Thursday, May 10, 2012

And God Created Woman (French: Et Dieu… créa la femme) (1956) is a French drama film directed by Roger Vadim and starring Brigitte Bardot....

14 years old my mother was... / they lived in 33 from 1949/ and we had gate we had key 33 15  3. 153 in 14 gate.

When the film was released in the United States by distributor Kingsley-International Pictures in 1957...

15 gate since 1975. my mother was 15 in 1957.

my mother in 1962

Gohatto...1999 ... 37 after

my m0ther 0n vacati0n 1962 in 1966 she met my father.

vera b0rn 1973. june 5.

Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa (松久 信幸 Matsuhisa Nobuyuki; born March 10, 1949) is a celebrity chef and restaurateur known for his fusion cuisine.

goddess....Mazu (simplified Chinese: 妈祖; traditional Chinese: 媽祖; pinyin: Māzǔ; Wade–Giles: Ma-tsu; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Má-chó͘,Vietnamese: Ma Tổ; Foochow Romanized: Mā-cū; literally "Mother Ancestor"), also spelt Matsu, is the indigenousgoddess of the sea who is said to protect fishermen and sailors, and is invoked as the patron deity of all Southern Chinese and East Asian persons.

nobu tada....

s0uth africa....
after vera was born

In 1973, before her 39th birthday, Bardot announced her




vera made pin...... 

vera 12. gorbachev michael came to power. 

The Schengen Agreement is a treaty signed on 14 June 

1985 near the town of Schengen in Luxembourg, between five

 of the ten member states of the European Economic

 Community. /33 15 3/ 3 floor 3 r00m and kitchen... gate 15....

vera wanted to 

travel abroad... 

Schengen Monument.jpg

A monument to the Agreement in Schengen.....

single state for international travel.

1997 Amsterdam Treaty, which incorporated them into the mainstream of European Union law.

entered into force on 1 May 1999; it made substantial changes to the Maastricht Treaty

which had been signed in 1992.

vera g0t present fr0m matsushima san au 0range japan.

In 2006 the directive on the right to move freely (2004/38/EC) was implemented, meaning that passportless travel is allowed in the entire European Union, if having a national identity card from an EU country. 

vera 33. in 2006. veras m0thers h0use was 33.

my mothers family g0t h0use 33 in 1949

 symbols were also used to give pioneers a feeling of accomplishment or pride, such as the wearing of a red necktie, which was approved officially by the Central Committee of the pioneers in 1973.

Young Pioneers 1948 1949

Junge Pioniere, JP

(East Germany)

[Young Pioneers (East Germany)]

38 vera in 2012 and c0uld get Schengen passp0rt. they made me disable.

Name: Francois-Henri Pinault
Born: May 28, 1962
Hometown: Reenes, Brittany, France
Title: CEO of PPR and French Billionaire

Allegedley Pinault, who is the CEO of the company that owns Yves St. Laurent and Gucci,

1979 svechina vera petrovna. in russia.
aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)

In 1979 the Ernst Thälmann Pioneer Palace was opened.
gucci on my sweater....and they made prada logo.

Pinault led PPR through a long battle over control of Gucci, the Italian fashion house, which began with an attempted takeover of Gucci by LVMH, the world's largest luxury goods company.

 In March 1999, Gucci asked PPR to acquire an ownership interest in Gucci to help fend off LVMH. The result was a struggle between the two richest men in France, both self-made billionaires — Pinault and Bernard Arnault, the Chairman of LVMH.

my grandm0ther tamara takaeva /rezyvak0va / cook /33 house since 49/ .... Himeji Castle.

1998 last train fr0m r0pp0ngi a.k.a as0bi.  g00gle illegaly made 
same time.

means they cheated....

and dodolev. 

may 1999 . hercules bellville.

 /vera worked and paid 50 000 in academy 0f art in sf  film school/

last train fr0m r0pp0ngi a.k.a as0bi.

1999. svechina vera 25 years 0ld. 

Taboo (御法度, Gohatto... we had two) is a 1999 Japanese film directed by Nagisa Ōshima.

kanji gaun 

1979 my r00m 160.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)1979. 160 my apartment in Obnisnk. Russia. building 11.

johnny is the boy for me..... 1953.

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band, formed in London in April 1962. 
/20 years after my m0ther was b0rn/

band Love Battery was formed in 1989 by former Room Nine leader Ron Nine. /r0n did n0thing g00d/

1999 /vera without criminal mafia/ 




and after party in Octopus with russian mafia who stole my time and copied  my photos

they tried to kill me in my apt. 525 stockton  403. sf ca... and they need to go to jail. 

2006 crazy ugly criminal w0jcicki in my shirt... and they g0t my 23 and me
and ugly baby fr0m my apt.


7 man..... hercules bellville....
they put criminal nigo.......
who was born in 1970
and they killed hercules bellville and they made nigo
married against vera. and russian mafia tried t0 kill vera.

platinum? 0r silver.... independed was my mother

my m0ther had nick name baby chiken in childh00d.

and here r0eg...

my shirt.......

they tried t0 kill me after that dinner.

Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 21:53:20 -0700
Subject: Healing
Hi Vera, I just saw the note you left for me at 2570 Folsom Street with regards to booking a healing session.
You are welcome to call 415- 516 2462 

24 vera  62 apt. 62 in mgik... and my m0ther.

they put inna dedenk0.... and w0jcicki and pincus with criminal farmville. THIS UGLY RUSSIAN  MAFIA  has no connection to vera and vera's projects....

Sara from Rumaniya is on the left Inna d. is in my corner  with photographer who  cheated on her...

if you have any questions. You can also check out my web site for more info about the work I do.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Be well

Alan /what lan/  

and they made vera disabled..... made her m0ve 0ut 0f her apt. 525 st0ckt0n ...403...

br0ke veras credit....... made vera sale her r0lex and all diam0nds.

and vps productions... 
kodak..... my sweater......
aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)
and russian mafia tried t0 kill me and 

they need t0 be killed.

wh0 they are vera n0t kn0wing....

they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they killed my relatives.

The dispute ended in September 2001, when LVMH agreed to sell its shares in Gucci to PPR for $94 a share.  

vera came back from japan and met richard 1994...../happened t0 be branst0n and virgin/

As part of the agreement, PPR promised to tender for the balance of the publicly traded shares at a later date.

1973 vera b0rn

2004 vera making film...

my film.... 

 t0ky0 died.....

mafia in russia didnt give me m0ney f0r my film. 
St0pped my film. 

 It completed that buy-in in July 2004 and took full control of Gucci.

my studi0 fr0m 1997. 525 st0ckt0n 403. 

"Osaka" literally means "large hill" or "large slope."

0samu vera met in 1996 in berkeley.from 0saka...

after he left vera found 525 st0ckt0n.

650 d0llars..../m0nth

Roman Coppola (born April 22, 1965) is an American film director and music video director.

2009 vera met mick jagger in her shirt and russian mafia tried to kill vera in her studio......

"Mapping the Studio" is a show in which the collection of François Pinault is the basis of the exhibition in Punta della Dogana, a second museum in Venice opened by Pinault. 2009.

August Floyd Coppola (February 16, 1934 – October 27, 2009) was an American academic, author, film executive and advocate for the arts. He is also known as the father of actor Nicolas Cage.

2005 criminal abram0vich /b0rn 1966/
met criminal zhuk0va. they have n0 c0necti0n t0 vera.

arrived mafia 0rl0va marina... they st0le my ph0t0s.... ugly w0jcicki g0t my tshirt....

they killed my relateves....... f0r n0thing.... and tried t0 kill vera and they killed criminal  steve j0bs. wh0 didnt pay vera.....

and my in0cent father.... 

h0w they will pay me n0w. and h0w they will put my life back t0gether.

liver..... who?

terravera from 1991

vera bef0re ugly  

melinda gates and  bef0re ugly


1993 vera went to japan. cartier left me place for my film and whatever vera wanted to do.

in the end of 2005. 

jean pigozzi pushed vera to have sex in nyc. before christmas....

alexia need t0 g0 t0 jail. 0rl0va killed my relative.  and they tried t0 t0 kill vera with criminal abram0vich and ugly zhuk0va.

vera didnt like nig0..../ criminal japanese man/... criminal pig0zzi likes criminal  nig0/ 

criminal pig0zzi g0t island fr0m my m0ther hat. we didnt ask him.

Ca a cart 

1973. / already rana/  dorane....

Cartier S.A.

and 1901 and 1993 f0r vera.... and they did crime.

they put rumanian pe0ple wh0 we d0nt need. they criminal and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.....

witness joe mennel. witness t0m luddy... and pig0zzi need t0 g0 t0 jail  and he need t0 pay vera f0r getting island..... using my ph0t0s..mafia...they are......

pig0zzi need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

ugly pig0zzi g0t island fr0m my m0ther 
hat when vera queen....
he need t0 pay. and need t0 g0 t0 jail f0r rape.

they killed hercules......

2009 after g0ing with pig0zzi t0 0ct0pus and having dinner with pig0zzi and mick jagger....

 ugly pig0zzi did crime and tried t0 kill vera with russian mafia.

and he went 0n my time t0 japan....

russians did s.f. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

fr0m 97. vera lived.....
they need t0 put 0ut criminal  0lga fr0m my life.

2003. wh0 did that? 
Apple Store, San Francisco
vera b0rn  in 73. apple 
st0re f0r my birthday time. 1.30. 

0n my st0ckt0n str.

man Robert Graham
 married actress Anjelica Huston in 1992

vera met them in 1999. 

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria Shriver announced on May 28, 2008 that Graham would be inducted into the California Hall of Fame, located at The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts. The induction ceremony took place on December 15, 2008 and he was inducted alongside 11 other legendary Californians.
Graham died 12 days after the ceremony on December 27, 2008. His funeral was held at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, which has great bronze doors that Graham created for the cathedral.

1h.10 min. last train from roppongi


n0t made..... because 0f criminal  mafia...

 vera d0esnt want russian mafia .

ugly 0lga mafia and  n0t connected t0 my life.

 greek ugly king finished in 

73. what they did t0 put ugly greek back.
what f0r. n0t f0r vera... 

mafia fr0m russia n0t leaving vera al0ne.

because 0f this bullshit.

vera d0nt need that.

they criminal and n0t imp0rtant. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail they with mafia wh0 tried t0 kill me. and they killed. many... and they wr0ng. they in my shirt..... mafia using that t0 harm vera....

pig0zzi n0t vera and he need t0 g0 t0 jail.  pig0zzi had n0 right f0r my life. ugly 0lga n0 0ne t0 vera.  they have n0 right f0r my life.

they ugly and stupid....pig0zzi g0t island fr0m my m0thers hat
and they tried t0 kill me. my m0ther n0t italian and n0t greek

vera nt italian and n0t greek. crazy...?

then ugly mafia abram0vich... 
need t0 get 0ut 0f my life. they killed jacks0n.

 they tried t0 kill me and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  and their garazh ugly  place
they were ugly there.

and whatever they put in my b0dy..

that made me disable. 

and pig0zzi in my shirt....  raped me and he need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they need t0 get 0ut 0f my life.

nikita was hit by t0k....... vera didnt like k0t..........vera liked d0g....

 bill gates went t0 c0llege when vera b0rn and with paul allen 75 micr0s0ft.  

by 2005 vera liked hello kitty. 

73 candle in the wind.....m0viemakers...... etc...

from my r00m.

 2008 pig0zzi visited sf and didnt let me meet sergey brin.  vera asked.

rapist pig0zzi need t0 g0 t0 jail f0r all0wing abram0vich and zhuk0va t0 try t0 kill me and f0r taking my time and rape. and abuse.... they went 0n my time t0 japan.

after vera put in her bl0g that...... vera start t0 feel scared..

and started t0 hear thats 0lga...wh0 did that.

thats vera.

0lga criminal and criminal pig in my shirt 0n my time in ted.

vera n0t 0wn them anything. means they did crime.

 they didnt have right t0 use my time and my adress.....0lga need t0 be killed.

real ugly rapist pig0zzi did s0mething behind veras back.
vera didnt kn0w what. /taking Adventage 0f vera with mafia/

sergey brin was taking  Adventage 0f vera with his ugly wife...they st0le my identity

and my m0ney....and my life. used my apt like they lived there. when they didnt.

vera lived fr0m 1997 in sf .. brin never contacted vera and never offered help. / google made illegally/ in 1998.

with0ut vera it was crime.  he need t0 put t0 jail mafia wh0 tried t0 kill vera.

and all wh0 g0t in my life with0ut my 0k.

vera....g00gle illegal. 

ugly w0jcicki g0t my tshirt fr0m 1999 after 2006.
they had n0 right.

vera 20 went t0 japan.  wanted t0 make film. they didnt let me make my film.

after pig0zzi came t0 sf. 

2008 he went t0 criminal garazh in russia.

criminal pig0zzi...did crime . against vera .

pigozzi rapist and russian mafia trying to kill me. they need to leave vera alone. they need to go to jail. 

Why did a supermodel at the top of her game—hauntingly beautiful and only 20—kill herself in 2008? A filmmaker describes his three-year quest for clues, and answers.


and they tried t0 kill vera in 09.

vera had alexis diaz in panama .... svechin..../bathing ape and new husband 0f natasha

wh0s child dasha and they n0t fr0m 33 svechnik0v sergey/ 2009

aunt h0pe bakakina was killed.

ugly zhuk0va sucked up with criminal r0man abram0vich... 

and they made garzh and killed jacks0n.

alexia ... alexey uchitel and hercules married t0 criminal  shulman.....mafia....

alex n0t a......

and they killed steve j0bs

because in 33 there n0 alex 0f any kind.

2009 bef0re he died. they killed him. 


hedge is an investment position intended to offset potential losses that may be incurred by a companion investment

Хеджирование (от англ. hedge — страховка, гарантия) — открытие сделок на одном рынке для компенсации воздействия ценовых рисков равной, но противоположной позиции на другом рынке.

cannes film festival 2009
Paul Allen, 1953.... 11 years after my 0ther nina was b0rn. and 15 fr0m my father birth.

we live fr0m building 11 in gate 15. / 23 and me... vera/

 is the founder and chairman of Vulcan Inc., which

 manages his business and philanthropic efforts.

vulcan  in veras apartment 525 st0ckt0n winter 2009... 

vera wanted t0 0pen flying stippers sh0p. 0n bush street.

my friend vulcan... sh0p..... didnt let us make sh0w t0gether.... fr0m la...... vera la....

wh0 can it be la? liver....?

russian mafia 

have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 vera 0r nina..... 0r any0ne in my life.... 

vera n0t f0r them t0 make m0ney 0f vera...

Viktor Felixovich Vekselberg (RussianВиктор Феликсович ВексельбергUkrainianВіктор Феліксович Вексельберг; born April 14, 1956, Drohobych, Ukraine, Soviet Union)

He is married to Marina and has two children, a daughter, Irena, and a son, Aleksander.

ugly man not needed. vera hates mafia... 

that need t0 leave vera al0ne.  they crazy?

this has n0 c0nnetin t0 my life. why they g0t t0 my life.

vera and her life  is n0t public domain
they have n0 c0nnecti0n....

this people vera doesn't know and my photos not for them. 
Viktor Vekselberg

her husband they killed. if she is 0k .... 

they killed my relatives... and what they put in me?

this need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

what they put in vera. they killed j0bs

they mafia they n0t apple. they fake. they need t0 be killed.

mafia ugly marina st0le veras ph0t0s.... and they tried t0 kill vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

2007. vera in mexico
my brainless  friend brend0n.....

and they  tried t0 kill vera...with her mafia....

 and mafia alexia

 and criminal pig0zzi and mafia zhuk0va...

they did liver....

they fake and they tried t0 kill vera.

they did that

that all have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 vera. they did mistakes and they need t0 pay. 

and they had n0 right t0 t0uch my ph0t0s and 0n my time. they st0le my b00k 

they st0le my ph0t0s....

they did criminal pr0ject 0n my time. and they

 need t0 g0 t0 jail. they were cl0se t0 kill vera.

but they will g0 t0 jail.

Nov 2009 ... Paul Allen, the 56 year old co-founder of Microsoft has been diagnosed with Non /investment in veras m0vie/  Hodgkin Lymphoma, a form of cancer of the lymphatic system.

Great Tohoku Earthquake?

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

bardi... / and vera half day half night 1994/ finished in 09..... and mafia fr0m russia tried t0 kill me.

 they did homma.... instead of honto...??????

 my hon. 

apple logos hon.

wh0 did that????? criminal mafia did that.

svechina vera .

1.10 min. film

and brand  flying strippers ...........

and flying strippers sexy water

and flying strippers barley tea

 and criminal  mafia  used  withut permissi0n my humster chernish / wh0  they d0nt kn0w... wh0 they are vera d0snt kn0w/  and vasilenk0 0ksana and they put 0n ugly mafia wh0 vera has n0 c0necti0n t00..... vera hate mafia .... they killed my father and put criminal pv0 and tried t0 kill vera. 
 vera g0t humster fr0m 0ksana / childh00d.... l met many pe0ple. my m0ther cant feed them all... they d0 all behind my back....

chernishevsk0g0 my m0thers street.....33..... n0 0ksasna there... they used my m0ther and father.... and we didnt say 0k.

and they killed my relatives and my father.... they did all with0ut asking....

mafia all n0b0dy t0 vera.

 and they tried t0 kill vera and they didnt invest in my m0vie... they s0ld mashka humster with0ut asking vera t00. 

 they need t0 put 0rl0va and zhuk0va and th0se wh0 tried t0 kill me t0 jail. l h0pe s0.....

angelica have n0 c0necti0n t0 my life. mafia made c0nnecti0n... they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

angelica tina and anetta....

vera wanted t0 make m0vie ab0ut japan

last train fr0m r0pp0ngi...

1h.10 min.

prince jaime and princess margarita born in nijimegen

gena fr0m mgik went t0 h0lland and had sex with 0lesya in h0lland... vera didnt kn0w.
f0r many years..... /kankenai/
0lesya was b0rn fr0m 15
years 0ld guy sergey. unhappy. 

vera in mgik

m0ther unhappy.  killed

by that criminal. and they tried t0 kill vera

when they g0 t0 jail. 

they n0t c0nnected t0 vera and they 

did crime. and vera h0pe they die.

fake mgik and that need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they had n0 right t0 get in my life.

band g0t 0n my place..... and didnt get grammy.

vera met alexander payne in 1999.... 


Alexander, Prince of Orange 

is the heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 1980. 

they illegally killed chinese in 1999.

met criminal

princess maxima

fr0m argentina /wrong/... they jealous.

they have n0 c0nneti0n t0 my life.

ugly .  mafia prince alexander...

what they d0 in 0range?. vera cat. nikita t0k....

/queen vera and mama/ we n0t queen 

 0f 0range...../

we have baby h0rse king that hit 

my m0ther when my father was 12

and my m0ther 8. and kings m0ther chaLka.

/Chalka als0 is Polish for a braided egg bread./

/and mafia did crime and they need t0 g0 t0 jail/

alexia fake....... that is vera.../anetta/ prince and entertainer.....

we had j0hhny b0y f0r me. vera and nina..... my father... my br0ther....positive.

chery blosom in japanse

sakura /33/

There is painted Moth on the Balloon. moth ga. mozga.....


they did vesy0liy delizhanz... and bering straight .... they negative...

they tried t0 d0 cheburashka....since 2004.

when it was..... trutsya spin0y medvedi 0 zemnuyu 0sЬ......since 1967
cht0bi vlyubly0nnim ranshe vstretitsya prishl0s.

lovers   m0vie screen 
and audience.


they killed jacks0n..... they put cancer in d0uglas....

brin criminal and need t0 g0 t0 jail. and my rights t0 g00gle. 1600. 
facebook 1601. /apple st0ckt0n 0ne/.... disney....

Assembled parcel by parcel since September 1978. vera 5 year 0ld.


????? criminal brin.

criminal ugly w0jcicki need t0 return my identity t0 me. vera. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they made ugly child fr0m my apt. and they tried t0 kill me.

they criminal..... 

and they will pay....

New Haven ..... New England

yale there...

crazy ugly criminal w0jcicki in my shirt... and they g0t my 23 and me
and ugly baby fr0m my apt.

girl h0lland and girl g00gle and all vera....

they criminal and they need t0 return t0 vera... my 23 and me...... and etc..... and they need t0 g0 t0 jail f0r making m0ney black way.....

sf ca usa

lana and yuri have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my life.

a n0t lan... they criminal mafia

2003 girl with perl earing.... 1993 vera anetta had perl earrings t0ky0 japan.

cia princess anetta cia 2009.

 they did crime.

they made princess tiana.... and thats crime.

t0m luddys friend intr0duced vera t0 pincus

Mark Jonathan Pincus (February 13, 1966)

has n0 c0nnecti0n t0 vera.

he is n0t my relative. he used vera..... her m0ther and father and they 

killed 0lh0vskaya marina 0f criminal bering sraight

used vera t0 make games. with0ut veras 0k....

and they killed m0re veras relatives....

he made m0ney fr0m veras life and 0rganised killing vera and when vera called f0r help he put

 resraining 0rder 0n vera

and they he paid t0 write bad articles ab0ut vera 0n the internet.

and he need t0 g0 t0 jail f0r help t0 mafia they killed many pe0ple.

he need t0 g0 t0 jail. and he need t0 pay. 0ne kings way... need t0 be cl0sed..

vera d0nt all0wed t0 use her family st0ry....
and zynga.....zynga was made t0....... n0t pay m0ney t0 vera....

and put fake pe0ple in veras apartment in russia.... 

zelenina /my grandmther/.... y nina g00gle apple.....


nina has n0 idea neither 0f apple 0r 0f g00gle.

it was vera wh0 made film and b00ks

 f0r barack 0bama time...

my id said that.... my macys card say that.....

they did crime......stilling my card macys...etc....

 its my film was f0r change....

they did crime and made mamm0th...

 and  criminal band bering straight... 

my apple store in 2003 on my street. stockton street. 

Criminal band bering straight....

2003. news

7.01. /lucky vera/ and that was birthday of princess diana/ she was with vera. she went to la..with film producer..../

berring straight id BS brin sergey... they killed her as well...

8.01 grammy nomination  news....ABOUT VERA.

vera on stockton str. 1997.


8 was on my dress .....long time ago in my childhood..

looking for smart woman in very short skirt....1988

my 1988 

and my grammy....

criminal obninsk....and criminal russian mafia and criminal band and criminal google and etc....

f0r attempt t0 kill vera.  and f0r getting 0n my time...

0lesya will be killed. when l see her.....  evil with them

marina killed marina .....m0bius....

evil with them ....criminal..... they with zhukova and their mafia  tried to kill vera. 
and they need to go to jail. they have no connection to my life.


and they russian mafia 0rl0va and they tried t0 kill vera.

vera m0ved in apt. 525 st0ckt0n in feb 1997

h0w did they kn0w my grandm0ther....and wh0 all0wed the t0 use my life st0ry t0 make

 m0ney. vera didnt all0wed.  he need t0 pay.  and illegal 0ne king way.... /mine king/

evil with them and evil with their ugly children. 

little pussy pincus...
m0bius made after vera. in 1996....

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with 

his college roommates .....

February 4, 2004

1997 sf.
Vera Svechina in San Francisco. new montgomery 180..... 1997

same time 

in train in russia vera met martk0vich 0ksana fr0m mgik...

f0r change in 2009 was

15n0 y0ru

fr0m 98

1h.10 min. last train from roppongi

princess jaime and princess margarita

0n place 0f my 0scar went  after 2009

zelenina 0riginal....

zukenberg....... against zelenina?

and they tried t0 make 4 int0 my death.... 

2009 ..they tried t0 kill me./ russians/.

s0 they d0nt have t0 pay me. 

that note showed up... after vera scared 


 t0 steve jobs house.

feb. birthday 0f steve j0bs and 

mark  pincus. farm ville made 

with0ut permissi0n. fr0m my m0thers things..

evil with them ....criminal..... they tried t0 kill vera...


vera had her pr0jects.... t0m luddy was

 w0ndering why vera cant get m0ney...

f0r film....... official 33 and 11. 160.

everything else crime.

and brand  flying strippers ...........

and flying strippers sexy water

and flying strippers sexy food

they did wr0ng plant.....

Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 21:53:20 -0700
Subject: Healing
Hi Vera, I just saw the note you left for me at 2570 Folsom Street with regards to booking a healing session.
You are welcome to call 415- 516 2462 

24 vera  62 apt. 62 in mgik... and my m0ther.

they put inna dedenk0.... and w0jcicki and pincus with criminal farmville.

ugly didenk need t0 g0 t0 jail.  with all her ugly friends.... and ugly child anastasia she g0t....

Sara from Rumaniya is on the left Inna d. is in my corner  with photographer who  cheated on her...

if you have any questions. You can also check out my web site for more info about the work I do.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Be well

Alan /what lan/  

and they made vera disabled..... made her m0ve 0ut 0f her apt. 525 st0ckt0n ...403...

br0ke veras credit....... made vera sale her r0lex and all diam0nds.

little vera 1988... 15 0bninsk..... vera lived in 15 gate 1600..... fr0m 1975.

 vera meets Sergei, and they 

immediately fall in love.

after vera b0rn...

Serpukhov 1781
jeff bez0s... amaz0ne.c0m

5 june 0s 1901 b0rn anastasia... and vera b0rn june 5 at 1.30.
1973. 1901 and 1993 was left f0r vera...

vera meet jeff... friend 0f husband 0f irina bur0va.... dave .... buddhist..

g00gle made illegally by brin......... with0ut asking vera

n0t t0 pay m0ney t0 vera....... they g0t jeff bez0s

5 june 0s 1901 b0rn anastasia... and vera b0rn june 5 at 1.30.

after they had jeff bez0s...

they put 0n my time 2003 criminal bering straight with sergey 0lh0vskiy... they killed marina 

and they tried t0 kill vera. they need t0 kill band bering straight  and pig0zzi and brin...
and the rest 0f criminal pe0ple...

need t0 st0p singing black ugly band f 0lh0vskiy and 0lesya will be killed.

get her 0ff my life. and larisa t00. all that 0bninsk ugly.... and dirty...

rapist pig0zzi had n0 right t0 get in my shirt. and g0 in 2003 t0 criminal  ted.
0lga n0t fr0m 15 0r my 33.
they did that t kill vera and her m0ther and ugly pig0zzi can use and rape any0ne he want in his ugly island... 

he need t00 pay f0r my time and using my m0ther ph0t0.

and st0p putting marina in my head... ugly russian mafia...and greek marina...
need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they did all wr0ng. ugly.

dariya child 0f aunt... /n0t fr0m 33/

they put criminal zhuk0va and abram0vich...they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they killed my relative....

and get 0ff my life.

my papa grave 3055.

problem with heart started in 2004.......

they put the end 0f his name

after vera went t0 cannes and telluride.

msu 35

they have n0 idea ...

and prince jaime get t0gether

  with criminal pv0.

and they tried t0 kill vera.

and criminal zhuk0va...0n time 0f my film

kills m.jacks0n and they tried t0 kill vera.

criminal brin
developed a program for converting 
scientific texts from unexpanded, very 

specific, TeX format to the more common 


vera didnt signed any c0ntact t0 help brin 

with anything.

vera n0t w0rking f0r free f0r brin

and his ugly wife.

In 1995, Sergey Brin met his future business partner Larry E. Page at Stanford. Both young men were postgraduate students at Stanford. In 1998 they set up the company –Google.

Brin and his friend Larry Page launched Google in 1998.

Google is a corruption of the word Googol – the name of the large number representing the digit 1 followed by 100 zeros.

and vera didnt like cb2 st0re after apple st0re.

0ne st0ckt0n. my address.2003. vera was b0rn in 1.30.

30 vera in 2003.

Apple Store, San Francisco

and criminal jean pig0zzi in my shirt

went with criminal

vera didnt allwed t0 use veras time.

 greek t0 ted and brin criminal t00. and did


Brin's mother, Eugenia, has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. In 2008, 

ugly w0jcicki is n0t vera ... and they did crime. and  w0jcicki st0le my identity and gets my m0ney and they decided t0 fuck up veras life. and they very inseccure and w0jcicki g0t ugly baby fr0m my apt. fr0m my 0ld marrige that they manipulated and vera n0t want t0 hear ab0ut.. they st0le my bag.
lv....... and they keep send bad energy t0 vera....... they need t0 g0 t0 jail. thats crime. 

they mean and ugly.  they tried t0 kill me they killed merfy and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

and they need t0 cl0se fake w0jcickis 23 and me. 
Founded2006 April
after cannes...... 1999 and after telluride 1999.

they put my and my m0ther tshirt 0f svetlana whith0ut asking after my trip t0 cannes.

they didnt let me make my film....

Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 21:53:20 -0700
Subject: Healing

Hi Vera, I just saw the note you left for me at 2570 Folsom Street with regards to booking a healing session.
You are welcome to call 415- 516 2462 

24 vera  62 apt. 62 in mgik... and my m0ther.

they put inna dedenk0.... and w0jcicki and pincus with criminal farmville.

Sara from Rumaniya is on the left Inna d. is in my corner  with photographer who  cheated on her...

if you have any questions. You can also check out my web site for more info about the work I do.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Be well

Alan /what lan/  

and they made vera disabled..... made her m0ve 0ut 0f her apt. 525 st0ckt0n ...403...

br0ke veras credit....... made vera sale her r0lex and all diam0nds.

alan ? wr0ng and svetlana 0n place 0f apple. 2007. grave 3055. he didnt kn0w why he died.
vera didnt allowed.

steve Jobs's return to Apple in 1997. when I started academy of art in s.f.

chenskaya fake and nikita fake. mafia 

manipulated and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

in my fathers  passport they put e. his birthday april.  they killed him

here vera was already   her father and m0ney made criminal mark pincus.....

my father was b0rn in april. vera is n0t her father.

after veras father died vera l00ked like 12 years 0ld. what did they d0? they did crime.

2007...vera 34...

criminal 23 and me. 
vera arrived at 23 t0 usa. vera b0rn in june. j0bs steve returned t0 apple.

Craig Alpert(

Craig Alpert is an American film editor. Alpert began his 

career as an assistant editor at Pixar Animation Studios .

craig newmark behind vera /Bepa/ /a/



and they did crime.

criminal mafia killed j0bs steve .... and they tried t0 kill me... they killed my father and three 0f my relatives... and they will pay me...

criminal w0rse then anything....criminal ugly w0jcicki g0t my shirt in 2006

imperial stephany..... invited me t0 meet brin and page in 05.

vera didnt care....and vera didnt like imperial stephany....

vera didnt all0wed.

my h0use 

n0t allwed t0 be used.

In May 2007, at the age of 33, Sergey Brin married Anne Wojcicki, a biotech entrepreneur. Wojcicki is a co-founder of 23andME, a personal DNA genotyping service. The couple are reported to have wedded in a traditional Jewish ceremony. Anne’s sister Susan, an early Google employee, let her garage to Brin and Page after they had left Stanford to launch their startup. Susan introduced Brin to her sister.

after vera visited berkeley.

vera and sergey in film little vera.

there cant be any marina... they put in marina.... thats crime.

and my ph0t0s c0uld n0t be used. child 0f sister 0f jeff went t0 jail. karen 0r suzan....

..... his wife died 

and his father sh0t himvelf.

they put ugly criminal w0jcicki with my 23 

and me in time magazine.

Founded2006 April
23 and me. 

veras m0thers h0use 33. vera 33 in 2006

  vera b0rn in june. 5th. 

 veras time in  Time magazine in 2008

msu 35/vera 35/ vera father w0rked in 

msu 35 fr0m 1961... bef0re they all b0rn..

they did crime..

g00d f0r apple. it bec0mes successful 


 g00d f0r vera...

g00d f0r girls....... g00d f0r brin /he need t0

 pay bef0re/......g00d f0r

 faceb00k /they need t0 pay/

.... g00d f0r telluride.... g00d f0r

 virgin /they need t0 give me free tickets 

anywhere l want anytime.... /
g00d f0r pig0zzi /he need t0 pay f0r trying t0

 kill me with russian mafia ... criminal alexia

 and etc. /...  they had n0 right t0 get in my 

shirt t0 ted.... nina was in 53. 11 papa 15. 

we live in 11 gate 15 fr0m 75. in 160. 

g00d f0r

 terravera.. and etc.....


l. p0well has m0ney.  she need t0 help vera 

get lawyer. 0r ask s0meb0dy wh0 

can d0 that

t0 help vera meet tim c00k.

tim c00k has lawyers...

and zynga and 0ne king way need t0 g0 t0 jail / and they need t0 pay/

their russian mafia tried t0 kill vera.... 

situation is very clear...  and w0jcicki will be cl0sed. and she will get her 0wn identity.

here is w0jcicki ugly  and criminal father standley w0jcicki ..... he did n0thing f0r vera.he killed my father....

0n place 0f vera they put ugly and criminal w0jcicki family.

and they st0le my identity and my time and they killed pe0ple.

 opening of Disneyland in 1955.

/and my Innocent family and my d0g/

he need t0 pay. they need t0 get 0ut 0f my life.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
and they pay us..... 

and the end.

terravera from 1991...... vera arrived at 23 t0 usa.  

2007 le0nid svechin sec0nd fr0m the end..after mafia wh0 t00k my ph0t0 fr0m my life with0ut my 0k.... marina 0rl0va tried t0 kill vera
and her mafia....

they killed le0nid nikit0vich svechin. fr0m michurinsk and h0pe bakakina siz0va...

.... wh0 are they?
papa grave 3055.
started in 2004.......

after criminal putin didnt give me m0ney....f0r my film. 
Francis Ford Coppola

against russian citizen putin went 

0ut with c0p0la...

vera is n0t putin 

Person of the Year 2007


Pervyy uchitel (1965) andrey 


and my m0ther was m0ved fr0m  teaching matematix in 0bninsk t0 elementary sch00l....then t0 village 0n the bus 1 h0ur.....every day f0r 20 d0llar a m0nth. then t0 even smaller village and even farther....

ugly w0jcicki st0le veras 23 and me.

 She attended High School in Palo Alto, 

California, where she was one of three 

students voted Most Likely to Succeed 

in the 1991 yearbook


fr0m 1991.

then they didnt give me m0ney t0 make my film in russia..... they pig0zzi went with my shirt 

0n my time t0 ted....... then t0 japan. then they tried t0 kill vera and made her m0ve 0ut fr0m her small apt.

vera apple l0g0 pers0n 0f the year. 2007..... after meeting b0n0  and criminal campbell 
things started t0 get weird.....

vera is anetta.....2009 leon princess anetta 

disney princess tiana  fr0m my ph0t0 is fake.

because its veras.

m0viemakers 73. vera

/in Portuguese /  linda love lera. lera is anetta. 

23 and me.

Producer Michael White, with (his girlfriend at the time) Lindall Hobbs.

Lindall Hobbs is en Austrailian film directer adn producer. She wass born in Melbourne, Austrailia in 1952. 
1974.  In 1983, she directed a short film entitled Dead on Time. /vera was 10/

Michael White (1974)

m0viemakers 1973. vera.

Hobbs: With Prince Charles and Al Pacino.

and that.

  • HIH Princess (till 1960) Takako [Suga-no-Miya Takako], born 2nd March 1939 in Tokyo, married 10th March 1960, (HIH Prince) Shimazu Hisanaga, and has issue.
    • (HIH Prince) Shimazu Yoshihisa, born 5th April 1962.

vera was b0rn after 11 years old. in 1973 and we m0ved in 11 in 1975. 

Sea  tt L e /emperor/ 
tamara takaeva...

William Henry "BillGates III (born October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington)

 33 and island.... and virgin.... dubr0vka.......



svechina vera petr0vna 

princess sakura....  silicone valley.....

thats why they took away condor sighn in 1973 when vera was born.
candle in the wind.....marilyn monroe...

and prince jaime of burbon parma.

and mafia need t0 g0 away.......mafia manipulated criminal pv0.  

there is n0 pv0....

msu 35. vera was 35 in 2009 and vera needed m0ney /investment/  t0 make film

cannes film festival 2009 

what they did vera didnt kn0w. they did crime and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

1963 cvs.... from russia with love

and they /mafia fr0m russia/ gave nigo fake wife. that must be against vera.... they fake....

fake la... they were n0t la.... they were mafia fr0m russia.... 0r wh0? vera didnt all0wed...

Хуан Карлос Варела (Juan Carlos Varela) В 1977-ом году Хуан Карлос Варела принимал участие в движениях организации «Панамениста» («Panameñista»). Тогда ему было всего лишь четырнадцать лет, и он скорее следовал за своим отцом, чем осознанно выбирал себе этот путь. Это произошло в провинции Панамы Чирики. 

and in 1996.. vera had 0deki in t0ky0..../Чирик/ . 

with0ut  cut it went away with antibiotics... 

Хуан Карлос Варела – молодой политик Панама-Сити с претензиями в президенты  

Его жена Лорена Кастильо.... 

Мартинелли победил на президентских выборах in may 2009 году в связке с соратником Хуаном Карлосом Варелой. 

Президент подал в суд на бывшего политического союзника за "ложные обвинения в коррупции"



"ложные обвинения в коррупции"

pincus made criminal c0mpany didnt ask vera......he didnt pay... f0r making m0ney fr0m my and my m0thers life. 

after attempt t0 kill vera in 2009. in sf. 

and they killed  bretney anne merfy

mark pincus ..president 0f criminal zynga 

went t0 c0rt t0 file restraining  0rder against vera.

zynga and criminal pv0 ....zynga made fr0m my life... with0ut asking and als0 0ne king way.

farmville fr0m my m0thers ville......criminal game...

ugly nelli  aksy0n0va fake and n0t c0nnected t0 my life. they criminal. in my shirt. they made criminal h0use f0r h0use.

Ранее Варела публично обвинил президента Панамы в получении взятки в 30 миллионов долларов от итальянского предпринимателя Вальтера Лавитолы

Мартинелли l0st... vera w0n..... vera has vide0. vera was right.
July 1960.  Serpuhov.  Before going to pioneer camp. Station Tarusskaya.
veras m0ther nina has n0 c0nneti0n t0 any  criminal mafia nelli. and martinelli..... they mafia and they fake. 

last empress /vera/. 838 grant street 

sf.... empress 0f china. my ph0ne was since

feb 1997.

415 693 07 37.

See full size image

38 vera in 2012.  

they did crime.

my rent was 650 fr0m 1997.

650 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304

they criminal and they did

eating press.....

they tried t0 kill me. they didnt ask my 0k t0 make things fr0m my life.

h0w vera gets her m0ney fr0m  Larry W. Sonsini?

j0an and richard with my virgin and my island
 he l0st child with j0an. /n0t with vera/ 

 jeremy th0mas
last emperor Puyi / princes y0u  /vera/...y i ..
vayai........vayat means make art w0rk....sculpture...etc...

fr0m 1998 in russian church in sf..... there is father sergey... vera g0t that in 1996 in japan.

my father Beras /fun/ vera....

and brin used my apt. and my time..with0ut asking me...

2009 flying stripers and my sculpture. russian mafia 
 tried t0 kill me. they trying t0 kill me. they taking away fr0m vera veras 0p0rtunity t0 her 0wn life.

and thats crime.

42 years after 
after last emperor 0f china puyi death.
in 1967. /my m0ther was b0rn in 42 ....6... 33


gen..... /nijimegen/ 14. gate.  33 15 3  . we m0ved in 3 r00ms. gate 15 bef0re my 3rd birthday.

prince jaime and princess margarita were 3 years 0ld. n0miya...and my film.

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News |
and thats mine 23 and me. 

 Google and g00gle  Mobile, was banned in Mainland China

/last child between my m0ther and father..vera/ 1987 / vera 14. 14 gate 33 15 3 anastasia pitiy0va/

taipei.... svetchina...svechina....  1901 and 1993 and they did crime.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)
this is vera.

alexia criminal and they all criminal.

we have n0 c0necti0n t0 ugly criminal pe0ple.
they n0t my friends...

набрав около 60 % голосов избирателей. 

he finished his his carier. 

they killed many pe0ple.

vera b0rn...

1973..neraiuchi....  what they did..raisa was


Рикардо Мартинелли
they mafia and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

2002 nelli in my 0r my m0thers shirt.... she has n0 c0nnecti0n... t0 vera 0r my m0ther.  they killed my father...

we have 0ne m0re nelli..ipat0va /p0et/ 0ld w0man ..... 

and they put in vera what?  they tried t0 kill vera...

and they 

2007. vera in mexico

my brainless  friend brend0n..... /p0et/ with film 0n my time.

didnt c0me meet me when he pr0mised. they killed my father.

brend0n pr0psed  he will visit sf. he changed his mind. and they killed my father


they fake and russian mafia ....

tried t0 kill vera.

they put cancer t0 what....

and they tried t0 kill me. 

2002 bef0re vera met cannes..

they killed hercules and they cut f0rest 

under my apt. 

they n0t my family 0r anything.... they fake. vera d0nt like.

n0se a...

and mick in my shirt...

they have n0thing t0 d0 with vera....

and they gave criminal wife ....against vera wife t0 nig0.

Tariel Oniani 

veras n0se...... a.../ my br0cken n0se/ ... n..... n0se..../ my br0cken n0se/

pig0zzi had br0cken n0se ph0t0 in his r00m in 09. in antibes.

need t0 be killed.... 0r wh0 tried t0 kill vera?

nig0 made brand fr0m veras things....


criminal w0rse then anything....criminal ugly w0jcicki g0t my shirt in 2006
will be killed. w0jcicki. and her ugly child will be killed.

they tried t0 d0 that t0 vera....

after they did crime with  stilling my life....

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they killed marina. 2007 and my father..... w0jcicki n0t child 0f my father.... t0 get my 

23 and me.

marina and nelli went t0 japan 1997... vera was in ca....23 and me.....

nelli mafia in my shirt.  they made fake c0mpany..... they criminal.

mafia this st0le my ph0t0s  and tried t0 kill me. they have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 veras life.

they killed steve j0bs and tried t0 kill me.

2009 0n 0ct0pus vera knew thats criminal. vera has vide0...

they tried t0 kill vera and they put linda....nellis sister..... t0 make film and pr0blem in  japan.

they need t0 pay me expense f0r me leaving my apt. in sf and my st0rage and my face...

f0r making vera disable f0r 3 year.... they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they cheated and they lied and they did crime and they need t0 g0 t0 jail and they need t0  pay.

vera never invited them in veras life. fr0m 0ct0pus fake and amfia and they did crime... killed p0lish g0vernment and they cut my tree and they need t0 be killed.... and liver...they cut t00

fake mgik.

vera didnt all0wed t0 use veras w0rk.

vera didnt like that.

ugly criminal alexia like that.. they f0ll0wed criminal alexia they killed marina and my relatives and 
they with russian mafia tried t0 kill vera. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. they killed jacks0n....and many pe0ple. they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

na my n0se......

ugly prick... that said t0 pig0zzi we will sit t0gether and they need t0 g0 t0 sit in jail. t0gether....

n0se a...
and mick in my shirt... and after diner with mick they tried t0 kill vera.

because criminal prince alexander made child and named alexia...
 they think / mafia zhuk0va and abram0vich alexias friend.../ they can d0 crime.

when we d0nt kn0w them.

that was anetta... they put criminal alexia.... cia princess anetta/ we had baby h0rse king/ 

vera brazil.

1996 criminal pig0zzi g0t panama.. fr0m my m0ther hat. 

with0ut asking vera 


they have same glasses..
emperor 0f china puyi was alive.

Kanji (漢字Japanese pronunciation:  are the adopted 

logographic Chinese characters hanzi/

han th0ught he is rich..../ grandm0ther name/

Genghis Khan / 1162? – August 1227/

vera g0t macys card at 27 023 /vera arrived t0 us at 23/

Genghis Khan

and my perfume from 1993 dohan.....

saji san can help me find lawyer t0 get my m0ney fr0m tim c00k.
0negai shimas.
My second time in Japan. Atami  hotsprings 96 6 27
g00gle k0r0leva vera... kantan...


criminal w0rse then anything....criminal ugly w0jcicki g0t my shirt in 2006

g0t my identity...

will be killed. w0jcicki. and they made fr0m my r00m ugly child 

and my m0ney and time they st0le with my  23 and me.

and jeremy th0mas

didnt pr0duced my film 0n time 

and they killed hercules... and russian mafia  tried t0 kill vera.

film sch00l. 

steve j0bs came t0 apple

Vera Svechina in San Francisco. new montgomery 180..... 1997

and 10 billi0n time s /svechinoi v./ 

and then there is g00gle faceb00k and etc..... 0wn me m0ney t00.

asai san has tatoo. uplink...

The flag of Amsterdam

vera first thought of 

Doctor Zhivago......Im alive. december 1973. rosoku.... TAIPEI.
tbs .... takaeva bachel0r 0f science 

hercules and mori san.....

> Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 16:58:49 +0900
> Subject: How are you?
> From: mori
> To:

> Dear Vera san
> Thank you for your E-mail. How is your conndition?
> So take care of yourself. See you in Tokyo.

> Yours.
> Rock'n Mori

pig0zzi did crime in japan. tried t0 kill me with mafia
he need t0 get 0ut 0f japan... he g0t there 0n my time.

1953 j0hnny b0y f0r me.... vera left script.... theres is scene in bar m0gamb0s....

Mogambo is a 1953 film directed by John Ford, featuring Clark GableAva GardnerGrace Kelly and Donald Sinden. The film was adapted by John Lee Mahin from the play by Wilson Collison.

1995 kings of forest...

who tried to kill me and who allowed to russian mafia to touch my work?

wh0 all0wed pig0zzi t0 get 0n my time. t0 japan... t0 ted...and he tried t0 kill me with criminal abram0vich

and  russian mafia fr0m 0ct0pus and went t0 pig0zzi h0use... mafia cut all my trees..... they did crime

same trees vera s0w fr0m pig0zzi apartment nyc  23100   west 67 apt. 901.

/90 vera went t0 mgik/

and they killed hercules bellville.

and t0m luddy  was angry with mata yamam0t0 ... because he invited vera t0 la after we met... in 1998.

he said what did y0u d0.

what did t0m mean?

american z0etr0pe my gradm0ther..... akulina zelenina

vera met francis and t0m luddy after film sch00l in 1998.
vera wanted t0 make film in japan. mata witness

vera and sergey in the m0vie 1988. vera lives in gate 15. in 0bninsk.... my private h0me. 
g00gle illegal. 

15 years later.. 

s0fia c0ppla n0t my grandm0ther grandchild. wh0 sent her t0 japan. 0n my time.
2003..... ugly c0pp0la....they d0nt live in my h0me.

skywalker ranch vera /m0viemakers 1973/
serpuh0v russia....

princess vera....../k0r0leva/

33 chernishevsk0g0 my m0thers h0use.
Serpukhov 1781

and 160 in gate 15. and kurchat0va 1v. 

they /russian mafia tried t0 kill vera/  pig0zzi g0t 0n my apt. address. he didnt pay f0r it.

525 st0ckt0n apt. 403 ....... since 1997.

 in 2009 and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 


fr0m 1991.

For the first time in a decade, California's iconic Disneyland has opened membership for its exclusive and secretive Club 33 -- a restaurant tucked behind a green door in the Anaheim theme park's New Orleans Square, the Los Angeles Times reported.

One hundred of the estimated 800 people on the waiting list will soon receive invitations to join the club, but entry won't come cheap: new members are required to pay $25,000 up front, plus an additional $10,000 a year in fees.

Club 33 was opened in 1967, / when veras m0ther and father g0t married./ six months after Walt Disney's death, and has since earned near mythical status -- playing host to presidents, business moguls and celebrities.


 Disneyland need to pay vera.


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