Thursday, March 8, 2012


wh0 is ya?  that is me. 33 letter. yahoo?


ya ku and my grandm0ther  zelenina akulina / svechina/ her sister 

zelenina/ green/ anna.... /ryabinina/ 

paninskiy regi0n. mar.evka


/ b0th died/ nick name mamashka.  and her child ant0nina semen0vna  rybininina was direct0r 0f cheese fact0ry. and she had t0 sale her h0use. and after they tried t0 kill me they vandalised 0ur graves????

they were wr0ng and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

bad  quality marij0li. ? /mari was in veras dress.../ 

???? with0ut my permissi0n . vera lived 15 years in usa.

Otar Iosseliani (Georgian:  born 2 February 1934 in Tbilisi, Georgia) is a Georgian-French film maker. 

10 billi0n d0llars time svechin0i veri

h0w l get my 10 billi0n d0llars check? fr0m apple. f0r waisting 0f my life and time.

and my rights t0 all my .....

king africa bomba

 zebra african....?


bathing ape? from my house. nigo. and 0n my time
they tried t0 kill me in 2009 and 
 they made bin laden star... when he is after my book.... wh0 is 0samu bin laden? 



vera making flying strippers

15 n0 y0ru.

angelina 0n the c0ver.

and water..... fr0m my m0thers h0use 33. 

they didnt let me make my brand. they tried t0 kill me .

Girl, Interrupted is a 1999 drama film? james? kgb..... criminal....

0lga  g0nina g0t child angelina

vera was b0rn in year 0f bull. 1973.



vera liked jam

Michael Jackson  and michael j0rdan Jam

2008. 0bninsk. I made photo book.


and russian mafia  fr0m  0ct0pus.
g0t jeal0us and killed jackson after my dinner with jagger  
and they need t0 be f0und and
 they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 


ugly  anne wojcicki stole my macy's card number
and my 23 and me and my t shirt from tokyo japan 1999. in 2006 when I was 33 and that is my mothers house number.

carmel 1998. Russian American Conference.
 russians tried to kill me 2009 and killed 
 Brittany Anne Murphy
and won putin?

he has no connection to my life he als0 g0t 
0n my place
and time.

galactica princess

galactica 1988. Déjà Vu is a 1988 Soviet-Polish comedy thriller that takes place in Soviet Odessa..

SanDisk Logo 2007.svg


 It was founded in 1988 by Dr. Eli Harari and Sanjay Mehrotra, non-volatile memorytechnology experts.

 and they broke  disk 0n my neck.

International Women's Day

stas mikoyan mothers name NAMI. (flowers band and kgb) is wrong we live on 3 floor. 

and we not natasha tsvetkova.


Konami logo

The company was founded in 1969 as a jukebox rental and repair business in OsakaJapan, by Kagemasa Kōzuki, the still-current chairman and president. The name "Konami" is a conjunction of the names Kagemasa Kozuki (current chairman and president), Yoshinobu Nakama, and Tatsuo Miyasako.


MSX was the name of a standardized home computer architecture in the 1980s conceived by Kazuhiko Nishi, then Vice-president at Microsoft Japan and Director at ASCII Corporation. It is said that Microsoft led the project as an attempt to create unified standards among hardware makers. (1983. I was 10) 

2003 vera was 30. my mother is from serpuhov
 house 33 chernishevskogo str..

my film 1h. 10 min. they didnt let me make.

15 n0 y0ru.

side kick fr0m my m0thers pers0nal life st0ry. without permission. ???.

after russian mafia tried t0 kill me in 2009 
... they
made me disable 
and made me put my rolex,  

present from my friend from kihachi Restaurant.
 a is me
pigozzi had my shirt on ( I didnt ask him) and
  needed to ran in the central park in nyc.
 masa's ( svin'ya)
pigozzi 2002 pig from cartoon chunya from our house.
pigozzi need to pay. 

russian mafia made me put my rolex to russian criminal pawn shop in sf.
they killed hercules
and they made me m0ve 0ut fr0m my apt.
0n 525 st0ckt0n str. apt. vera lives in sf 15 years.

and they killed Brittany Anne Murphy and alexander mcqueen.....and 

You Light Up My Life" composer dead at 73

t shirt vera made in 2009

vera liked shacho. shacho was saji san. 

kazuhiko osuga samurai in sf.

1997 525 stockton. 

x japan 


little apple
Russian SailorsDance is also known in Russia as "Yablochko" (Little Apple)

valera 1955
my uncle... valera 7 years old. born 1948.

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