need to go to jail. WAKO.... GINZA
( Seiko Holdings Corporation)  

and they didnt let me go to make my shoes... and MY flying strippers t shirts

not every body doing it.... rudenco was wrong.

KONTRAST.  where me and Kolya met. and they killd Kolya...

Svechina.... ( emperor of CHINA) and they put wrong people and killed chinese since 1999..Falun dafa..

and they killed joseff Brooks... YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE. 1977. ( with apple logo)

And they think tom luddy is nothing.

there is no na. NA is my grandfather and he is not  from ritm
because they super jealous. THEY NEED TO PAY ME FIRST.

my nose ritm.... (sleeping)  SONY. vermeer technology  Bill gates got for 133 million from charles long time ago

Charles Henry Ferguson (born March 24, 1955)
 In 1994, Ferguson founded Vermeer Technologies, one of the earliest Internet software companies, 
In early 1996, Ferguson sold Vermeer for $133 million to Microsoft.

apple buys anobit.... Ritm  dance club in Obnisnk.. means obninsk
did crime and tried to kil me .

and mafia and fake  neli aksyonova won lis's (I was fox in 1 grade) 

and They killed many people incuding steve Jobs.  

they have no conection to my family and life. chey cheaters and ugly mafia and I hope they in jail.

they dressed like my mother in 1950 and they tried to kill me. and my mother....

naomi is criminsal pigozzi criminal and my uncle kirichenko: mafia svetlana, dasha. irina... 


all fake ugly people : they introduced me to CHEN. and pigozzi criminal. and he killed Belville.

they tried to kill me. 

anika is fake... berezovsky?

they cut my tree in front of my gate... 

this is mafia criminal ugly persdon has no connection to my life. 

nika she became in hustler.

this is my apartment. and russians tried to kill me and police I hope will do
something. natasha tsvetkova lives in sf.
that's how she won green card... ( my mothers house.. but she is not from my house.. and she is mafia and bad person)

ugly russian  mafia need to be found and put in jail. 

from my grandmother photo got green card and alway horrible person with her friend tanya . 

and Introduced me to Hercules. they killed him.




yashirto aki.  ( aki osen..... senya... semyon.... rabinin..... my aunts father)

berezovsky and anika and pigozzi... and bono fake and criminal...

it's my grandmother african zebra and channel was fake. 

1979. I have goose on my sweater
aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)

 The Nika Award is a prestigious annual ceremony held by the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences which was established in 1987 in Moscow, Russia by Yuli Gusman, and ostensibly modelled on the Academy Awards (Oscars).

and they killed Steve Jobs.  ( he promissed me 10 billion in 2010  2011)


Сын защитника свободы Литвы просит лишить Горбачева премии мира


we not going to take nobel price from gorbachev.

 naomi in my hat... my film she didnt help me make and she need to die becasuse they killed JACKSON.

and they kiled Jobs...steve ...and my father and my aunt  they need to go to jail. 78 I was 5.

naomi friend with criminal zhukova. and they both bad people.

criminal anne wojcicki got my t shit at 33 in 2006 from my life TOKYO ROPPONGI.... from my photo with NORI and stole my 23 and me and they killed MARINA OLHVSKAYA jefs wife... did fake criminal Irina block.... and Natasha not from my apt. THEY STOPPED MY FILM IN 2004. killed Hercules.. killed my father .. my relatives.... and


 pigozzi in 2008 stole my glowed BJ. and didnt take me to museum to meet BRIN.

brad and joli met on film set made out of my photo and they criminals too and bad people.  They could help to make my film.

 34d pigozzi said he is my husband at my 34..... Meril strip...

VEGAS WRONG 2009 combat Flying mise.... OPERETA.... Inspire corporation and opera LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI.
is name of the hotel. 2009 CITY CENTER Stockton ONE. APPLE

I lived on stockton str 525 stockton 403 since 1997. SAN FRANCISCO

2002 .on my dachafake house for house and they are mafia, 

who put that there..????

they tried to kill me. with mafia fake and ugly  linda...

they not my friends.
ugly stupid...Alexia Niejelski... criminal Abramovich.....and criminal mafia zhukova. 
criminal and stupid and has no right to my 
house and place in my life and I hope she is in jail.  she tried to kill me .

neither pigozzi who killed hercules.

she liked dash and they they killed steve jobs. dasha criminal ugly mafia. who sucked up to my life...

and killed  many people.

na ? my granfather is NA and BATHING APE. ?? and ANose is my broken nose.

and they need to be killed. 

ugly wojcicki got my money and she stole my macy's card... and russians tried to kill me.


 and I was right  and they need to be fired. those stupid ugly girls and pigozzi with

                            his criminal brand.... from the octopus 2009. ( video in my short films )

Vera didn't pay attention to that old  film... 

1994 apt. 62 in MGIK. Christian Dior.

and brin had no right to do crimes he did against me and my father and mother and brother...

 brin was from russia with hate..... AND HE HAD NO 

RIGHT TO HIS ILLEGAL RESEARCH. 420. about my mother and me. ( It's our private life) 

In 1971, a young Republican Leon Panetta worked in the federal Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Panetta had actually come to Washington five years earlier.

means in 1966. ( AFTER DEATH OF TAMARA. My mothers mother. And my father 5th year in MSU 35)
when my mother and father met in 1966

Then, in 1971, Panetta published a book, Bring Us Together. 

TOKYO 1993. "Moviemakers" 1973.  ANETTA.
angelica's siter is anetta. she was younger then me I think...
angelica born 1975.

and I was suppost to meet Elizabeth II  the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms in 2009. Instead Lady gaga went. 


Leon: The Professional

Luc Besson

"You Light Up My Life" 1977.....( apple logo) 

1997. SF.CA.

VERKELEY... CIA Leon Panetta.... (PRINCESS ANETTA)  Olivier Varenne ASKED...... I pied on Olivier Varenne .  ..... 

PVO?  they did oksana vasilenko... who moved away before we went to school 3.... my floor? in my gate?

and she lived on 1 floor and alcoholic Nina Moiseikina in my gate 1 floor died in 2010. her child Natasha died before that. her son Pavel has dog TOMIK.

VERA. 1973. 

and sergey brin made billions..... HE IS NOT VERKA.  HE NEEDED TO ASK ME in 1997. He didn't and he need to go to jail for killing my father, 

and russians, WHO I DONT KNOW... tried to kill me and                   battery from my macbook pro got broken.

 and they killed Brittany Anne 

Murphy. AND WHO DID IT? 

I didn't invite to my life any of this people. why they there? 

LITTLE VERA 1988.  2008 I ask jean  pigozzi to meet sergey brin who lived near sf for very long time.

he said no.  ( VERA)   and they tried to kill me.

Vera and Sergei decide to marry, but her parents object. Vera convinces them to accept the planned marriage by falsely telling her mother she is pregnant. Sergei’s first meeting with her parents is disastrous, and he leaves with Vera without finishing dinner, but he soon comes to live with them.
The tension between Sergei and Kolya increases and comes to a climax on Kolya’s birthday. Fed up with the drunken Kolya, Sergei locks him in the bathroom, where he breaks the basin. When he is let out of the bathroom, he stabs Sergei in the side with a knife, the wound requiring a long convalescence in the hospital.
Vera’s mother tries to convince her to tell the authorities that Sergei accidentally caused the wound to himself, to avoid Kolya being sent to prison. 


MY WOUND FROM 1973 before brin was born.... 

they put brin on my place.... and they to tell me in the hospital where police said to me ( stupid POLICE)
that I wanted to harm myself. I would never harm myself. THEY DOING THE HARM.


and he need to pay.  and ugly wojcicki had my t shirt on... at 33... finishing her ugly company she stole from me and 

she killed steve jobs. 

and they tried to kill me..  23 and me. my macy's card... and they killed Polish president with Marta...

and brin going to jail. 

2008 RK flew down..... they did crime...

AND IT WAS TIME FOR FLYING STRIPPERS.... they did more crime....

this girl moved to this apt. in 1993. when I went to Japan. 

this girl worked in la for tv..... 

63 CVS....from Russia with love....etc.... Love is over (JAPANESE SONG) ... 

Steve Jobs Said they don't know me.... my nelson mandela..... they killed Princess Diana....

Harry S. Truman (May 8, 1884 – December 26, 1972) was the 33rd President of the United States

( 33 my mothers house) 



Prince Henry of Wales (Henry Charles Albert David; born 15 September 1984), 

commonly known as Prince Harry ( 11 years after me and my building in Obninsk 11 apt. 160... gate 15) 

song candle in the wind 1973...... 1997..... when I started school in USA. 
Elton John used it for Diana Princes of WALES funeral. ( MEANS THEY DONT LIKE HARRY 's MOTHER) 

I couldn't kill her.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge KG (William Arthur Philip Louis; born 21 June 1982), is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales, and third eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

forever 21 is my 21.......NOT KOREAN FOREVER 21....  they put wrong shop and did all crimes possible.....

they don't live in my mothers house..  they don't live in Obninsk 

THEY DONT LIVE IN MY APT in 525 stockton....

and this is ugly monro... it was MY SONG 1973 CANDLE IN THE WIND)  they put criminal russians I met in pigozzi house in 2009... they killed russians they killed my aunt.....

panda and merlin monro? 


no they born not in 1973. 

and they tried to kill me? I don't understand 


and she was not good for HEATH LEGER. they killed him. 

this is criminal  came in 2006 and fucked with my project.

my candle in the wind 1973...  and she need to pay or she will be killed. 

she has no connection to my projects. she tried to kill me with mafia.... and she has no 

connection to my family. Mafia... and need to go to jail. ugly criminal. and I will kill her if I see her. 

she is not star.... she is ugly russian mafia and criminal... and she need to pay me.  and I WILL KILL HER IF SHE WILL not go to police office not and not going to put herself to jail for killing my aunt HOPE. and my father and... me almost....

she need to go back to russia and go to jail . or go to jail here for trying to kill me. 

ugly who did it? and they in my body now..... russians.... who I don't know I can hear them...

saying marina ......marina.... Olga savoy... no connection to me. 

zhukova.... who are this people and they need to go to jail. Olhovsky and their family..... and mafia ..

SHE WIILL BE KILLED. I WILL DO IT. strippers hate her.

who did that? 

moviemakers... my tv was two shot.... when two people in the frame... or 8..

and what is that ugly? they tried to kill me and they need to to go to jail.

marina mamontova olhovskaya had no connection to my family and band was fake. on my time 2003...

mafia also............ fake and criminal....

they killed  R.K. in my dress.... ( KOROLEVA IS ALSO ME)

natasha mafia and Im not her friend... and she is not my friend. 

 love is over? what mafia did it?  she ended up with illegal google and irina block and it's not exist...

and android phone  is illegal. and they need to go to jail. 

this is mafia........ her brother was killed by mafia... she is not from my house... she need to get out with her mafia from my house. because she is not good person. her friend is mafia. I don't like. she need to go to jail. 

NATASHA HAD GEMOROI in usa. when people have gemoroi they put candles in the but.

O'Connor'shas child Ройзин .

ZINA was grandmother of Oksana Vasilenko from 1 gate 1 floor......and maybe in 16 gate also we have ZINA...mother of Katya....  they moved before we went to school. 

160 is my APT. in BILL GATES GATE ( MY GATE)


and PVO... when It must be POV.

and PRINCE JAIME went to make film on my time 2006.


I WAS 33. it was my mothers house 33.

Bepa C.


....... and russians tried to kill me in 2009...2010...????

what Fred doing on this paper. he was fired after I started to take photos and he was wrong

 for  that strip  club manager anyway.  but if that would not happened I would never take my photos.

NOTHING COMPARES to you ( VERA SVECHINA)  I WAS 12 in 85.. Cinderella..... 

( and for me were 

only title of the song.

we did not have fancy restaurants in 1985 

in Obninsk RUSSIA. ) 

and O'Connor's mother killed in car exident.  ( about 1985)

On a 4 October 2007 broadcast of The Oprah Winfrey Show, O'Connor disclosed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder four years earlier, and had attempted suicide on her 33rd birthday on 8 December 1999. 

after I went to cannes and Telluride they put in my fathers passport E. ( and it killed him) then on his funeral they put on photo of mine... IRINA.... Im not Irina...
 Только в 2000 году Шинейд О'Коннор решает вернуться в музыку, подписывает новый контракт с Atlantic Records и в июне публикует альбом нового материала Faith and Courage

В 2003 году вышел DVD Goodnight, Thank You - сборник концертных записей певицы.  

later,  after 2006 my Hello KITY DVD brock down.

and again... Со своим четвертым мужем, Барри Херриджем, 45-летняя О'Коннор развелась 28 декабря. Спустя несколько дней пара помирилась, однако 5 января в Лос-Анджелесе певица попыталась покончить с собой, приняв большую дозу наркотиков, а потом оказалась в больнице со сломанной лодыжкой.

Itamar Franco. 33rd President of Brazil. In office. December 29, 1992 – January 1, 1995. (ours)

finished his job as a president after I didn't get visa to Japan.

(June 28, 1930 – July 2, 2011)

I WENT BACK IN 1996..... 

4 rooms tarantino? Olga Somova had 4 rooms in gate 1? Olga Somova june 2.  GOOGLE MADE ILLIGALLY....

They killed her mother....

I WAS BORN JUNE 5. Im second child.

 vladimir s. borisevskiy one of creators of TOPAZ ( akulina zelenina..or african zebra and etc. my gransmother)  lived in 1 gate too.... and they killed him. 2010.

my apt. 160.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)


and they need to leave me alone.

OLGA GONINA... JULY 17..... DEATH DAY.... Irina block was in google... when there is no irina block..
where I LIVE ( APPLE LOGO) .. they criminal.

and they killed. and criminal  went on my place and time... Italians....... in 2003 to where I was supposed to go.

Billionaires dinner. 

WE HAVE OLGA DOROZHKINA AUNT... we don't need others..  

 MAFIA........did crime.  

On his father's side he was of partial German descent (the Stiebler family from Minas Gerais), while on the mother's side he was of Italian descent, with both of his maternal grandparents having emigrated to Brazil from Italy. His mother's name was "Itália", which means "Italy" in Portuguese and Italian.

TAMARA REZVYAKOVA got paralyzed when her child, my mother, went first in the 
family to study to college to be a teacher.

born in 1922.

My grandmother Tamara Andreevna /Rezvyakova/ Takaeva. 1940. in Chinese zodiac THE SIGN OF THE DOG.

Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, born 21 April 1926)

I didn't get visa to Japan my second time in DEC.1994.

SERPUHOV..... emblem 

zhar ptiza.. ?

after year 2000 ...YA...33.....

2003.  photo show from japan  for my birthday. with TOM  we met in 1998. In Japan 

Im from 1993 with my project... 



NTT Group Logo

my mother .........



north face.

Established as a monopoly government-owned corporation 

in 1953,

My mother was 11. ( our building we live in since 1975) 

 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (日本電信電話公社 Nippon Denshin Denwa Kōsha?) was privatized in 1985 to encourage competition in the telecom market. In 1987, NTT made the largest stock offering to date, 

at US$36.8 billion


and criminals need to go to jail.....

Norio Wada,  Chairman

Princess Nori..... 

moufu BLANKET....... and Bill GATES MARRIED TO Melinda  FRENCH. 


and WADA we had in O MAGANDA.... in 1996.

160. VERA. they put fake greek Olga.



ME AT 2009 my 36. when it was my time to live. and make my film....

1983. ( I was 10) 

nikita was mistake..... My mother sow man like nikita homeless sleeping on the street. and

 it was not about HOMELESS PEOPLE.

When two poor greasers, Johnny, and

 Ponyboy are assaulted by a vicious gang,


film was made after this photo

 Olhovsky  HAS NO CONNECTION TO MY HOSUSE.. neither PROHOROV criminal... neither hasan oniani or any of them I DONT KNOW.

neither ONIX.


criminal olhovsky sergey...

I TOOK this PHOTO 2003

not from my house and need to pay. I don't work for her for free. 

Lost in translation on my time. FUJI YAMA mine and ....  Milk fed is also ME. 


she is fake. and criminal.... and very boring...... she is not  me.. .she is ugly child of FRANCIS 

who tried to kill me together with russian mafia.....  she was born in 73.... she is not the ONE...

she didn't even talk to me and Barack Obama has nothing to with her. IT WAS FOR MY FILM....

Im not her angel .

ugly and very boring...

she tried to kill me. with mafia from where ever they are....

and she need to pay.... for my life....... used by her.... 



MY SCRIPT IS ORIGINAL. Anetta has dark hair. 
Anetta .....TO DD...


1994. tokyo



hair is my 00.  AND MY BROKEN NOSE.... 

IN 1985 I was 12. 

Formed in 1985, the group made its major debut in May 1987, and released its first album, titled The Blue Hearts,  and followed that up with seven more albums

After The Blue Hearts broke up in 1995, Kōmoto and Mashima joined together with three 

new band members to form a new group, The High Lows.


"Linda Linda(リンダリンダ?)  was a single by the Japanese rock band The Blue Hearts that was first released on May 1, 1987
5 first... MEANS ME...


angelica is terrorists... really it was flowers lilac my mothers 1950.

and taliban? 

angelica was wrong.

and they tried to kill me...and they  ( RUSSIANS) need to go go jail. 

GRAMMY  was mine... since I was born.

The first Grammy Awards ceremony was held on May 4, 1959, to honor musical 
accomplishments by performers for the year 1958.

10 years after my uncle VALERA WAS BORN. 

1974. 0bninsk. I  was born in june 1973..


they didn't let me make my film. 

Express Lane  ( in ENGLISH)?  liniya...... my oscar OSCAR 2009
and flying strippers....and etc.....


fake bono

No Line on the Horizon is the twelfth studio album by rock band U2. Released on 27 February 2009.
"flying strippers"


1999 and who did 250? 
spx? and they put e (mistake) ? on my fathers passport  Jaime and PVO? 

Jaime and 
C.B. (Russian)



CBP see Brin.... princess....
 C.B.P ( see Brad Pitt ?) and Angelina Joli met Brad Pitt behind my back...

ugly anne wojcicki is not princess..... and they had no right to the resurch 420 without my permission and 
they had no right to stile my macy's card....

and sharp mebius? I already knew about... who did crime? and they killed my father. and other relatives...
and they tried to kill me.

1999. they killed hercules. abramovich? 

I DONT LIKE ABRAMOVICH AND ZHUKOVA they are criminals and in 525 stockton I lived. MY BROTHER NEVER LIVED THERE

criminals need to go to jail. 

Vera 1974
  The original Russian language book was published in 2002.

 Blowing Up Russia: Terror from Within (Russian: ФСБ взрывает Россию) is a book written by Alexander Litvinenko and Yuri Felshtinsky. The authors alleged that the Russian apartment bombings and other September 1999 terrorist acts were committed by the Federal Security Service. ( sergey selyanov?
birthday in sept. )

( girls came back from JAPAN and got apartments. they bombed them.)  


Moscow remembers the victims of another apartment bombing today. It happened on the Kashirskoe Highway, September 13, 1999.

( brin sergey birthday september) 

420? we (I) didnt allowed him to make that resurch.

My birthday is in June.

The Second Chechen War, in a later phase better known as the War in the North Caucasus,[20] was launched by the Russian Federation starting 26 August 1999, in response to the Invasion of Dagestan by the Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade 
Litvinenko and Felshtinsky wrote that the bombings were a false flag operation intended to justify the Second Chechen War and bring Vladimir Putin to power.

FSB lieutenant Alexander Soima said that the book was confiscated as a material evidence in the criminal case No 218 initiated in June 2003 for disclosing state secrets. Podrabinek was summoned by the FSB on January 28, 2004. He refused to answer the questions. In response to FSB's banning their books, the authors granted the right to print and distribute the books in Russia to "anybody who wishes to do so" free of charge.

Vera in 2009

The confiscated books were kept by the FSB until 2009 and then destroyed .


 house 33

Andrey Konstantinovich Lugovoy (Russian: Андре́й Константи́нович Лугово́й; b. September 19, 1966, Baku, Azerbaijan SSR) is a Russian politician and businessman and deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation for the LDPR. He is a former KGB bodyguard and the ex-head of the security firm "Ninth Wave."
He is wanted by British police on suspicion of the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. Russia has rejected the request for his extradition

Polonium has 33 known isotopes, all of which are radioactive. They have atomic masses that range from 188 to 220 u. 210Po (138.4) ( TED) is the most widely available.

criminals put on sveta my and my mothers t shirt and they killed many people . 1999

????? svetlana voronina. from ukraine. 
has nothing to do with my life.

and they tried to kill me? and they need to go to jail.

after 1999 and pincus with my farm ville.  and they need to pay me. 

not lane ...dasha trumm .... and not criminal zhukova dasha and criminal orlova and they  need to go to jail... for attempt to kill me. they didn't pay me. mafia.. need to go to jail.

ugly like zhukova mafia child there.... alexander from apt.99. criminal: 

and they killed zhigalov andrei. dp....???

mafia need to go to jail 

mafia... aslan usoyan. I never met. I don't know who they are. And they need to ask permission. 

 can go to jail with her.
and shakro also....... and need to get out of my life. and oniani... all abramovich's friends...
and my mother has no connection to them and they need to go to jail . they not anything in my life in OBNINSK.

??? madonna? they have no connection to my mother... neither Voronin zhenya and all that mafia... 
also in my mothers lilac....

Igor smirnov on this photo.... photo was in my apt. 160
in russia. they didn't ask me...

I was in Hustler. They not from my apt.  they didn't ask me.  MAFIA DID that from my photos . 

and need to ask,

?????? russian mafia did.... AND THEY TRIED TO KILL ME.  WHO IS GOING TO JAIL? 

they killed him: I never knew of him...

( January 2, 1940 - October 9, 2009) was a notorious member of the Russian Mafia.



Taiwanchik . vanya shapovalov?

they need to ask before they

NORIYUKI? in my film....

and AFTER YAPONCHIK DIED  mafia did? what?  OR WHO DID THAT?

Karina Smirnoff (born Karina Smirnova January 2, 1978) (Ukrainian: Карiна Смiрнова) (Russian: Кapинa Cмиpнoвa) is a Ukrainian  professional ballroom dancer.

Smirnoff was a performer on the third season of the ABC series Dancing with the Stars with celebrity partner Mario López. They finished in second place, losing to the team of Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke. Smirnoff returned to the show on March 19, 2007 for Season 4


galactica 1988. Déjà Vu is a 1988 Soviet-Polish comedy thriller that takes place in Soviet Odessa..

Déjà Vu is  1988 film 

Train-Train (November 23, 1988)


and ITS 23 AND ME. 

not theirs....

this ugliness IM NOT INTERESTED IN . FAKE 00.... EVIL...... RUSSIAN MAFIA....

they put their family on my place 2003 and time 

with film and US help....

in my shirt and with my island with my brand and they need to go to jail Pigozzi rapist

rapist and using young girls.... HE NEED TO PAY. and his brand is shame...

and Olga criminal. and not Princess. IT'S SHAME. HUGE SHAME AND I HOPE THEY ALL DIE... BECAUSe they mafia... and I didn't like it.

and IM NOT Lying...


Tariel Oniani mafia and fake house for house. I hate fake criminal topaz? and they need to go to jail whoever did it.

my BEPA ( Vera) crown in sf 1997

for ellections of BARACK OBAMA. 


my mother...... other people... goes way back.....

2009 sf  fake and bad concert. SERYOGA

 seryoga black bumer...criminal mafia..

 they tried to kill me in 2009.

selyanov made film bumer and didnt give me money...

borlyuk and burlyuk have no connection to my life. or to my family or anything...neither linda bahmane  is producer... they all fake....criminal people

andrey borlyuk....criminal...

this ugly fake people....

and mic jagger girlfriend made make up? on my time to make my film....and book. all strippers are waiting for my book..."FLYING STRIPPERS" and all girls waiting for my film....

and  cheep fake house for house. need to go to jail. 

borluk? burluk and Irina Burova? and they killed my father.. and tried to kill me... 

or who?

Voronin Evgeniy maried to Voronina svetlana ( with candle act)

after my tip to CANNES mafia criminal putin

my grandmother african zebra... YAKUZA?  zebra africa? zelenina akulina? 

fake BONO. and fake anika.

my goose on my my sweater ..

The Nika Award is a prestigious annual ceremony held by the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences which was established in 1987 in Moscow, Russia by Yuli Gusman, and ostensibly modelled on the Academy Awards (Oscars).

mafia ugly fake and need to go to jail.   she is not with me.  pigozzi said she is with me. 

they fake. I HATE: stupid.
and she need to pay. or die. like they killed joseff brooks..

who tried to kill me? alexia criminal did.

they need to pay me

I was in SF and did crime not taking me to TED ( PRINCESS DIANA ALREADY DIED FOR MY FILM) killed by same bad spirit people.... I didnt allowed pigozzi to use my mothers photo. he need to pay for trying to kill me... for pushing me to have sex... and for using my mothers photo and for creating bad quality brand Olga ugly and  not princess.  they tried to kill me with russians.... 

pigozzi had no right ot do his brand and he tried to kill me with russian mafia friends..

they dressed like me and they on my place and they stole my time and  they tried to kill me.

they not me.. they dresed like me and they criminal. that was my time to go to TED.

Alexander Litvinenko was a former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service, FSB and KGB, who escaped prosecution in Russia and received political asylum in the United Kingdom. He wrote two books, Blowing up Russia: Terror from within and Lubyanka Criminal Group, where he accused the Russian secret services of staging Russian apartment bombings and other terrorism acts to bring Vladimir Putin to power.

On 1 November 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. He died three weeks later, becoming the first confirmed victim of lethal polonium-210-induced acute radiation syndrome. According to doctors, "Litvinenko's murder represents an ominous landmark: the beginning of an era of nuclear terrorism".
Litvinenko's allegations about the misdeeds of the FSB and his public deathbed accusations that Russian president Vladimir Putin were behind his unusual malady resulted in worldwide media coverage

Lubyanka Criminal Group (also translated as The Gang from Lubyanka) is a book by Alexander Litvinenko about the alleged transformation of the Russian Security Services into a criminal and terrorist organization.

The book was withdrawn from sales in Russia by request from the FSB ( brin? ansd wojcicki with my macy's card?)

 they tried to kill me and they killed her mother.... I DONT LIKE IT.

and she had no connection to my life. They all didn't. 


she is not vera and no body to me...  UGLY MGIK MAFIA AND I DONT CARE...

and they ned to get of my life with this ugly child and her family....mammoth.... I don't like.

and they wanted me to be her god mother. NO WAY! I was 100% right.

her face will be same like they did to me and I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM. 

she is not blue heart....she will be killed..again....

16 00? they not from my apt. 160.....  THEY DID CRIME.

they killed:  and my aunt..... and they need to go to jail....

svetlana  tatarin mafia ....has no connection to my mothers family. or my fathers. 

they put e in 1999.  0n my place EMPEROR..... AND IT WAS WRONG thing to do. Because we had no idea what is going on.

killed age 56. (Obninsk age)  and actor Patrick Swayze ....... 

1980. My 1st brief case in school . Alfayed is some one who eats alfa?
my brief case in school. 

and first time in Tokyo.  I caught Alfayed. it was a present from nishikawa san.

Princess DIANA AND  Dodi Al Fayed.  ( muravied.... eats ants...alfaed...... eats letters)

without my permission DREAM WORKS makes movies : 


this was my film in 2004. and russian mafia stopped it.  and americans made Facebook. All behind my back all illegal.

 unveiled in 2005 and titled "Innocent Victims", is a 3m high

 bronze statue of the two dancing on a beach beneath 

the wings of an albatross. 

In 1997, "Candle in the Wind" Elton John performed a rewritten version of the song as a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales. 

Merleevo and Dubrovka  are near  LOPASTNYA... where lived Anton Pavlovich CHEKHOV...

Chekhov renounced the theatre after the disastrous reception of The Seagull in 1896


1996. TOKYO.

23 and me!

and my film ... they didn't let me make....

and this they they didn't let me make... 

and wojcicki stole my 23 and me  and did crime....


and they need to pay me ..... Im taking back my 23 and me.

Crown Princess Victoria, 32, will tie the knot with 36-year-old commoner Daniel Westling in an afternoon ceremony at the Stockholm Cathedral before a majestic procession through the streets of the capital, decked out in flowers and blue and yellow flags.

Candle in the wind 1973 MAY and it was CANNES


Daniel 1973 ( JUNE)

The couple met back in 2002 when Crown princess Victoria started working out in Daniel’s gym.

2002.  Wiera....... Vera 

chunya... 34D ..... pigozzi got married and divorced.... and he need to pay me. 

for illegal use of my book and life.

iceo.... and MIKI... 2003 saji... (IT WAS  ONLY FOR ME)   MAFIA DID CRIME in 2009 and 2010.
and before....

X JAPAN hedeaki KOMIYA! COM AND ME! APPLE LOGO and iceo...

nori shibui? WHO DID THAT? 

making movie..... in RUSSIA.. THEY STOPPED MY FILM And


and they made Facebook.... they didn't ask


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