Friday, March 30, 2012


1974. 0bninsk. I  was born in june 1973..

 0shimai. /my train doors closing/ ( island is good)

1984 ted. 1994 richard. 2004 vera started film. film was stopped.

1979 Virgin necker  Island.





Kiril Razlogov helped me to get get acreditation.....

 and it became  Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia in 2009.


from my photo
that cant be  Vietnamese Tiana in 2009 and it cant be any other girl.

1996 Anetta ( VERA) 
J. Pigozzi got  island Panama...... (they used my mother) 

Vera brought movie script.. 2002. last train from roppongi. 8 oscars.....

Olga of Greece was there in 2003. ( On my ship too) when It's VERA.

they need to change pigozzi. vera said in 2007. he is wrong. and he need to pay me. 

japanese princess got depression in Japan.

2006. Vera 33.

33 was my mothers house. Tamara Vladimir Nina and Valera.
Wedding Prince Carlos and Princess Annemarie de Bourbon de Parme

Africa: War is Business - The complete series / 2006 / News / Home ...

In the documentary series "Africa, War is Business", HRH Prince Jaime de Bourbon Parme travels to several countries in Africa .....

w0jcicki n0t leaving me al0ne.

she is ugly criminal and 0wns me m0ney and my 23 and me
with russian mafia they killed girl. ruslana korshunova.

and they cant t0uch what vera writes. 
 2006 ugly wojcicki got my t shirt. and ugly baby from my apt. behind my back. 

AND THEY WITH RUSSIAN MAFIA TRIED TO KILL ME.  in my apt. 525 Stockton str. 403. SF CA. 
and they killed my relatives. 

and jean pigozzi opened store in JAPAN 2008 (1978 Vera 5 years old)  ( with my friend from ISETAN) where Vera ( ANETTA) wanted to make film.

1998 and they tried to kill me.  

victor erofeev

they killed STEVE JOBS.


and they need to pay me. 


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