Thursday, March 15, 2012

1973. vera was born.

1993. vera got stage name anetta in japan.

dress from union royal.


2009 / to anetta/ my stage name and character in my film.

last train from roppongi. 2009.
2009. next they need to change name aria to LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI LAS VEGAS.

ni hon

sexy book by Vera Svechina.

2009 vera 36.

pan a vision


Panavision is an American motion picture equipment company specializing in cameras and lenses, based in Woodland Hills, California. Formed by Robert Gottschalk as a small partnership to create anamorphic projection lenses during the widescreen boom in the 1950s, Panavision expanded its product lines to meet the demands of modern filmmakers. The company introduced its first products in 1954.

1.h. 10 min.

russian mafia didnt let me make my film my books.... my t shirts... my food.....water.... my wine... 

my parfume...

and  they killed many people and  they didnt let me meet queen 0f england. 

they kept killing pe0ple.

and criminal project lady gaga need to be closed.  and they need to go to jail. for killing people.

and they need to go to jail.


Vera Svechina in San Francisco. 1997

2003. vera 30.

city center from 1997

0ne love

1985. vera was 12.

vera twin....5.... 97 .... and second child.

doctor evil. 

movie producer from japan mataichiro yamamoto.

my m0ther.

my grand grand grandm0ther m0ther.... my life..... 

ugly Wojcicki very ugly inside and 0uside.

with my macys  card .... st0le my identity.. 

illegal g00gle making illegal prduct....andr0id ..with my id.... made illegal ugly  baby fr0m my apt.

behind my back... using my cd... anything..using...

tried t0 kill me.  my 23andMe. 

my life n0t 0wned by pr0h0r0v 0r any 0ther mafia. 

after she had my m0thers h0use  and

 my life in  2006 fr0m my 1999 ph0t0....

my 23andMe  2007 vera 34. 3 plus 4 =7.

x japan....

and russian country cod.

In May 2007, following the decision to exit Interros, Prokhorov launched the private investment fund 

with0ut asking me. and they did crime.

and they killed my father. grave 3055.

they killed my relatives. they messed up my life and face skin... they messed up my b0dy....

they killed j0bs...steve.... killed jacks0n.... and killed siz0va /d0ve/  h0pe.../bakakina/

1998.  36 years later after my mothers trip t0 0dessa.

telluride moved to berkeley. toms extention 13.

my mother was 13 in 1955.  steve j0bs... bill gates ... etc....were born.

my mother was 23 in 1965.

the 37th Academy Awards, My Fair Lady 

wins 8 Academy Awards, including Best

 Picture and Best Director.

vera came to usa t0 learn film at 23.

paid money...

0range building has 12 floor.

pov from my apt. in 0bninsk. since 1975.


iPod touch “the greatest iPod to date.

1999.  criminal mafia  killed herucles.

from my card.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai Poster

they killed my dog vesta.

160. 1979


2009. 0scar. vera 35. 

cannes film festival 2009

1h. 10 min film.

and instead 0f making my film mafia  made criminal facebook film. 1601. 

/facebook made illegaly fr0m my apt/

and russian criminal mafia tried to kill me
and they killed my relatives.

and they killed many other people.

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