Wednesday, May 23, 2012

nikita and vera went t0 germany t0 visit felix. his wife was ugly inna

they need t0 be killed. they n0t my friend and never will be. ugly friend friend 0f irina.....

dec. inna didenk0 already in my grandm0thers sweater...

and then she g0t apt. 73 ...fake 

criminal ugly w0jcicki g0t veras 23 and me.....

and she need t0 pay vera and 

cl0se that ugly c0mpany she made.


vera will n0t take that  bullshit lightly.

ugly and cheap.

they killed veras father.... veras relatives tried t0 kill vera...

evgeniya krasn0kutskaya  g0t sick

my m0ther had red sweater in my childh00d and they had 

n0 right t0 t0uch my life t0 make it w0rse.

and w0jcicki need t0 be killed 0r they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

Eugenia Brin  krasn0kutskaya recently retired from her job as scientist working on issues related to climate and weather forecasting at NASA. Along with her family, she resettled in the United States with the assistance of HIAS in 1979. 

in my shirt.... ugly and need t pay...trick....

they tried t0 kill vera

illegal andr0id.... 

China to Google: Android must remain open

In OKing the Google-Motorola merger, regulators in China stipulate that Google must make the Android OS free and open for five years. 

/ what means 0pen?/ they tried t0 kill vera.

they listening t0 criminal pig0zzi...

vera didnt get permisi0n t0 use her id f0r making andr0id.
telluride film festival....n0t d0ing cheap tricks.

andr0id need t0 be finish..... they never will be number 1.they fake.

vera and ugly italians are n0t t0gether......and dmitry medvedev is criminal....
brin cheap trick

ugly mafia lena and ugly mafia katya... have n0 c0nneti0n t0 my life. they were and they are ugly.


ugly lena thinks she l00ks like isabella r0selini and they did crime.

and ugly mafia katya with her ugly husband and ugly deff criminal child...
wh0 did crime?

RomeOpen City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

RomeOpen City (Italian: Roma, città aperta) is a 1945 Italian war drama film,
 directed by Roberto Rossellini. 

they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

From the beginning, Google has taken an open approach with Android, making it free and available to any hardware manufacturer -- a strategy that's helped to quickly make Android the No. 1 mobile OS globally.

jeff bez0s with ugly wife.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are both Princeton graduates.

they d0ing crime.

vera in 73.

they did crime ....they killed princess diana 97.

vera same as princess diana.

we wanted t0 make film. ab0ut girls 0f 18  19 20 years 0ld....

See full size image

bering manager sent me cd after I started to make my film. in 2004.
natasha not from 33.....she has child dasha.. they have no connection to 33.

they got garazh on my time and killed jackson and killed jobs and didn't let me make my film...

and books..... and they tried to kill vera.

wh0 put marina in 14 gate? 

my m0ther h0use 33. there n0 marina......
ever and never will be.

vera in 73. 
m0viemakers .... veras place 33 and vera mothers...

criminal pig0zzi in my shirt. vera think greeks are ugly nati0n. greek pe0ple ugly...

what they want fr0m vera

they need t0 g0 away. n0t funny.

0lga 0f sav0y.... vera is n0t 0lga.....

they mafia and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they need t0 be killed.

wh0 0rganised that bullshit.... need t0 g0 t0 jail.

and lga need t0 pay vera.... f0r time they waisted with thinking they imp0rtant.

they n0t imprtant. f0r vera. pig0zzi t00.

there is n0 marina in my life.  they 0n the way t0 my life.

ugly pig.

and ugly putin .... need t0 imigrate t0 italy... 

pig0zzi rapist and has t0 g0 g0 t0 jail.  vera has n0 time f0r bullshit.

vera d0nt like putin. 

 ugly mafia  zhuk0va and fake mgik mafia 0rl0va fake and they tried t0 kill vera...


what they want fr0m vera. ?
and  put russian miliziya. that vera has n0 c0necti0n t00.  

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

in 14 we don't have marina...
they fake and they killed people....

153 in 14 gate...33 my mothers house. my mother has child VERA. 

duc university... and rs. /fake n0t living in my gate/ and criminal band rudenk0.

15 gate is vera. 14 gate vera
we don't have any marina

we /vera and nina vladimirovna/ live in gate 15. on 3 floor in 3 rooms...

ugly marina did crime and need to go to jail they tried to kill me and they killed my relatives 

she lives in la.

arived in 2006. ugly wojcicki got my t shirt in 2006 and my 23 and me.

sick and need to go to jail......

we didn't invite ugly russian mafia.... and that stole my photos and tried to kill vera with zhukova and russian mafia.

my grandfather
v lad i mir /v for vera/ vera lad i mir

friend t0m luddy....

they did vladi mir

marina vladi...and vladimir vis0tskiy.. and putin...
putin g0t 0n my time... they crazy.... and they jeal0us.

The 5 2nd Cannes Film Festival was held on

 May 12 

23, 1999. /y0ngest baby fr0m 2 babies vera/

1999. svechina vera 25 years 0ld. 

1979 my r00m 160.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)1979. 160 my apartment in Obnisnk. Russia. building 11.

1999 /vera without criminal mafia/ 

vera /v lad i mir/ 

italians are n0t fr0m 33.

they hate russians...

nikita sergeevich was there...

he is n0t 33. and they /russian mafia/ tried t0 kill vera  2009 and they t0rchure
  nikita my br0ther and they put him  0n my wedding... 0n my place he was n0t there....

cannes film festival 2009

my 0scar 

and nikita mikhalk0v fr0m  3t tried t0 get 0scar....illegally...

sakur0v was there and russian m0vies are n0t g00d. they didnt give me m0ney.
russians criminal...ugly mafia vera n0t interested.
they tried t0 kill vera they will be killed.
again...they killed pasha.....dp...
they killed j0bs...steve...russian mafia....

ugly yulya... they like italians and bad films..

bad feng shui

/mafia zhuk0va n0t d they mafia and they ugly/

this is ugly and they need to go to jail. 

marina fucking with jeff

mafia band bering straight .....bahrain.....

ugly gennadiy... n0t c0nnected t0 vera.... leave me al0ne...mafia zhuk0va.

leave vera al0ne.


need to go to jail. russian mafia...... to my regret vera can't 

fight with ugly mafia....need t0 be killed.

this ugly came with eye...

she is n0t vera she tried t0 kill vera and 

she need t0 g0 t0 jail 

marina of greece criminal we don't have her in my 33. they need to go to jail. 

they did crime. 




and they hate neverland and my flying strippers they hate... russian mafia hates strippers.... 0r anything sexy.

Michael jackson new hair style and sunglasses.jpg

and this is ugly crime...they sucked 0ut fr0m my head...




naomi campbel.... also criminal and ugly and need to go to jail. 

mafia found CRIMINAL mafia capital....guy... AND THEY NEED TO GO TO JAIL. 

her and her mother  have no connection to Obninsk... and my crown or panama... 

that she had on in 2007. they killed my father.... grave 3055.... 2007...

and she went on my S be on

 on TV and etc.....

S my last name not hers..... and Valera not her mother..... that's my uncle..... and my fathers 

SVECHIN..... also.....

they with criminal mafia  ZHUKOVA and they with russian mafia tried to kill vera

and they killed few of vera's relatives.......

and they need to go to jail. 

and my friend...... asai didn't reply because she is fake. 

we have no any marina in where we live 33.. and bill gate.. they manipulated and bad press...


they killed Olhovskaya marina

and RUSSIAN MAFIA  tried to kill vera. and they killed vera's father...

they go t on my time and Steve Jobs died at 56...

vera met tom in 1998. GOOGLE WAS MADE ILLEGALLY using vera and her family without my OK.

and they need to get out of my life.

and they did crime.

tsukada san invested and lost money.

and that was vera in green dress 0f Betsey Johnson in 2008 with criminal marijoli 
cheese 0n her neck.


Среда, 16 мая 2012 г.  

Carlos Fuentes, Mexican Writer, Dies at 83

russian mafia made vera m0ve 0ut fr0m her studi0. 525 st0ckt0n.

 Tue, 1 Jun 2010
From: /manager in 525 st0ckt0n/ fr0m berkeley....


We're still owed one month rent from you and I'm also wondering if you're going to be able to catch up and if we should expect any rent from you this month. Please let me know, thanks.

- Dario Fuentes

carlos pedr0sa gq /fr0m my 1998/ in mexic0 g0t baby dilan /after vera started t0 dance in hustler in 2005/ 
with mark pincuss /criminal zynga made fr0m my m0thers farm ville and my d0g illegally and 0n my time.../ friend michell meere..

wh0 intr0duced vera t0 pincus....

we had dancer dilan in hustler amanda....

... had n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my life....

russian mafia tried t0 kill vera in 09.
and died carlos 0f parma...

prince jaime count of bardi......killed father and  criminal pv0 fr0m my killed father firm....

firm has n0 idea.... mafia did all that.....

that was supp0st t0 happen. they keep d0ing crime.

prince jaime..../ japan loves vera/ what they tried t0 d0.

instead 0f intr0ducing vera t0 prince  jaime  0f parma they d0ing crime.

instead 0f intr0ducing vera t0 brin and page they d0ing crime.

The year of 1985 turned to be a landmark in the history of the country. It was the end of Brezhnev’s epoch, the time associated with considerably quiet period at the political arena. It was the beginning of great changes, attempts to reform the existent mode of the ruling organization. This period got the name of Perestroika and still raises different feelings in the souls of former Soviet citizens.

One of the first steps undertaken by Gorbachev as the head of the Soviet Union was the all-Russian anti-alcohol campaign. The government artificially increased the prices on alcohol products, the amount of which was limited in the shops. Besides, all the vineyards were destroyed. The results of the campaign were deplorable: the people replaced wine and vodka with home-brew and various substitutes.

we with mr.saji.

f0r 2009

1h.10 min. 

vera in 2008 spring 34..... /35 in june/

34 d my bra......

v lad i mir.

wh0 put there criminal pv0.? they did against

 vera and they need t0 pay vera.

vera in 73. 

m0viemakers ....

they did crime ....they killed princess diana 97 

/n0t because 0f  veras grandm0ther tamara/.

we wanted t0 make film. ab0ut girls 0f 18  19 20 years 0ld....

See full size image

they didnt care...... and they d0ing crime....

La Notte (English: The Night) is a 1961 Italian drama film

 directed by Michelangelo Antonioni 

new was supposed t0 be that.....
last train fr0m r0pp0ngi aka as0bi.....

and my flying strippers.....

2009 n0 w0man n0 cry...... /d0nt cry girl/

usa f0r africa.....

The Masonic Seal of America

Inconvenient Truth is a 2006 documentary film
                 my 33. /they did with0ut my 0k/

they did crime putting marina.... and 0ther fake pe0ple.


this ugly russian mafia came with fake eye...

she is n0t vera she tried t0 kill vera and 

she need t0 g0 t0 jail . and they killed my aunt.

that need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

and they made vera disabled.... and made vera with0ut m0ney m0ve 0ut fr0m her apartment...

vera went t0 steve j0bs h0use p0lice s0w me there.....

vera will g0 there again t0 p0lice.

and mafia fr0m russia  need t0 g0 t0 jail

and apple and g00gle and faceb00k and zynga need t0 pay me.

vera with baby h0rse king that hit my m0ther in 1950 in dubr0vka. russia. chech0vskiy regi0n.

My second time in Japan. Atami  hotsprings 96 6 27

criminal mick jagger  did crime.

he is n0t king.  he needed t0 help vera. he tried t0 kill vera with russian mafia help and his fake ugly girlfriend and ugly mafia alexia....

al g0re  not yet divorced, but the former VP is said to be dating Elizabeth Keadle, an environmental advocate, 

he is with mafia and his centry 0f drugs and mafia ended l0ng time ag0.

 Elizabeth mick child. vera is n0t Elizabeth 

they need t0 g0 t0 jail f0r trying t0 kill vera and making m0ney
fr0 veras ph0t0s and getting pig0zzi  island fr0m veras ph0t0

and her m0ther ph0t0. and criminal c0ncert...2008.

1961 my grandm0ther tamara g0t paralyzed   when 
princess diana was b0rn.

1999. svechina vera 25 years 0ld. 

1979 my r00m 160.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)1979. 160 my apartment in Obnisnk. Russia. building 11.

1999 /vera without criminal mafia/ 

vera /v lad i mir/ 


and they / russians/ did that.... they tried t0 kill vera. they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

wh0 did that? wh0 put in me s0mething and put name? 0f zhukva and 0rl0va in my head?

Originally NetLedger, NetSuite was founded in 1998 by Evan Goldberg, current chairman and chief technology officer, with the financial backing of Lawrence J. Ellison,

 founder and chief executive officer of Oracle Corp. Other initial investors were StarVest Partners and UBS PaineWebber.
NetSuite's major shareholder is Ellison, who financed the company's creation in late 1998 to as the company began.

Heath Ledger killed by this russian mafia in January 2008.

thats mafia and that  need to be in jail. 

they not leaving me alone. that russian mafia.
they have no connection to my projects.

mafia and they need to go to jail. 

this mafia tried to kill vera and they need to go to jail. 

because russian mafia arrived.... killed heath. ruslana...etc....and they tried to kill vera and they need to go to jail. 

1998.  what connection?

1. that's my private life. 

1   16 2 Kaigan, Minato, Tokyo 105 8576, Japan

Hotel Inter-Continental TOKYO BAY, Takashiba Tokyo

1985 vera 12.... 1976

and looking for smart woman in shirt skirt 1988.

1976 vera in shirt skirt...

Im 3 years old. Apple Established on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino.

 flying strippers...
1996 mafia lena and katya makar0va.
they ugly and they mafia

vera 1996. /ANETTA/ cia princess anetta 2009/
about 2003 in north beach sf grant 1424.
new  sh0p
mafia did criminal place...

who  organised    that....?

vera is not pigozzi and vera is not paparazzi. that was time for FLYING STRIPPERS.

pigozzi is not vera. he is not living on place of my uncle valera who died /was killed at 52...when pigozzi was born/

pigozzi opened shop in japan on my time of my film....and they did problem in japan and they tried to kill me

olga criminal it was my time 2003. Vera knew pigozzi already.. they killed hercules...

Olga is not vera and has no connection to vera.

1953 johnny boy for me.....  /nina and vera/  

that is not me in white sweater....

mafia... pigozzi pushed vera to have sex and they killed my relatives and tried to kill vera

pigozzi not living in my apt 525..... vera was 5 25... they killed hercules.....
they need to pay.... vera not italian not pigozzi wife.. pigozzi and ugly greek not paying my bills.....

ugly marina is olgas mother. they had no connection to my life . they got in to make crime.

rapist pigozzi need to be killed. for fucking with my life. and my island. /we didn't ask him.

he did it and he fucked it up/ 

2003 was my time. pigozzi is not king. he is regular person...he took advantage of vera with mafia from russia. vera and mama have no interest to supply anything to olga. we dont know her...

they need t0 pay.

strange and not important show....we sow pigozzi's pictures many times...
2008. that was time for flying strippers photo show....

in accident with princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed  in 1997... killer paparazi is n0t main character

they made on place of my film
time for bad people...

and they tried t0 kill vera...
vera came t0 jean pig0zzis place with Script in


and this mafia tried to kill me and they need to go to jail. 

vera svechina

bad idea.......

manipulative maria.... /they c0uld call him 0ther name/

Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia (Russian: Georgiy Mikhailovich Romanov,Russian CyrillicГеоргий Михайлович Романов; born 13 March 1981) 

and they made fake  pr0h0r0v.... and etc........ fake id..... and they need t0 leave vera al0ne. 

DIANA Princess of Wales
ugly mafia zhukova need to get out of Vera's life. better right to jail. 

they d0nt care...

they against my 33. ugly alexia ....

they with criminal mafia in moscow.

2008. alexia n0t g00d. alexia fake.
they killed m.jackc0n and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they put her 0n place 0f my perfume.

she is n0t imp0rtant. 

they ugly and making me not happy.

this is not diana..they killed her with whoever else is there.....they mafia

and they not was time for LADY D. for VERA.

and vera's film.....

they need to go to jail for attempt to kill VERA SVECHINA together with ugly alexia...

they got chelsy from my street near my apt. 525 stockton after steve jobs and apple build for vera apple stockton store on vera's street.

alexia and zhukova tried to kill vera uin sf... they paid to mafia to kill me...

they need to go to jail. they killed m.jackson and all the great people in last two years...

and they hurt vera and they hurt my mother Nina.

n0 c0ntact with that mafia...

pig0zzi vera s0w with ph0t0s that was playing.....they did crime

and ugly alexia can g0 t0 jail with russian mafia that tried t0 kill vera. 

wh0 liosten t0 alexia /ab0ut criminal 0rl0va/ .... mafia fr0m russia...... and they tried t0 killvera.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

ugly alexander need t0 kill  0r put t0 jail ugly brainless alexia.

they hired mafia to kill vera. and they 

need to go to jail. 

to my regret ugly mafia orange and ugly maxima have no connection to my life. 

and criminal mafia alexia 2005 and ugly zhukova and mafia abramovich also. have no connection

 to my mother...father..and me and no connection to my father.

and they need to get out of my life and they need to go to jail .

and they killed steve jobs and my relatives. 

vera in 1974

1974. 0bninsk. I  was born in june 1973..

p0well terravera

after my trip t0 japan 

ugly didenk in my green sweater.... and they g0t fake name alexandra..... they black magic and they need t0 g0 t0 jail they fucking with my life.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. inna number and what 910 706 63 74

70 33.... vere... and they did crime.

bape...varya child irina... and yura... and... 


they gave ugly wife t0 nig0.

t0 be against vera..... 

she g0t building 73.. my year... they n0t b0rn in 73... n0w they put her parents there.

tw0 years they tried t0 kill vera....

p0well b0rn 63 they tried t0 kill vera and n0w ugly  inna m0ved in new h0use. my m0ther

d0nt have t0 pay f0r ugly inna. they killed my father.

they  tried t0 kill vera.  vera g0t apartment ...they g0t jeal0us.....

and inna need t0 be killed and her ugly child fake and ugly  anastasia/ 

they tried t0 make 8 between vera and ugly inna 

because her ugly child will g0 t0 1 grade. vera d0nt give a shit.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

wh0 did that  ugly crime?.. and what they put in me.

vera n0t black and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

1974 VERA.  they in 1975 vera moved to gate 15.

Doctor Zhivago......Im alive. december 1973. rosoku.... TAIPEI.

in 1977 they made illegally apple logo from vera. 

ROB JANOFF. The logo was introduced with the new product Apple II in April of that year 77.

my 1st  trip to usa. new york city 1995. Metropolitan 0pera... then it was atami 1996...

1995.VERA in NYC behind me METROPOLITAN OPERA ...


rapist and criminal jean pig0zzi  friend 0f mafia zhuk0va went t0 russia 2008

and they tried t0 kill vera.

he made criminal brand.... fr0m veras place in sf. with0ut permisi0n its crime.

get 0ut fr0m my apt.

 ugly mafia  zhuk0va and fake mgik mafia 0rl0va need t0 killed fake and they tried t0 kill vera...


pig0zzi likes ab0rshi0ns....
....garazh......mafia pig0zzi mafia 

vera returned in 2010 t0 find 0ut what happened.
after marina and mafia tried t0 kill vera
pig0zzi didnt 0pen d00r. he said marina...

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

he need t0 g0 t0 jail.  f0r killing steve j0bs.
and trying t0 kill vera 

and  put russian miliziya. that vera has n0 c0necti0n t00.  

medvedev criminal t00.
fr0m grave 0f my grandmther tamara... wh0 g0t Parallelised when princess diana was b0rn..


Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin (RussianБори́с Никола́евич Е́льцинIPA: [bɐˈrʲis nʲɪkɐˈlaɪvʲɪtɕ ˈjelʲtsɨn] ( listen); 1 February 1931 – 23 April 2007) was the President of Russia, serving from 1991 to 1999.

In office
29 May 1990 – 10 July 1991
Preceded by

Виталий Иванович Воротников

Vitaly Ivanovich Vorotnikov (RussianВита́лий Ива́нович Воротнико́в; 20 January 1926 – 19 February 2012) was a Soviet statesman who was from 1983 to 1988 theChairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR, and from 1988 to 1990 Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.[1] He was born in Voronezh.[2]Vorotnikov died on February 19, 2012 at the age of 86.[3]

they killed him......

and that was my pisez....
See full size image
and a bit stupid pisezkaya elena married t0 werner

in 1991 made

1999 vera in telluride.... /after vera was b0rn they made film festival in telluride.... because my m0ther was hit by baby h0rse king in 1950.

Werner Stäheli

h0w vera will get her 10 billi0n fr0m apple?
g00gle faceb00k and zynga and wh0ever 0rganised that need t0 g0 t0 jail. / they had t0 ask/

that was my pr0ject. last train fr0m r0pp0ngi c0py written and etc.

they killed my relatives... and they tried t0 kill vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

fr0m my b00k flying strippers that vera left at the h0use 0n waverley they st0le what vera wr0te f0r veras father.

Shortly after Mark Zuckerberg tied the knot with longtime m0re then 9 years

means.. 2003 peter g0 f   /female vera  / flying strippers....

my film in peterburg was st0pped in 2004....Love Lera .

and they did crime 

 girlfriend Priscilla Chan.. pc mebius sharp.......  that vera g0t as a present in 1996.....

, Mark Zuckerberg, president and CEO of Facebook, walks to morning sessions with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan during the 2011 Allen and Co. Sun Valley Conference, in Sun Valley, Idaho. On Saturday, May, 19, 2012, Zuckerberg and Chan tied the knot at a small ceremony at his Palo Alto, Calif., home, capping a busy week for the couple (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Zuckerberg / made fr0m my apt./ was waiting for — it was Chan’s medical school graduation,

made film 0n my time and tried t0 kill vera

and russian mafia st0le my ph0t0s..

m0gi was in medical sch00l.. veras Customer  in  1996.

vera met him in the st0re and criminal mafia didnt have right t0 use my friends
with0ut asking me and them.

and steve jobs like stupid going to tennesy...

where his enemies were.....

my apple logo money have no connection to 

  • aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)
 the Potsdam Declaration (July 1945) and the Treaty of San Francisco (September 1951).

The Potsdam Declaration states the following regarding the Japanese territories: "8. The terms of the Cairo Declaration shall be carried out and Japanese sovereignty shall be limited to the islands of Honshū, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and such minor islands as we determine". 

andr0id need t0 be finish..... they never will be number 1.they fake.

they did crime and made the Potsdam Declaration (July 1945) int0 the ph0ne.....

and they killed my relatives ....st0le my 23 and me....

vera and ugly italians are n0t t0gether......and dmitry medvedev is criminal....
brin cheap trick

angelica has n0 c0nnecti0n t0 vera and her m0ther and father. neither tina. mafia did that and need t0 g0 t0 jail.  angelia ugly and mafia and she need t0 g0 t0 jail f0r helping mafia. and killing in0cent girl in russia. gaspr0m. wh0 is behind that?

I hope father of that girl will find criminal orlova and criminal who put angelica to my time in my life and did crime.

/my 3rd floor since 1975/

they put 0n vera angelica in 1996. /wh0 are they?/
angelicas m0ther vera....... angelica b0rn in 1975.
my mother was born in СЕРПУXОВ in 1942, I was born in 0bninsk in 1973... microsoft world..macworld
micr0s0ft fr0m my gate bill gates and mafia did crime. they have n0 right t0 put any0ne 0n my life.
william did crime and he filed 1 billi0n lawyer..
that will n0t help. and he need t0 pay. and his ugly wife need t0 leave. they need t0 cl0se their ugly and criminal f0undati0n.because they d0 n0 g00d.

vera in 1994 with n0ri in 0kinawa.
 1999 ...
vera with n0ri...

 ugly w0jcicki in 2006 vera 33. vera lives in sf.
fr0m 1997.

A.TOM. carmel 1998. russian american conference. tim cook joined Apple in 1998.
ugly w0jcicki g0t my tshirt and g0t my 23 and and my mney fr0m brin f0r my film. that is crime.
that ugly n0t ab0w the law.

and they tried t0 kill vera in 09 and
they tried t0 kill wh0 else ... my m0ther 0r my br0ther? 
ugly and need t0 g0 t0 jail . they killed my aunt. they have n0 c0necti0n t0 my life. her friend ugly
sandra. vera d0nt kn0w them. larry ellis0n child g0t arried t0  sandra. they criminal mafia. 
after they c0uldnt kill vera.

and  they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

ugly 0lesya was dressed like vera in 2005. after russian mafia st0pped my film. ugly didenk0 with ugly k0dama n0risuya gave me bunny. she dressed first life my grandm0ther... then like my hermess... ugly w0jcicki... g0t my 23 and me.
mafia attacked me in 09 when vera wanted t0 apply f0r us passp0rt

russia d0esnt pr0tect russian citizens..... russians are mafia....

jeff wagner is american citizen and has his rights as a citizen 0f his c0untry.  vera has residency in us and als0 rights.
criminal dmitry medevdev g0ing t0 turkey where lives fake anetta sister 0f angelica. /there is many anettas.. d0esnt metter/ they n0t fr0 my apt.

they killing my life and my relatives.

russian mafia 0r wh0 ever else put miki in 
the picture. miki has n0 c0nnectin t0 my film.
that was private ph0t0s. they had n0 write t0 t0uch. and they have t0 g0 t0 jail. 
2003 .... 

princess anetta. 2009

my m0thers h0use  33.

after they did crime.... they t0  kill vera.
2009... 2010... 2011
real anetta. /my stage name/ 
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
prince and  Entertainer

and na0mi in my hat campbel wh0 g0t 0n my fathers line need t0 g0 t0 jail 0r need t0 be killed. pig0zzi was wr0ng
t0 did what he did. and na0mi has russian mafia  b0yfriend
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. ugly criminal they are.

d0rane 1973. /vere/ na0mi need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

ugly and her m0ther ugly. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail 0r better be killed.

and that was again my m0ney f0r my film
kapital.... and ugly na0mi .....ugly.... 
they tried t0 kill vera...
cheap. they put my hat 0n ugly black cheap pers0n with bad values...ex0tic f0r russian mafia 0nly.
get the fuck 0f my life /veras life /. fr0m beginning... /vera was right/
they didnt care.
 ugly charls f. g0t 0scar.... ugly cheap russian mafia.
and they t0rchured my m0ther and tried t0 make her black. we hate that. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.
criminal pig0zzi  with brand fr0m veras life
g0t 0n veras address.....
invited vera. he need t0 pay and take resp0ncibility f0r what happen t0 his guest vera.
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  barack 0bama didnt
achieve. they all didnt .
they killed my father and then na0mi g0t 0n his
line. she has n0 c0nectin t0 my family and my s.
fr0m my last name.. they killed after my uncle.
and killed 0leg semenz0v... jeff bez0s.. with0ut criminal band bering straight.
and with0ut that mafia. need t0 be killed.

garazh 520 pacific.... sf acr0ss the street little f0x theater 535.... polevsky law firm.. they 
and they killed max. he was with f0x.
dancing...../vera in 1v/
mafia wh0 n0t paying vera

they put this... they brain wash.......children. vera d0nt like dima bilan. russian mafia did all with0ut 

asking and paying....t0 vera.

ph0t0 by vera. 


killed friend max p0levskiy. they tried t0 put mafia fr0m ugly 0bninsk  in my life.. 0r fr0m where?..... and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
im n0t that ugly sc0t. they need t0 g0 t0 jail
they tried t0 kill vera.
vera never f0rgives bullshit. and that was bullshit.
last night vera met sc0t and ph0t0 was taken by stupid bartender
brin bartender.... brin cheap....
man sc0t was 0n mick place and 0n ugly that l0ng thing place....vera was sitting.... they manipulating..... 
sc0tt has n0 c0nnecti0n t0 vera and her m0ther and h0use 33

gate 15 0r t0 apple......  vera kn0w many sc0tt pe0ple... 

and they made me disabled f0r tw0 years. pig0zzi invited me.
because hercules was friend. they had t0 kill hercules t0 d0 that bullshit... they  ugly.....
and they they have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my life... they did crime
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they killed my relatives.
her name tells evrythig
vera n0t sc0tt. vera is n0t ugly.
50 years my m0ther didnt visit her childh00d place dubr0vka. where baby h0rse king hit her in 1950..
ugly mick jagger is 0ld piece 0f crap
 if he all0wed crime with vera t0 happen.
 why vera met this ...ugly  sc0tt black magic..
that was after they tried t0 kill vera and killed veras relatives. sc0t n0t fr0m my family. l didnt keel her relatives.  mick need t0 pay me. f0r c0ncert and f0r killing 0f my relatives.

vera d0nt kn0w them and vera d0nt want that mafia in any0ne life. 
m0viemakers vera....73
w0jcicki need t0 give me back my c0mapny.
vera was 35... vera was in theatre...

ugly 0ut 0f my life. never c0me back....
that is n0t vera. that is ugly..... mafia

big difference mafia and n0t. mafia ugly.

vera n0t friend. vera hates mafia

mafia did crime

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. they have n0 right t0 get in my life.

and they need t0 be killed. they killed. 

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  and they 0wn me m0ney

wh0 tried t0 kill vera vera d0nt kn0w.
vera d0nt have friends mafia.
and when they tried t0 kill me they tried t0 create bullshit relati0ntip between steve j0bs and vera. putting in my head things and thats crime. and thats illegal and n0t funny. 

they killed steve j0bs and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. vera n0t 5 years 0ld. because they will d0 that again if they n0t in jail. 

and then p0well was 0n place 0f vera...
when vera has that 0n her ph0t0 with train .1974

vera has diferent train. in japan....../my film./

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