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my L 4th t00th taken 0ut in 1994 in t0ky0 japan. present.

"The Power" is an electronic pop hit song by the German music group Snap! from their album World Power. It was released in January 1990 and reached number-one in the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, as well as the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play and Hot Rap charts. It is particularly known for its hook "I've got the power!".

and vera met power. in 1994. 10 years after ted started.

Published on: 
Worldwide Bluetooth semiconductor revenue is expected to grow from $1.7 billion in 2007 to $3.3 billion by 2012, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.5%. 
aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)

last train fr0m r0pp0ngi
producer from japan

they had to use 0ur baby horse king????

fr0m last train fr0m r0pp0ngi. 2004. they stopped my film. 

0n place 0f blue was villa pig00zzi card c0ll0r....private ph0t0.  1953 jh0nny is the b0y f0r me..../ my m0ther and father/

they had n0 right t0 get in my apt. and put mafia and all fake pe0ple there.....

1993. 1h. 10 min. veras jacket.. means pig0zzi father g0t that h0use ..... h0w... c0incidently.....

and he need t0 g0 t0 jail.  f0r trying t0 kill me .

Love Lera .

vera imp0rtant.....

crime. who is liver? 

they didnt let me d0 anything....

and my money. and vera can close android....

2010..... /0r  2011/ fr0m 77 ....33 / my m0ther h0use / 0r 34 ...2008

is when vera didnt g0 t0 cannes because 0f all this lies and she c0uldnt find pr0ducer f0r her film.


how d0 I get my m0ney?

and g00gle need to pay me t00. and  they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 1600?

they mafia and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

galactica 1988. Déjà Vu is a 1988 Soviet-Polish comedy thriller that takes place in Soviet Odessa..

1988 - My Blue World.

1 infinite l00p.

  they manipulated my ph0t0 ..... painted s0mething 0n it.



Very famous portrait of unknown woman by Russian artist Ivan Kramskoi.Wealthy, gorgeous, mysterious...

my perfume "dohan"


vera g0t that the st0re.


2008. and ugly pig0zzi and ugly  mick jagger did crime in 2008 and 2009 and pigzzi raped me in

2005 .... 

g0t 0n my apt.  and tried t0 kill me.  they didnt help me . they killed hercules

wh0 vera th0ught is his friend.  and pig0zzi went t0 japan.....  and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

and stephany imperial fr0m criminal pig0zzi b00k invited me t0 b0ulevard and I didnt like her..

Gorbachev met his future wife, Raisa Titarenko, at Moscow State University. 

They married in September 1953. 

sf china t0wn ... 1997 /where Bepa c. live fr0m 75/

 zat0ichi 2003. 

and they did crime.


virgin usa
65 bleeker str.
 six floor nyny 10012

vera payed rent 650 dollars in 1997..... steve jobs came back to apple.

5 at 25

ugly criminal

my time and they tried t0 kill me with russian mafia . pig0zzi in my shirt.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  pig0zzi is regular pers0n.... and attemped t0 kill.... ends up in jail.

and he need t0 pay me f0r my time fr0m 2002. 10 years.

my year 

we n0t h0use 0f first ladies....

this is crime.. manipulated.....marriege

Barack and Michelle Obama

ugly mafia svetlana and dmitri medvedev  manipulated marrige

and nikita als0 manipulated int0 marrige with tatarin....

C. C. Catch (born 31 July 1964 in Oss, Netherlands as Caroline Catharina Müller ) is a Dutch-German pop singer. 

1999. my best friend pr0ducer hercules.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)

cannes and vera prefers  michael jacks0n.

my m0ther was 6 ...33... then vera was  b0rn. vera 33.... but they did crime.

 and they need t0 pay.

with0ut my permissin ugly tatarin and maifa g0t  my thsirt 0f me and my m0ther

and tried t0 kill me. ugly the m0st ugly pers0n vera ever met. svetlana

ugly mafia  didnt let vera in her h0use make her life and film. 

shirt n0t hers......with blue r0ses....


sveta made in my apt and she n0t cleaning......after herself.

sveta hated strippers t00.

she need t0 g0 clean.

vera in veras h0use...

russian  cheap ugly 

 maifa need t0 be killed. 

wh0 will g0 t0 jail f0r killing. that need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they killed hercules and they n0t paying.   they bad bad bad ugly mafia.

ugly ugly mafia...they need t0 g0 t0 jail. they 
st0le my ph0t0s... g0 still u2 ph0t0..... 0r s0mene wh can fuck y0u in the ass.

wh0 has m0ney t0 hire l0wyer...

and this w0uld be killed.

they hate strippers. and they

 hate artists....

m0 ugly criminal mafia and need t0 pay. that tried t0 kill me. and they put in me 

s0mething t0 kill me.  and they keep having that there. and that is crime

they russian they this mafia and zhukva als0.. and they need t0 be killed.

 olive oils under its 365 brand vera 
36 in 09 and they tried t0 kill me .

0live my friend geisha and they did big pr0blem in japan. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

didnt need t0 d0 that and need t0 be killed.

they st0le my ph0t0s 0f girls fr0m 

hustler..... and my b00k c0ver.....

my intellectual pr0perty...

and killed marina 0lh0vslkaya... killed my father

anther ugly tatartin.... piclk0k ? peak0k n0t tatarin.

ugly mafia tatarin illegal svetlana....

vera likes ruslana

they hated strippers. they d0ing n0thing themselves..ugly mafia...

ugly mafia pe0ple ........m0..... they did crime. 

russian mafia 2009

 and  made me disable and made me m0ve 0ut fr0m my apt. 

tried t0 kill me and killed my aunt. and tw0 0f my uncles and their place in jail. 


pig0zzi... friend 0f hercules......
 pushed me t0 have sex and invited me t0

b0n0 went away with mafia berez0vsky in my dress... they c0unted...

and they killed my father grave 3055

2007. Im in Edun tshirt with Paul David Hewson. Bono? with 0r with 0ut y0u?

they h0ped f0r pig0zzi t0 help me with my film. 

... but pig0zzi turned 0ut t0 be  criminal. 

my aer0fl00t card.... they l00k at my apt.

55 86 63


my apple l0g0...... 
63 fr0m russia with l0ve. cvs......

In 1977, g.w.Bush announces he will run for Congress in Texas. At a barbecue, Bush meets Laura Lane Welch ... his future wife. 

 Japanese porn is censored. Male and female genitalia are censored using a mosaic .....

1999  vera 25....

The Taishō period (大正時代 Taishō jidai?, "period of great righteousness"), or Taishō era, is a period in the history of Japan dating from July 30, 1912 to December 25, 1926, coinciding with the reign of the Taishō Emperor.

11 /my building/  t0 25.......


Prince Chatrichalerm Yukol .....m0viemaker....came t0 s.f.

and g00gle didnt 
ask vera befre they made g00gle and 
st0le veras 23 and me.

and they killed hercules........

30 years 0f apple l0g0 .

and berez0vsky mafia c0unted /0r pig0zzi/

invited ugly russian mafia anika 0n my card...

anika when vera came t0 
say hi.... t0 u2 
alm0st killed me.

anika in my grandm0thers dress..... means they knew what they d0ing.... and they did crime.

vera l00ks like mafia sam kneban0v wh0 vera met in 2000 and he ended up making bad film in


vera l00ks

after my meeting b0n0

2007. Im in Edun tshirt with Paul David Hewson. Bono? with 0r with 0ut y0u?

sam .... and he g0t ugly girlfriend...vera cant stand...c0py 0f ugly mafia zhuk0va...

wh0 had n0 right t0 get in my life. with her ugly mafia abram0vich...and her mafia father.

illegal nig0 gets married with / where he g0t idea he can 

use my family graves and my father

and they killed him/

wh0 gives perissi0n. what mafia? they with criminal jz and criminal ugly  pr0h0r0v.

 vera with ge0rge lucas

star wars and they tried t0 kill me. in 2009. wh0 g0ing t0 jail. 

nigo, makise, riho, bape, marry

they intr0duce /yakuza 0r russian mafia?/

  against vera svechina... because they criminals. yakuza 0r russian mafia?

t0 n0t pay..... and thats ugly...... vera didnt like bathing ape fr0m first sec0nd.

Dec 16, 2008 ... ugly  Actress Riho Makise, 36, has married criminal fashion designer Nigo, 37, after a four-year relationship, ... His family name is Nagao, so it's a nickname.

 The couple met in May 2004 

mean they 

started  when vera started t0 make film..... 

2004 they didnt let me make my film. 
Love Lera .

vera never heard 0f prince jaime..... 

vera had great time in japan.

wh0 tried t0 make it that j n0t ai me? 

mafia pv0 /where fr0m? /

msu 35/ 

1997. 11 my building. / vera wanted t0 make m0vie/


first maki san did mistake in maki

sec0nd. wh0 0rganised c0nflict? and they put 0range fr0m 

my gun magazine behind

 mai san  and they

st0le my identity and my 23 and me and  they did crime... / ugly w00jcicki did crime and need t0 g0 t0 jail./ 

why they think its 0k t0 use my identity ... my life..... and my r00m and d0 crime.......

wh0 are they? and they need t0 be killed. what their name?

1998 in gun magazine vera.

 olive oils under its 365 brand vera 
36 in 09 and they tried t0 kill me .

after meeting mick jagger russian mafia tried t0 kill me.

0live my friend geisha and they did big pr0blem in japan. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

illegal ugly mafia st0le my ph0t0s...... tried t0 kill me. 
mafia behind that need t0 g0 t0 jail

 they tried t0 kill vera.

vera wanted t0 make film. / 300 000/ 

they killed hercules.

criminal c0uple and has n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my life.

wh0 want t0 live in russia?  0nly stupid criminal pe0ple.

vera l00ks like sam.... and his email may win...and they l0st....

they made  sick michel white. 

sam br0ther 0f brin.... wh0 illigally made g00gle with0ut asking me

23 and me and rapist pig0zzi g0t 0n my apt. in

sf using black bullshit... and 0pened brand in t0ky0 0n my time

killed hercules bellville ....

and ugly w0jcicki st0le my 

and they killed my father.

 and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 


they cant d0 anything ... they d0nt kn0w what they d0ing... and they d0nt

 kn0w what they talk ab0ut.
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