Monday, March 5, 2012

election 2012


В.В. 6.48%

my mother was 6 years old  in 1948.  this photo she was 40. 1982.

what did they d0?

Зюганов Г.А.  17.04%

who shot concorde after  I went to Moscow Univercuty of CULTURE? in 1990? at 17 years old.

new flying strippers airline is ready. we only need airplanes....

Миронов 3.73%  crtiminal mafia  TRIED TO CHANGE ME ON MY 3 floor

they tried to kill me and they killed steve jobs. my father and many 
of my relatives and they need to go to jail .

as any criminal pe0ple. f0r attempt t0 kill pe0ple.

he is n0t a. he is criminal and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

and he need to leave me alone.  he and his ugly zhuk0va  is sick mafia. 

not healthy. he killed my relatives. we dont have criminal people. 

need t0 be killed. he killed my father and tried t0 kill me/

l d0nt need his life. he need t0 get 0ut 0f mine.

they waising my time. pig0zzi is rapist. 

 criminal abramovich need t0 g0 t0 jail 

with my friend who was given me
 for my film  in 1993 in japan as a ring
fr0m n0ri.

Прохоров М.Д. 6.88%  need to go to jail
with abramovich and putin

for attempt to kill me in 2009

Im not PUTIN.

Putin VV 64.81%  2012

me money for my film in 2004. killed my relatives.

criminal russian producer lesnevsky tried to say that I cant propose him 

to rent pigozzi's house for summer for 500 000$. I think he could and I could make my film.

pigozzi is not there... lesnevsky said between berovsky and abramovich must be living putin.

 Putin is not living there. and they tried to kill me. 

and they need to go to jail .

  my m0ther is n0t 8 years 0ld.


l have n0 interest in red hat s0ng. 

28 years later. 28  vera was in 2001.

in 2009 it was my time t0 met with andre magnin.  pig0zzi had wr0ng andre in his h0use.

and I g0t  my 0scar f0r my film

last train fr0m r0pp0ngi and my b00ks....

russians  did crime.

they put criminal abramovich and criminal darya

in 2005 and they made criminal garazh on my time using black magic and they tried to kill me.

they were not invited. same as putin with ugly
mafia and prohorov also. 
dariya is not on the list. she can't make my party ever.  I hate mafia.

??? they killed steve jobs.


criminal rapist pigozzi 2008.


ugly with my life. with out permission. 


they killed 

they tried to kill me 2009 2010 2011 2012.

they  killed 4 years baby, he made great film. 

this alexia killed  tays0ns baby .

this ugly like criminal mafia zhukova... who is illegally got in my program. family and life.

and she is criminal herself.

she tried to kill me and she need to go to jail. she did mistake russian mafia abramovich zhukova....

followed her and killed jackson.. my aunt... houston....etc. prohorov and putin.... mafia...

1999 l met guy.

Guy Saperstein

Первая песня о звездах.

then vera g0t macys card in 2000. 023 and ugly w0jcicki st0le that and made c0mpany and getting m0ney 0n my place. and they tried t0 kill me. and they killed j0bs....

they st0pped my film and st0le my ph0t0s. and tried t0 kill me.


maxim  s. and princess maxima 0f netherlands 

and madonna v0gue.  and they br0ke c0nc0rd..... because l went t0 univercity. 1990

1999. 11 years after anna Wintour became editor / f0r me/ OBE / my m0ther t00? in v0gue?/

2000. my card macys. 023.  l arived t0 usa at 23. pig0zzi is n0t me.

they d0nt let me live my life.

In 1981  Prince Jaime Bernardos parents decided to divorce. Together with his mother and his siblings 
he then moved to the Soestdijk Palace (Baarn), the then residence of the queen .

they st0pped my film. 2004

h0use 33. l was 33


1973. vera svechina. my grand grand mother alexandra p0p0vicheva made lace...
wh0 did that 0ne in my bed I dont know.

mama made hat f0r me. papa took photo.

k s u r i

44 president.

1993. anetta. / svechina vera/ in t0ky0 disneyland

bill gate s 3...

 russians  stopped my film in 2004.  

1995 . ca. vera met j.w.

jeff liked vera. vera didnt like jeff. irina bl0ck?

2002 chunya my m0thers and fathers h0use.  pig. pig0zzi


1993. t0ky0.  my skirt. band tatu? tokyo 2003. bu russia bery...bering straight....?

and russian  mafia had n0 right t0 get in my life. and they  had n0 right t0 put mafia
 anjelica. in my friends life.

and any 0ther als0.

and als0 this.

2009 and irina bl0ck /g00gle/ had ph0t0 where she takes ph0t0 with iph0ne 0f str0wberry.

the sr0wberry was in disneyland 0n white hat.  1996. she ended up with criminal natasha tsvetk0va...

in my apt. 525 st0ckt0n.  she never lived.


1979. 0bninsk. 160 /33 and svechin.. candle in the wind.... 1973/

ph0t0 vera svechina
aloe vera.

it must 0f been me meeting queen and prince charles and etc. with my film..   they killed hercules instead and they killed my father and they tried t0 kill me.

r0bert plant had n0thing t0 d0 there. 

from my mothers story they made side kick. 


2008. after this ph0t0 vera started t0 hear russian this is 0lga. this was n0t 0lga / 0f greece/

wh0 is talking ?... and wh0 allwed t0 still my ph0t0s and make brand fr0m my b00k.?

they killed steve j0bs. and they tried t0 kill me and they killed hercules.

from veras film

The first iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs, then CEO of Apple, on January 9, 2007,
 and released on June 29, 2007. 

my birthday june 5. 

my idea was to make doll anetta. merchandise fr0m  my film last train fr0m r0pp0ngi.

since 1975. 3 floor. address 160 0 g00gle and 160 1 faceb00k. 

1973 vera. 

since 1975

russian mafia stilling my ph0t0s ........

thank you.  h0w d0 I get my 10 billi0n d0llar check fr0m apple?

rekon saikon....

0ur 15 gate icon

vera 525 stockton

they killed hercules.

rapist pig0zzi in my shirt. he didnt live in 525 st0ckt0n.  and they tried t0 kill me.


criminal anne w0jcicki st0le my macys card. 

and my 23 and me and tried t0 kill me.

and wid0w p0well. 

vera svechina in 1974


TRAIN-TRAIN blue hearts... hontono koe o 

kikaseteo kureyo.  my band called flying strippers. 

my next was my film and  singing with mick jager and . . and they did crime.  and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

mick didnt come in 2003 t0 karaoke in norimaki


Prince Jaime Bernardo of Bourbon-Parma, Count of Bardi, Duke of San Jaime (born 13 October 1972) is the second son and third child of Princess Irene of the Netherlands and late Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma, and is member of the Royal and Ducal House of Bourbon-Parma, as well of the Dutch Royal Family. The prince is heir to the headship of the House of Bourbon-Parma. Currently he is a Dutch diplomat.

Prince Jamie was born in Nijmegen. He has a twin sister, Princess Margarita, who was born one minute earlier. /means they knew ab0ut master and margarita/

Princess Maria Carolina Christina of Bourbon-Parma, Marchioness of Sala (born 23 June 1974)

vera was b0rn 5 june 1973

1973 vera. 


2000 La Bomba (Grandes éxitos)

"La Bomba" King África's cover version of the song by the

 Bolivian group Azul Azul) became "Song of the Summer".

The Last King of Scotland is a 2006 British drama /33 was my m0thers h0use number. /

she had st0ry ab0ut baby h0rse king in 1950.

2006 Im 33 . 

11. my building. 


vera didnt want to go to school and boll broke my finger right there.

my uncle. 1951  house 33 serpuhov.
born 3rd of  may 1948.  My uncle Valera under Acacia.

princess, who will now be known simply as Mrs Sayako Kuroda, surrendered her title and status
 to marry the commoner 

Princess Nori married Tokyo Metropolitan Government employee Yoshiki Kuroda

ugly w0jcicki st0le my macys card my t shirt 
and russian mafia tried t0 kill me 2009.

2007. vietnam. when I had russia. 

vincent gallo and criminal  pr0h0r0v  made c0mpany with0ut my 0k.

2007 they killed my father. grave 3055.

gena is bad caracter. 0lesya is bad character . 

russian mafia tried to make gena and 0lesya good 

characters and they did big mistake.

and they have t0 pay me.

Prince Jamie  is now back in The Hague at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 Hague is first mentioned as 'Die Hage' in a document dating from 1242.

my m0ther was 12 in 1954 ..... at0mic plant started t0 w0rk. 

its all ab0ut me. /ab0ut vera and my film/

Prince Jamie was born in Nijmegen

 n0t ab0ut Prince jaimes  w0rk. 

and they didnt let me make my film. 

José Manuel Barroso?  

See full size image

bering straight . sergey brin........... and is fake and idi0t president. 

brin is fake his wife is ugly criminal   and they killed steve j0bs and they tried t0 kill me.

this is r0s0. in black.... they kill his br0ther they want m0re his father feeling bad.

l liked ge0rges father. they d0 n0thing t0 help me.

ugly and fake  r0sa and sf didnt like her. they were right.

putin  .    r0sa in germany.... german bar in my ph0t0.  she was imigrant ....... bar r0s0?

and they russian mafia tried t0 kill me and that is why when l s0w

 ge0rge and asked what is g0ing 0n? vera is n0t r0sa. my name is vera svechina

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail f0r crime.

they killed steve j0bs next day. 



HSL and HSV are the two most common cylindrical-coordinate representations of points in an RGB color model, which rearrange the geometry of RGB in an attempt to be more intuitive and perceptually relevant than the cartesian (cube) representation. They were developed in the 1970s for computer graphics applications, and are used for color pickers, in color-modification tools in image editing software, and less commonly for image analysis and computer vision.


jean pigozzi rapist (already got island from my mothers hat.. and black art collection from my ancle valery)  with fake artco going to the concert about meeting my father and mother in 1966 (2008) killed my father and Hercules Bellville.
and he had n0 right t0 make things 0n my time in japan. fr0m my b00k.

j. pig0zzi is n0t me. he went t0 vegas 2008 t0 see elt0n j0hn. when it was my time t0 g0  1973 candle in the wind..../my last name/

1999. j. pig0zzi pushed me t0 have sex in 2005.

2008 .

and russian mafia tried t0 kill me.  l started t0 hear in russian ...this is 0lga. 

that was vera. / I didnt kn0w what they d0ing/

this is n0t 0lga and they need t0 g0 t0 



what ugly artc0 d0ing there? wh0 pig0zzi is? rapist and they killed hercules. and they tried t0 kill me.

pigozzi is not my mother.  and he is n0t my father. vera didnt like fake artc0 fr0m  1 min. 

they n0t fr0m my h0use. they n0t fr0m my m0vie. rapist.

vera sechina has n0 interest in 0bninsk  0lya g0nina... irina bur0va / fr0m br0wn bunny 0f vincent gall0 made behind my back fr0m my ph0t0../

margarita severskaya.  l d0nt get in their life. they d0nt need t0 get in mine.

0rl0va need t0 be killed with zhuk0va and mafia fr0m russia. 
they made me  disable and they need t0 be killed. abram0vich pig0zzi zhuk0va 0bninsk mafia did that. vera said st0p. they didnt. 

they st0le my ph0t0s when my life has n0 c0nnecti0n t0 their life.

and they tried t0 kill me.

lm n0t marina. many pe0ple kn0w me.

lm n0t cristina. lm n0t svetlana..l n0t 0lga.

evil pascal is there. mamm0th?

 instead of telling me ab0ut the concert because 0f my parents meeting
in 1966 and me going there.. mafia ugly fat imp0tent pig0zzi .....

mick jagger need t0 pay me.  he didnt ask.

russlana k0rshunva felt d0wn.

then they tried t0 kill me. /russians.../ they killed steve j0bs/

fr0m tetsuya t0 anetta /my stage name/

2009 present f0r me. anetta....... and  MY FILM.. 


 and l needed t0 get m0ney t0 make my film. they tried t0 kill me instead.


"Top of the World" is the name of a 1972 song by The Carpenters. Originally recorded for and released on the duo's 1972 studio album A Song for You, .

a song for you I made  short film in 1998................2008 elton john was in Las vegas,.Pigozzi got on my life and he need to go to jail. pigozzi went to las vegas to see elton john. 

2008 he is not me.

they put wr0ng name 0n that h0tel.

 last train fr0m r0pp0ngi.

1996. japan.

and I wanted t0 make anetta wine.

and RUSSIAN MAFIA tried to kill me. after vera met mick jagger in 09.

nina takaeva

nina urgant 

they did mistake

Urga is a 1991 film by Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov. It is released in North America as Close to Eden. It depicts the friendship between a Russian truck driver and a Mongolian shepherd in Inner Mongolia. The film was an international co-production between companies based in Russia and France.

its Corazon

vera svechina 2008

vera nick vera. in airplane.

Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (Russian: Михаил Сергеевич Горбачёвtr. Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachyov; ; born 2 March 1931) is a former Soviet statesman, having served as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1985 until 1991, and as the last head of state of the Soviet Union, having served from 1988 until its dissolution in 1991. / vera was 18/

Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma and Piacenza (8 April 1930, Paris – 18 August 2010, Barcelona) 
 was the head of the House of Bourbon-Parma (a branch of the House of Bourbon) from 1977 until his death.

and russians killed him instead 0f 

making my film. 

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