Monday, April 16, 2012

"Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friends"  (1949), 

/ my m0ther was 7/

1953 my m0ther was 11. she lived with grandm0ther alexandra.

valera 5. merelin m0nr0 became cat....... and they made candle in the wind in 1973.

when vera was b0rn

in h0n0r 0f merelin m0nr0.

and that was my film. / criminal mafia  didnt let me make/

1955 valera vladimirovich takaev.

my uncle... valera 7 years old. born 1948.

The present "batwing" logo was also introduced in 1955 .

google fights with apple.

Патентные войны: Motorola Mobility победила Apple в немецком суде

all that.


my mothers card

1955. 15 0 33

and apple and google need to pay me. its not about Jean Paul Gaultier .

and rapist jean pigozzi. didnt let me meet brin. and tried to kill me. they need t0 t0 g0 jail.

vera is n0t mafia.

2005 pushed me t0 have sex.

2007 they killed my father who was helping me to make me weak.


2008. /behind my back rapist pig0zzi using me/

dog said lm right. 2009

vera went to police...

????? 2009.

leon panetta.

russian mafia  / 0r who? / tried to kill me in sf . 

and they nead to leave me alone and  what they put in me?

they horrible. why cia cant help me?

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