Tuesday, April 17, 2012



vera making film 2004. they cl0sed my film and they killed my father..... grave  3055


they used  my time and s 
didnt invited me f0r the c0ncert. 

my jacket fr0m japan. jj pig0zzis villa

jayro... jay was painter wh0 painted knight f0r my film and

mick was knighted. /behind my back/ fr0m my cr0wn.

On 12 December 2003, Jagger was made a Knight Bachelor for services to music,

as Sir Michael Jagger by The Prince of Wales.

that was my time g0 t0 ted.

my 0ne st0ckt0n.

they did crime.

f0r vera ....g0 t0 edge..........criminal mafia pig0zzi went 0n my

time dressed in my shirt...2003

when that was my apple  st0re build .

and they killed pe0ple. and they br0ke my neck.

/ they d0 everything illegally/

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