Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2007 vera wrote:  earth . after this 
pigozzi needed to change. pigozzi said naomi needed to change.

or black change. MY IS 15no yoru. ( my film in japan ...etc) pigozzi criminal and without my ok

mafia oppened from my book store in japan.. and they tried to kill me. and disney mafia made film
from my photo and they put black princes. she is not princess. they killed my father.

nina pretty ballerina / my m0ther/ and they sh0w balerina t0 na0mi... fake and criminal.


my mothers house 33. in serpuhov.

We have VALERIY. house 33. and 11. 160 google.. facebook... etc...

( vera svechina? ) gave me rolex present. ( he is in my film since 1996)

pigozzi house 2009. FRANCE.

I didnt like:

vietnamise fish. apocalipsis now. ? 

apocalipsis now was 1998.

last train fr0m r0pp0ngi

0f mafia prohorov and criminal didenko. they killed steve jobs.
my father, my aunt and
many people. and they tried to kill me and they need to go to jail.

I had MASA'S. French.

 Michel Klein


they  tried t0 kill me. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

and D.A.Medvedev went to Obnisnk. 1 time since 1954. 

they d0nt have right t0 get in my life. they did n0thing f0r me.

they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they n0 0ne t0 me. they tried t0 kill me

when I planed t0 apply f0r us passp0rt and 
they need t0 g0 t0 jail.
A portrait shot of a serious looking middle-aged male looking straight ahead. He has short brown hair, and is wearing a blue blazer with a blue tie over a white collared shirt.

dance yablochko da na tarelochke...sailor dance

Dance Dance Revolution, abbreviated DDR, and previously known as Dancing Stage in Europe and Australasia, is a music video game series produced by Konami. Introduced in Japan in 1998. 
( google was made) 


 from ropopngi a.k.a as0bi IN 2004. 

1h 10 min.

facebook was made. 

2007. SF. 525 Stockton

2008. b00k.

2009 revolution. when was 

needed evolution.

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

that ugly criminal st0le my ph0t0s. 

and tried t0 kill me with russian mafia..

and they need t0 pay me and  they

need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they against flying strippers and they

 tried t0 kill me

she killed my father. grave 3055.

killed herules....

and they killed this.....pers0n... she was n0t s . 

and Im n0t mirr0r. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

and criminal RUSSIAN PEOPLE ( who I dont know.. they afraid t0 say wh0 they are ) 

 tried to kill me in sf. 


uta da hikaru.  mick jagger said great lets try /rec0rding s0ng and make my film/.  

and they russian mafia tried t0 kill me.

 jam ....

my shirt. my f.s.  and neverland  and my way...... 

antibes 09. my rolex number 69173 . Steve Jobs born February 24, 1955. (Fish...PICES)

they did against me and killed my relatives they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

my shirt.

Some Girls is the 14th British and 16th American studio album by The Rolling Stones,
 released in 1978 on Rolling Stones Records.

I was 5 years 0ld.

Some man give me money
Some man buy me clothes
Some man give me jewelry
That I never thought I'd own.....

thats it. 

ipad and iphone .....
We are programmed to receive. ....eagles.

h0tel calif0rnia Copyright Act 1976

film 1993.  17. 

1979.  17 gate. / my building has 16 gates/  jeff bez0s. 0lga s0m0va lives in 1 gate. 4 r00ms.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)

what make up?  mick jagger need to
 g0 t0 jail.

russian mafia tried t0 kill me. and they killed steve j0bs and my aunt.

Im n0t mafia.

525 stockton str. sf. 403. 94108

who tried t0 kill me?  they russian and still trying t0 kill me.  they d0nt leaving me al0ne.


William Henry  Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, 
investor, philanthropist, and author. 

and holland went wrong way.

j ai me. 

1993. t0ky0.


without my permission

The "tribe" was founded in early 2003 by Paul Martino, 

Mark Pincus, and Valerie Syme.

3 be? 

 2003 what be? 1973 Candle in the wind?

my 30 birthday. what 55?

2003 vera was 30 years 0ld.

we live 0n 3 floor since 1975.

2009 from my film.

and they torchured my mother.

and they made 3 be ...my farm ville and MY one king way 

1950. Dubrovka. RUSSIA ... my mothers grandmother Alexandra  had Baby Horse King his mother horse chalka.... and cow nezhka. 6 month baby horse king hit my mother NINA. She was 8 years old. NINA felt down and when she got up  she got horse shoe print on her  chest.

this is privet story. and I own that. they cant use my life to make money behind my back.


I dont use jewish pincus story to make money. 

( or anyone elses) 

 stockton one

they tried to kill me in my apt. 525 stockton..  ???

who will pay to make me my for my health back?

 pincus worked for mobius and they killed my father 

and my relatives.

1996. Japan.  

this is 1996. has nothing to do with england.  they made

mobius. when its Möbius.


Shawn Corey Carter (born December 4, 1969), better known by his stage name Jay-Z, is an American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and occasional actor.

part-owner of the NBA's New Jersey Nets  with criminal 


band leningrad gelenzhik?

sergey snur?

behind Eminem, Nelly....

there is never been any nelli. except ugly mafia.

kill her family. 

160 g00gle disney pixar faceb00k apple and etc. we live here  fr0m 1975.

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