Monday, May 7, 2012

pig0zzi has n0 right t0 use my image. my shirt my time. they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

my film has n0 c0nnecti0n t0 pig0zzi 0r any 0f this ugly pe0ple.
and ugly alexia liked criminal 0rl0va... they killed 
prince and they tried t0 kill vera.

saji san

when ugly alexia and mafia zhuk0va with mafia abram0vich g0t in pig0zzi life?
what year? they did crime. they need t0 g0 t0 jail. vera d0nt like alexia. they mafia. ugly mafia.

1h.10 min. film .

they didnt let me make my film.  my b00k....

anetta. and he need t0 g0 t0 jail. they tried t0 kill vera.

 in his ugly brand that is very bad qu0lity. he is n0t vera.. vera didnt all0wed. 

vera n0t w0rking f0r ugly pig0zzi. he n0t paying me. mafia did that. 
they have n0 right t0 t0uch my w0rk and they with mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail . pig0zzi fake image.

1979.My second time in Japan. Atami  hotsprings 96 6 27

/vera met jean pig0zzi friend 0f pr0ducer hercules bellville./

they st0pped my film. in may 


prince j ai me.... and criminal /with love to....33../
and this. 
saito tetsuya..... need to go  to jail.

fake and criminal.

Princess Alexia of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau (given namesAlexia Juliana Marcela Laurentien; born 26 June 2005 /fake/ ....

and criminal mafia zhuk0va met abram0vich.... and they did 325 / g0t illegally in my life after 99 and killed m. jacks0n and ect..../

 that is svechina vera b0rn june 73. they hate pig0zzis father..... wh0 g0t f0r vera h0use....

and jean pig0zzi pushed me t0 have sex.  and they did crime.


they killed hercules bellville. and they tried t0 kill me in 09. ugly h0rrible mafia and fake alexia vera met in 09..

wh0 did that

what that d0ing with my ph0t0s... there n0 place f0r jeff....
n0 place f0r marina...n0 place f0r irina and n0 place f0r silvia fl0ry... 

wh0 l00k likes irina......0f mafia shiller....and dasha ugly mafia...
and n0 place f0r assistant 0f  larry s0nsini.....that cant help me....
her name suzan h0me .../newt0n apple l0g0 that jean steped 0n/

and jean pig0zzi 

vera met jeff...95.
they put 0n criminal pig0zzi

putin and jeff. vera never met putin... dmitry lesnevskiy did crime.
after vera met him. in 09
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they didnt give me m0ney t0 make my film. 

putina..... after 99 they put my shirt 0n w0jcicki and they tried t0 kill me in 09.
and they killed bam..... bretney anne merfy.... they cant give away my things..... 

they didnt pay me.
fr0m larry ....y0u there there f0r im...../ t0 vera/

they didnt get rights t0 use my ph0t0s and they tried t0 kill me.
they tried t0 kill me after visiting paul allen...
they used my ph0t0s and killed my relatives.
they need t0 leave me al0ne and they need t0 be killed.

mgik...they n0t mgik.... they need t0 be killed.

ugly fake and mafia.... marina 0rl0va need t0 g0 t0 jail. they with mafia and her mafia tried t0 kill me.

in my apt. need t0 be killed.

pig0zzi sick man. with russian mafia that n0t leaving me al0ne. vera didnt want t0 have 
sex with pigzzi. he is rapist and need t0 g0 t0 jail.
they have n c0nnecti0n t0 apple 0r anything...

they didnt pay me... they have n0 right t0 use my life.
criminal with0ut my 0k.
hurting me and my relatives...
m0bius.... b is vera....
they need t0 pay vera.

they h0rrible ugly....
0ne king way... vera 0ne st0ckt0n.../lived 0n st0ckt0n/
Apple Store, San Francisco, CA
they have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my pr0ject.
0r apple 0r anything...
ugly criminal brin needed t0 invite vera and he needed invest in my film
last train fr0m r0pp0ngi/ 
they all have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my film. 
they try...n0t g0ing t0 happen.

Im n0t johny. j0hhny is the b0y f0r me. 
n0t anetta 0r vera f0r j0hhny ...they ugly.
they  with mafia zhukva and abram0vich...
tried t0 kill me.
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they have n0 right t0 get in my life.

2003 . he didnt invite me t0 ted. pig0zzi did crime. they need t0 g0 t0 jail. zhuk0va ...0rl0va and mafia..
pig0zzi... alexia.... sergey 0lh0vskiy...bering straight.... wh0 did crime...?

 brin st0le my identity and children name... benji... fr0m my r00m... fr0m my ids and cds....they  put ugly russian mafia and tried t0 kill me. in my apt. 525 st0ckt0n str.  in 2009 2010 2011 2012. they killed hercules......bellville.

wh0 did that vera d0nt kn0w. 

f0r  crime they need t0 g0 t0 jail and they need t0 pay me. they killed j0bs steve. and my relatives........ and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 


vera need help with that.
1. h0w vera gets her m0ney fr0m tim c00k.
and mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail...
Reed Smith


18 vera was in 1991.

1994. richard smith moscow. 
1996 moscow

micah reed. criminal.... 

vera divorced long time ago..he 0wns me m0ney.

benji micahs friend
turn  Horizontaly. vera euro
1973 dec.
nina vladimir0vna svechina and vera
Doctor Zhivago......Im alive. december 1973. rosoku.... TAIPEI.

they th0ught vera will be back t0 russia in 2004.  at 31. / vera started t0 make film/

at 37 ...2010..... they needed t0 pay me m0ney. /my film was n0t made../ they tried t0 kill me.

415 6/ june 0r 33 /93 0737

21 vera g0t n0 visa t0 japan. 

17. vera 15. they killed hercules..... they killed my father....

1979. 160 my apartment in Obnisnk. Russia. building 11.


and they didnt let me make my film.... and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

1h 10 min

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  and faceb00k illegal.....

lisa was 11.
1989. vera lived in 11. vera 16.

playing ball ...vera broke finger in russia...
/that was good... no home work.../
vera svechina 

until 2009 

they never came...


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