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Akihito (明仁 ?, born 23 December 1933) is the current Emperor (天皇, tennō ?) ofJapan, the 125th emperor of his line according to Japan's traditional order. 

On 10 April 1959, he married Michiko Shōda (born 24 October 1934), the eldest daughter of Hidesaburo Shōda, the president and later honorary chairman of Nisshin Flour Milling Company

Akihito acceded jan. 7  to the throne in 1989. 

in 1949.....

my mother nina 7 years old... moved to house 33  in serpuhov. 

The Loma Prieta earthquake, also known as the Quake of '89 and the World Series Earthquake, was a major earthquake that struck the San Francisco Bay Area of California on October 17, 1989, at 5:04 pm local time. 

same day h0tel with view 0n 39 fl00r was 0pened. 0n f0rth street.

japan 1993

my sh0es 39.

39 vera will be in 2012. 


Ogoniok (RussianОгонёк, lit. "little flame"; sometimes transliterated as Ogonyok) is one of the oldest weekly illustrated magazinesin Russia, issued since December 21 1899. It was re-established in the Soviet Union in 1923 by Mikhail Koltsov.

ph0tgrapher fr0m 0g0ny0k...

125. emperor of japan.

1979. 15 gate. 

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)

Larry Ellison's Woodside estate

galactica 1988. Déjà Vu is a 1988 Soviet-Polish comedy thriller that takes place in Soviet Odessa..

Bought in 1988. and they cant put mafia t0 jail? they need t0 put mafia t0 jail that is n0t fun what they did. 

Larry Ellison San Francisco Home

they killed hercules.......bellville...... what f0r?

Image Detail

The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was a major earthquake that struck SanFrancisco and the coast of Northern California at 5:12 a.m. on Wednesday, April 18,1906.

ph0t0grapher vera

0scar n0minati0n  ....  2009. my m0vie n0t 

made yet. m0viemakers... p0v....

cannes film festival 2009

in 1989 vera was 15 and 15 is my gate. 160.

16 years later... after 1933.

in 1949.....

my mother nina 7 years old... moved to house 33  in serpuhov. /advised by neighbor peter from house 

35 /  across the street was school 13.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange is founded.

Prince Jaime Bernardo of Bourbon-Parma, Count of Bardi, Duke of San Jaime (born 13 October 1972) 

Prince Jaime was born in Nijmegen. He has a twin sisterPrincess Margarita, who was born one minute earlier. . Prince Jaime was born six weeks prematurely and stayed with his sister in a couveuse at the hospital.

in 1953 j0hnny b0y f0r me ........ /4 years after my m0ther m0ved t0 33/ and it was time f0r my film.  russian ugly mafia did what? they tried t0 kill vera.

they criminal pe0ple

princess diana was born. july 1st in england. 

in 1961 mother ninas mother
 tamara got paralized......after nina went to study Physics and Mathematics.....0n july 1st

Since Richard Branson started his first business in 1966 .... my grandm0ther tamara died.

His first business venture was a magazine called Student at the age of 16.

in 1967 nina got married to svechin petr. 

svechina vera petrovna born june 5 1973. in 1993 vera went to japan. in  1997 vera came to sf. to study film making.

Diana, Princess of Wales (Diana Frances; née Spencer; 1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997) was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, whom she married on 29 July 1981. 

Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia (Russian: Georgiy Mikhailovich RomanovRussian CyrillicГеоргий Михайлович Романов; born 13 March 1981)

In 1981 Prince Jaime and  Princess Margaritas parents decided to divorce.

and italian greek with russian mafia and american criminals did crime and tried to kill me in sf. and they did nuclear crises in japan. because japanese are fair and they gave me my crown in 1993.

and americans used me illegally. and they made many criminal companies ......

in  1949 my m0thers parents g0t h0use 33. /  Akihito (明仁 ?, born 23 December 

1933) is the current Emperor (天皇, tennō ?) ofJapan, the

 125th emperor of his line according to Japan's traditional 


in mother nina 7 years old... moved to house 33  in serpuhov. 

and russian mafia alla pugacheva...... made s0ng in 1978. vera was 5.

different SISTEM

Prince Louis died in 1949...... Louis II (12 July 1870 – 9 May 1949) was Prince of Monaco and Duke of Valentinois from 27 June 1922 until 9 May 1949.

While stationed in Algeria, he met Marie Juliette Louvet (1867–1930), a cabaret singer.  (Juliette was already the mother of two children, Georges and Marguerite, by her former husband, French "girlie" photographer Achille Delmaet.) Reportedly, Prince Louis fell deeply in love but, because of what in those days was seen as her ignominious station in life, his father would not permit the marriage. It has been asserted that Louis ignored his father and married Juliette in 1897: there is, however, no evidence for this allegation. Their illegitimate daughter, Charlotte Louise Juliette, was born on 30 September 1898 in Constantine, Algeria.

and my m0ther was invited t0 angeria

 t0 teach matematics. she didnt g0.


1998.   g00gle made illegally.  they put maifa inna in my gate place. 

and mafia ugly inna need t0 be killed ....they usless mafia with n0 brain.   this is wh0 they are.

mafia have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my life. they d0nt 0wn it.. they n0 b0dy t0 me.

they n0t there..... they cant be there..... that is n0t their place in life.

j0bs steve and my father n0t f0r them....

Sara from Rumaniya is on the left Inna d. is in my corner  with photographer who  cheated on her...

and ugly w0jcicki st0le my identity

that is crime t0 still s0mene identity.

and brin illegally made g00gle and andr0id. with my id

that is 0nly abut m0ney. and they st0le my id even and made criminal child fr0m my apt. 

they hurt my face and they tried t0 kill me. they killed my father and my relatives.

they n0t w0rse that. 

they cant live with me paying f0r their life. 

they did big mistake. huge mistake. 

happy anne because they tried t0 kill me and they  wr0te wr0ng ugly articles.....

they did crime ... they tried t0 kill me. and they need t0 be killed.

russian mafia did that and they have n0 right.

and they d0nt let me live my life.

they need t0 be killed and killed j0bs.... lm n0t happy.

vera 2006 and 33.  and my m0ther h0use 33. since 1949.

same year 2006  33 anne w0jcicki in my shirt 0f 1999 / 

d0esnt make sence...

thats n0t hers...... and will never be hers....

they d0nt understand. that is my m0thers h0use.

they made 

benji fr0m my apt. 525   st0ckt0n......  he is n0t my st0re 0ne st0ckt0n.... 

she has n0 c0necti0n t0 my life.

they criminal pe0ple.

they made me m0ve 0ut. rent very cheap.  ab0ut 750 a m0nth.....

 l c0uldnt  p0sibly make n0 m0ney at all.

they had t0 harm me physically t0 make me m0ve 0ut. t0 n0 where.

they did crime.

that was build f0r veras birthday. 

le0n princess anetta? 2009. we fr0m japan. 

Leon Edward Panetta (born June 28, 1938) is the 23rd and current United States Secretary . of Defense, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama .

8 years 0ld .....0ld alt vi0lin we have fr0m my m0ther / real  st0ry/ was ....15 rubles f0r classes f0r vera........ 15.00.  /my perfume in 2008 sine 1993/  and they did crime/ 

pal 0 alt 0

Steve Jobs’ house in Palo Alto


and they put bush ge0rge.... t0 pr0tect them... and they fund lucy f0r page...../ pig0zzi friend.... pig0zzi did crime .... n0t bringin me meet sergey...0r in 2003........../ they killed j0bs... killed my relatives.....

vera d0nt get in ge0rge bush h0use and making m0ney 0f ge0rge bush..... n0t taking his macys  card and id and drivers license numbers t0 live..... 

that is nonsense.


they didnt pay me ...........and they went t0 neker island / that was b0ught f0r me... fr0m my 

and they  br0ke my neck...

and t0m luddy 0f teluride.... 1998. 

A.TOM. carmel 1998. russian american conference. tim cook joined Apple in 1998.

steven j0bs g0t pixar fr0m ge0rge luca and als0 fr0m my apt. makes films....

vera c0uldnt make even 0ne cheap film..../ 0r any film/ 

and russian mafia tried t0 kill me.  and what  brin sergey did? in 2009..

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