Thursday, April 19, 2012

he didnt kn0w what was g0ing 0n....

my father didnt wish them well. 

he has his 0wn w0man child .

 they need t0 pay f0r killing my father. 0nly 0ne father vera had. 

he hates this ugly killer peple.. they killed him and they tried t0 kill me.

they n0t c00l n0t nice and n0t respected.

Her name is ugly Paulette Alexandra van Ommen and  they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

my father didnt w0rk f0r them. vera didnt w0rk f0r them ..

f0r me they ugly and n0 b0dy and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

this is n0t r0yal. this is ugly and unpleasant.  children 0f that mafia.....pathetic.....

wh0 0rganising that.......... vera didnt all0wed t0 get in her life. what 

im n0t ugly v0..... this is ugly... and they tried t0 kill me. and they will be killed. vera didnt d0 harm t0 them. 

they trying t0 make ugly mafia  0ksana vasilenk0 fr0m me.... that is n0t w0rking ugly............that is ugly... they n0t fr0m my 33.

vera d0esnt want vasilenk0 0ksana in her life. 

vera queen herself. vera d0nt need this ugly mafia....

wh0 0rganised that? and why vera has t0 pay?

0p0sit.  paulet 0men need t0 pay t0 vera.

Paulette Alexandra ? / maybe they lie with name alexandravan Ommen 0wns vera 10 billi0n /diferent fr0m apple m0ney.. f0r attempt t0 kill me/............. when vera get paid f0r death 0f her father? vera was very hapy. 

she d0nt like ugly peple in her life. criminal 

and manipulative pe0ple..... vera d0esnt want in her life. vera is en0ugh....


wh0 0rganised that??????? there s0 much crime behind that....p0lice need t0 check....ugly peple like that.

my grandm0ther green and they  messed up 0ur graves....... where my grand0ther died and lays...

criminal ugly pr0h0r0v.

has n0 c0nnectin t0 my life.

vera with ge0rge lucas... s0l0....

ugly mafia inna didenk0..... in my green sweater .... and they  messed up 0ur graves.......

and that is crime. 

1994. / after japan... where they gave me already cr0wn/

Bepa c. / in russian... and place where l live/ 

lizy ugly pers0n inna didenk0 was in japan... changed name t0 alexandra.....

ugliest place 0n planet mafia there ugliest..... they never lived in my gate. 


and ugly didenk0 .  and ugly mafia wh0 did that all....and ugly didenk0s cust0mers...

vera had great cust0mers....
Sara from Rumaniya is on the left Inna d. is in my corner  with photographer who  cheated on her...

and vera hated st0re cb 2. behind my apple   vera is n0t  2.  that idream 0f ugly .....

vera didnt invite them t0 her life. 

after they killed my father mafia f0ll0wed me in big car..

vera g0t very scared..... after they killed 

ruslana in my dress ...

vera went t0 p0lice and then

they tried t0 kill vera.

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