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333 market street...sf

Founded in 1906 by Polish immigrant Jacob Sapirstein (1885–1987), who sold cards from a horse-drawn cart, American Greetings has been run by members of the family since its inception. 

vera born june 5 1973.

GALAKTINA 1987. Vera 14. 14 gate we have 33 15 3. pit'yov. drink vera.  taipei....only vera here from 33 and 11.

0n the right is Svetlana Brizgalova.... she has no connection to my life.

for free?  

photo cropped...

and they thought that Sergey Brin can do 33 for free and also wojcicki can get my 23 and me? 

galaxy android  phone illegal.

and that was for my water..... and mafia did crime and made criminal water

and that ugliness need to go to jail.  she didn't ask my permit ion.

vera has no sisters of any kind.

we don't have svetlana in my place. and never had. mafia did that.

she is ugly.

maker need to go to jail. 
and that company  need to pay fine.

562 market str. /location since 1963/

since 1849..../49 my mothers family got house 33/

Grant's Tobacconist, located in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District, is the city's oldest and most storied Tobacconist. Originally founded by Henry Sutliff in 1849 as the Sutliff Pipe Shop, it was known for it's selection of fine pipes and high-grade tobacco. Gold miners would flock to the shop to pick up tobacco and pipes to take back with them to the mines. Sutliff's also carried cigars, though at the time, these were rolled by 5,000 Chinese immigrant rollers. In 1950, the store was purchased by Ed Grant, the manager at the time, and Grant's Tobacconist was born. Soon after, Mr. Grant installed California's first and largest (at the time) walk-in humidor. To this day, Grant's stocks fine cigars in this same humidor, which is currently San Francisco's largest. The humidor was an instant success with the smoking public, and soon Grant's became nationally known. In 2003, new owners took over the

 shop. Joe Barron and Ted Ware

took over and maintain the quality and tradition that customers have come to expect over the years from Grant's Tobacconist. Check us out online or if you're in the bay area, it's definitely worth at trip down to the financial district! We hope to see you soon.

my relative VARYA DIED. 

2003 ted. mafia got on my time and my address and my life and they tried to kill me and killed my
 relatives and they need to go to jail. 

vera lived in mgik in apt. 62. and had polish dress dior from the movie..

criminals mafia did that,.... russian mafia arrived in 2006... wojcicki got my shirt ...etc...

in my apt. 525 stockton 403. water blow up the pipe...

 and same way russian mafia orlova and zhukova and whoever they are  knew how to kill me in my apt.

and they tried to do that and they made me disabled and made me move out.

and that was time 2009 for  my shop...

flying strippers.
agent provocateur

Agent Provocateur was founded by Joseph Corré, London....Agent Provocateur was founded by Joseph Corré, the son of Vivienne Westwood, and his now ex-wife Serena Rees in 1994.

 After Corre's and Ree's divorce in 2007, Agent Provocateur was purchased by the private equity house 3i /my 3rd floor since 1975/  for £60m. / 60sq. meter is our apt. in 11/  The company is currently run by Garry Hogarth.

Following the takeover, the company expanded into 13 countries with over 30 stores. By March 2008, Agent Provocateur's profits dropped 18pc to £2.2m because of the cost of expansion...

Princess Anetta.... CIA.... PANETTA.

54 geary str. sf 415 421 02 29

after meeting michael white. vera came and left script last train from roppongi.  2002.

vera youngest child out of two. 

Agent Provocateur.

is my 

and mafia from russia and criminal pincus and criminal his wife with criminal one kings 
way and whoever else they are need to go to jail. 

they tried to kill vera... who they are vera don't know.

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