Tuesday, February 28, 2012

when I was 33. 33 my mothers house number... same they did to my father and aunt Ryabinina antonina... 

who's cheese they make and sale in japan.... marijoli mafia brand... then we had to sale garazh.....in 2009

then russian mafia tried to kill me and made me sale to russian  pan shop in sf my  rolex watch 10 000 for 800

and other diamonds for 20 $... because RUSSIAN criminal people made me disable ....I cant work and take that back. brin is not answering...

MP? Menlo Park?

Brins  wife, who co-founded the firm, with my macy's card ...."23andMe", which lets people analyze and compare their own genetic makeup (consisting of 23 pairs of chromosomes).

and they get money from my life.
ugly criminal and need to go to jail 

they killed hercules.
TSCB (company where Tsibulskaya oksana's mother worked.)


her mother was TS.L.N. has nothing to do with NIKITA of NAOMI OR CRIMINAL ANYBODY WITH N. as name. not even NOSE. (ONLY MY NOSE)

tscB. ... they did king brin and my m0ther ?...420...ZKB

1999 after cannes in obninsk near my gate. (160)
this killed my father and marina mamontova.
l h0ld anastasia...oksana's chils.

1998 didenko is not lining in my gate and never did.
h0w ugly didenk0  fake alexandra ended up with child anastasia ? she is not living in my gate 15. 

and they have no connection to my mothers house. and she need to be killed.
 neither marina olhovskaya did. 
this stole my phot0s. criminal and tried to kill me in sf.  I dont know who this is. mafia operated:

put her to jail: and need to be killed.

???? she killed her. my aunt. NPS. petr shura? producer Lesnevsky friend? from rumaniya?  inna band? 

I want to live with you and dejavue?

l d0nt meandidenko's ugly husband.
needed t0 be killed didenk0.  she was in green in 1994.  and she has n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my m0ther.

n0risuya kadama? she is fake and they tried t0 kill me. and she has t0 pay me. 
1998. id italy japan iya her ugly m0ther.  and vlasiy need t0 kill iy. her m0ther. 

they did 0p0sit... and church became h0rrible in b0r0vsk....  
she is prohorov. I have no connection to life of didenko and she need to go to jail.

mafia and I dont like.
they tried to kill us and kurshavel and shavel... prohorov. I have no connection to any of that.

and prohorov thinks he is in my crown? ??????? he cant be in my crown. neither he is 
connected to my mother. they need to leave me alone.

they criminal.
 they killed steve jobs .

my mother has no idea what is happening.

and me NEXT :Vera SVECHINA 1980. we have blue roses.... gay parade.......

 they did mafia  aslan ( no sex in batt and in russia they have no gay parade.....) 

they put 
ugly criminal people.  and pigozzi also criminal.

and they need to pay for attempt to kill me. with mafia ugly and criminal zhukova and her ugly mafia father. ( or who did it I don't know)

naomi not connected to us ... because she is criminal mafia. (OR WHO?) 

and they killed steve jobs. when It's my MIRAMAX. 


they (mafia) found to producer of miramax another  ugly chapman too and made criminal putin star.. he is not star. 

CRIMINAL MAN: they killed my father and killed Hercules bellville.

means putin gives girls to guys.... and then they  get time of my book and film. and they make money behind my back using my life. 

then they do crime.... killing my relatives......

 believe me there is no people who care about chapman...

and they got fake oscar after he and his rusian mafia tried to kill me and he need to go to jail.

FAT AND UGLY Impotent same as rapist pigozzi.

russian mafia did that and they got oscar for artist... that I wanted to become.. when I came to USA

 in 1997 to go to film scool. . FUCK YOU fat ugly man. mafia. ... that was russian people.

from obninsk and mafia abramovich and putin... and zhukova with her mafia father,... and wojcicki with criminal mafia brin... 

and Apple will pay me..

for this russian mafia need to go to jail. 


graduated from 

 literature department in VGU.

 they killed her  in 1983. ( I WAS 10) 

putin is criminal and nothing interesting..

my mother was born on 19th january she is not jesus.

Russian’s Orthodox Church celebrates Epiphany,  the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the Jordan River,  on January 19.  

In old Russian tradition, believers and enthusiasts jump into icy water through holes  in the ice and snow,   usually made in the form of a cross.  

Normally a priest blesses the water.   Many believe that the temperature plummets every winter on Epiphany, leading to the term “Epiphany frosts.”

pigozzi tried to kill me.

2008. sf


pigozzi rapist need to be killed with ALL HIS RUSSIAN MAFIA.

and this has no connection to my life and pigozzi is criminal. 

with criminal  abramovich and zhukova.

george is my friend.
fake photo. pigozzi need to go too jail .

pig00zzi did mistake with mafia ugly  alexia and zhuk0va 0rl0va and criminal  abram0vich..  ugly artc0

and they tried t0 kill me. and russian mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

l d0nt kn0w wh0 they are. 

WOJCICKI in 2006 stole my t shirt....

because of russian mafia.. prohorov and abramovich...... 

RUSSIAN MAFIA tried to kill me DEC. 19. and betney merfy died Dec.20 2009.

 The first G Shock was the DW 5000C designed by an engineer working for Casio named Kikuo Ibe. It was released in April 1983. ( I was 10)

For the next few years Casio released a handful of new models each year. The Baby G models were released in 1991.

and in 1993 it said ube....in tokyo...in tokyo dome....

I was 12. 

Whitney Houston performing Greatest Love Of All. (C) 1985 ( my arista since 1974... my train) 
Arista Records, Inc.

1980. 1v.

and fashi0n tv pe0ple in 2009  fr0m  0ct0pus need t0 be fired.  they did criminal zhuk0va and pr0h0r0v and they killed ruslana k0rshun0va.

that was time for my pr0ject b00k flying strippers my brand  and my film.  and my 0scar.... and cannes


and after 2009 

criminal russian mafia and mick jagger  with fake make up and the rest did crime. they killed my relatives..... and they tried t0 kill me. 

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

and 0samu ikeda gave me present leave fr0m canada. t0y in different c0llors ........ 1998.

its my private life. / and they tried t0 still it and they tried t0 kill me/ 

and that was 0limpics in vancover...... 

525 stockton and they didnt let me make my film.   and killed herules bellville and 
my father and many 0thers

from 1997

he didnt want t0 die.

no doubt and harajuku lovers. my real life.


and this ugly w0jcicki  l  never even heard 0f.

st0le my shirt my father and tried t0 kill me and stt0le my 23 and me.. .n0t just number.....

need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they made Physical  injury t0 my b0dy. 

 and they will be killed 0r g0 t0 jail. 

and criminal russians st0le my ph0t0s and killed steve j0bs..... and my father... they tried t0 kill me.... killed my aunt..... and they put criminal russian mafia  and banch 0f fake ugly pe0ple ....0n my place and made criminal faceb00k film and etc.... and w0jcicki g0t m0ney with st0len fr0m me my macys card.

and they need t0 pay. 

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