Friday, March 30, 2012

new m0ntg0mery....

vera made m0ney in japan. / apple didnt pay f0r my classes/

since 1997
my license.  650 d0llars..../m0nth.... my fair lady

russian mafia was  making  ir0niya sudbi ili s ly0gkim par0m.... ????

 / my address where vera paying rent 650 
dollars a month. / 

1996 jack. francis f0rd  c0p0lla . 

wh0 gave him life time achivement award?

1996  anetta. vera petr0vna svechina

japan sp0rts marketing 
jack sakazaki made wine club .

1996 birch is 0p0sit. 
fr0m hawaii.

it was time for my film. 

1h. 10 min.

b0rn April 7, 1939 
40 years 0ld he was in 1979

june my house 33. 5. 1979. 

im n0t gian carl0 c0ppla.

Gian Carlo Coppola (September 17, 1963 - May 26, 1986) was an American film producer. cvs.... t0dd...

mgik... vera went in sept.  1990 .....17 years 0ld.

at 31 vera started t0 make film. 

they st0pped ..... said there is n0 m0ney....selyan0v lied.

 w0jcicki did crime taking my shirt.
ugly w0jcicki n0t leving me al0ne.

she is ugly criinl and 0wns me m0ney and my 23 and me. she killed girl.

and they cant t0uch what vera writes. 
??? brin ended his carier disgrasfully and ugly.
hercules. killed..

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