Monday, April 23, 2012

Vera had flwer r0se 0n the ph0t0 in 160. in gate 15. /160 me.vera/


1994. after vera came back fr0m japan.

The First Chechen War,  

also known as the War in Chechnya, was a conflict between the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, fought from December 1994 to August 1996.

august  vera g0t c0mputer t0 c0ntinue educati0n in usa

svetlana g0t prengant 

R0sa friend.
It must 0f been 1000 000 r0ses in   2009
In fr0nt 0f my gate.
Are you in?

Because s0ng was made fr0m my ph0t0.
In 1973.

They cut tree t0 put it there. There was n0thing…

Criminal alla pugacheva and mafia. 
 Alla Puga...


vera 25. vera want t0 make m0vie.

kan0j0.....j0 mennel. 


They put after cannes my and my m0thers shirt 0n tatarin Svetlana chenskaya. With0ut asking.
my m0ther didnt all0wed. wh0 did that.

Autumn 1999. A wave of bloody explosions sweeps ... totally destroyed a 7-storey building on the Kashira . / chechenkaya mafia/ 

s0me Girl wh0 w0rked in japan g0t new apt. there. br0ght family 0ver fr0m pr0vince....
All her family killed.

vera n0t against girls wh0 w0rks in japan

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