Monday, March 5, 2012

Forest Whitaker in 2007 ......again.....  and alexis fr0m s0uth africa was there.... and 
steve j0bs start t0 l00k like vampire alexis diaz fr0m panama . he lived on bush street. 601...

/l didnt like alexis from south africa/

hercules killed .   steve j0bs g0t killed.

2009  one scene from  my film? they put ugly pincus to be on my way. I hate him and he need to get out. he doing crime against me and his his friends tom cole.

they made company from my life without asking.

they tried to kill me. l d0nt kn0w wh0 they are.

barack 0bamas d0gs gets killed after each 0f his trips?

pr0h0r0v? has n0thing t0 d0 with me and my life and they criminal pe0ple. 

he has n0 right t0 call his c0mpany with my name. and he d0esnt have 8 percent.  

he is n0t my m0ther. they tried t0 kill me by puting in criminal mafia inna didenko fake alexandra

black evil person. and that how they made pincus's have his ugly children.

this ugly inna has no conection to my life. prohorov..
 she killed her 0wn brother.
they killed son of gerge gund. 

I hope george gund will find way to make them pay.

after I went t0  cannes they put pincus t0 get 0n my way and he did crime and they need pay. 

pincus 0wns n0thing and his ugly wife t00. they killed his friend t0m and he has n0 clue.

 curent emperr0r 0f japan michiko...0ne queen way....  my time 0f  meeting queen elithabeth in 09

they put lady gaga fr0m my card. 

criminal 0ne king way made after my m0thers life

whith0ut asking. and thats crime.

In 1999, Paul Alen was lucky enough to jam with Mick Jagger ( who used us for many years)  at his birthday party.
my shirt, my way. they did 0p0sit way and they killed many  pe0ple. 




cannes film festival 2009

2009 was about my singing with mick jagger

and my film

1h 10 min.  needed t0 be made

and  my  "flying strippers" book.....keds, healthy food and drinks, photos.... airline....etc....

and book....... they did their way and  they  tried to kill me and they also killed steve jobs. criminal  russian mafia and they follow russian mafia... they need to go to jail.

2009. criminal mick mick jagger and the rest:


Steve JOBS went to tennessi ... nashville .......because 0f russian mafia there..


pr0h0r0v killed marina mam0nt0va and he is using me and he need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

its in my house 8.  and that was

and criminal pr0h0r0v need t0 leave me al0ne.

I wanted to aplly for us passport... russians tried to kill me.


Larry W. Sonsini has been a director of our company since 1993. 

VERA SVECHINA WENT TO JAPAN.  (had no idea of any computers)

Mr. Sonsini serves as Chairman of the law firm of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & 

Steve JOBS.said apple  owns me 10 billion $. beacause STEVE  used
 my ideas for apple. and they brock my neck.  where
 do I get my money?  and rights f0r all made fr0m my 


160.....and house 33 and svechin house too. candle in the wind
....1973.... and 525 st0ckt0n.

East Bay Earthquake Jolts Bay Area The Bay Area was shaken at 5:33 this morning by a 4.0-magnitude earthquake 

Im from voronezh and serpuhov together. and from obninsk. and tokyo.... and sf...


and russian mafia who tried to kill me made me put in russian mafia pawn shop

my rolex present from cook for 800 dollars....(now it's cost 10 000)

on the octopus in 2009  I met criminal russian mafia...... 

they born in 1980 and they need to go ot jail.

they stole my photos and tried to kill me.

and they need to go to jail . or better they need to be killed. 

my father and mother met:

Amazon Express

Length: 220 ft 11 - 67.3 m
Launched: 1966
Refit: 1984

VERA WAS 11.  and they cheated in pigozzi's house in 2009 puting photos in the game .....

and then they did crime. and they need to go to jail.


my mother and father had no idea about any of that. 

1975 bill gate and paul allen created 
partnership . 

Allen bought the island in 1992,
Allan Island, named for a Navy hero (not the billionaire), is an almost entirely undeveloped 292-acre island jutting out of the Pacific Ocean, north of Seattle.

 VALERA died in 2000. at 52. j. pig0zzi was b0rn. in 52.

bill gates.


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