Sunday, May 20, 2012

vera making m0vie....

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they ugly russian mafia mgik...ugly and usles fr0m day 1.

vera is n0t gennadiy....m0iseenk0 fr0m mgik.

1997 SF
Vera Svechina in San Francisco. new montgomery 180..... 1997

Oscar nomination in 2009 for my film...

 cannes film festival 2009

BEPA.... VERA ....ANETTA... 1997

f0r 2009

and russian mafia tried to kill VERA.
first ph0t0s in c0nd0r vera t00k at 19.10.07.
30 years fr0m making 0f apple l0g0.

19 vera was in 1992

2009 they attacked me 0n 19th dec. 

/my apple l0g0 ph0t0 dec. 1973/

19.01 my m0ther birthday.... my m0ther is n0t vera...and n0t apple l0g0.

On 19 June 2001, Princess Margarita married the entrepreneur. 

telluride 2005 0r what?

2003 vera got that fr0m apple. in SF. at 30 years old. /our planet/


g00gle did crime

my flying stripers...

needed t0 be made mafia criminal rapist pig0zzi and the rest .....t00k adventage 0f n0t american vera

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail and they will be killed.

they killed mj. and black and white . vera didnt all0wed... any0ne t0 enter with0ut my 0k.

Michael jackson new hair style and sunglasses.jpg

they killed chinese in 1999

they did crime.

1522 shop in Grand street in SF.

CIA PRINCESS ANETTA 2009. disney made crime and they put criminal Tiana..

and they /CRIMINAL MAFIA/ put in 2009 fake  ARIA ON hotel in LV. 

2009. next they need to change name aria to LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI LAS VEGAS.


vera wanted to open small FLYING STRIPPERS SHOP on Bush str. in SF.

vera lived since 1997 on bush and stockton....

/1 000 a month rent/ 

/didnt have enough money/

didn't know that ugly wojcicki stole vera's identity...and etc....

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)


MY APT. 160. GATE 15. HERE IM LIKE IN  17 gate.... /OR vera went to MGIK AT 17/ 

 DORANE. /my "rana" from sickness when I was born in 1973..../ 

In 1991 the skeletons of the Romanov family were dug up in Siberia. 

prince naruhito....

0ur baby h0rse king.../ hited my m0ther in 1950/

1993 / 12 years after/ vera hatachi..../

real story. stockings...

vera had f in 1993 0n shirt 0n christmas in japan


and they made without asking vera blue t00th..

  Cannes approximately 10 KM apple  , Nice airport 17KM away.    /VALERA DIED IN 200 AT 52/

and antonina ...aunt ..and cheese made by criminal  people marijoli 

1999. svechina vera 25 years 0ld. 

1979 my r00m 160.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)1979. 160 my apartment in Obnisnk. Russia. building 11.

1999 /vera without criminal mafia/ 

V LAD I MIR  / MY GRANDFATHER/..... pier bezuhov........petr......

pig0zzi is n0t my father..... they criminal pe0ple. and they n0t funny.

fr0m t0lst0y and they needed t0 take me t0 

Tatyana Tolstaya is the co-host of a very successful Russian TV show The School of Slander (Школа злословия), 
/School 10/
where she interviews representatives of

Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter whose work /from my photo 1973/


Pierre Richard (born Pierre Richard Maurice Charles Léopold Defays (originally de Fays, his grandfather changed the spelling for unknown reasons), 16 August 1934 in Valenciennes, Nord) is a popular French actor.

instead. pig0zzi used vera.... and g0t name pier...

 in faceb00k and did crime.

and my virgin and.......

putin has n0 c0nnectin t0 virgin and my life.

v.v. putin sow my success /how vera doesnt know.../ and they

 got on my way with criminal russian mafia/

they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  putin and mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

what they want fr0m y0ung w0man vera?

16 August 1999 

f0r s0me strange reas0n rapist pig0zzi walking in shirt made fr0m ph0t0 0f my far relative fr0m village in blackland alexander svechin

ph0t0 was in my table in apt. 160. and in 525 st0ckt0n.... vera was mad0na.... and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. f0r attept t0 kill vera.

rapist pig0zzi visits criminal  garazh in m0sc0w.

and my BREAST SCULPTURE IN 2009 didn't happened....because of mafia..




HAS NO CONNECTION TO POOL OF DORANE. /my "rana"  from when I was born in 1973/ 




they didn't let me make my film.... and they made me disabled.... and....


1991. c.B . /my name/

Laurene Powell Jobs

from my trip to cannes.....and my private photo from 1979.

pigozzi had name pierre on Facebook. 

he is not pierre and he is criminal....

carla bruni 1991... / ... vera from 1973: we nerai uchi/

we had king and queen....

they had to put me down....

and they need to go to jail. 

because of this criminal mafia they serve...
and pigozzi pushed vera to have sex in 2005

then he got on my address 525 stockton 403 ..he stole my time... he used me.
opened shop in tokyo on my time/
on time of my film

and time for flying strippers/

and he tried to kill vera with 
help of russian mafia. he killed hercules and steve jobs. 

after vera came back from japan they put green 
/zelenina /green/my grandmother..../
sweater on criminal inna didenko and she lived with president/of company/ in japan. norisuya kodama

mafia....they sick....

fr0m mafia ugly usless inna  and her mafia k0dama...vera n0t care ab0ut her life. 

and mafia  irina....  abram0vich p0sibly .....0r what irina.....?

we d0nt have that kind 0f irina...

vera d0nt kn0w.... and they n0t leaving vera al0ne.....

vera is not inna.  ugly criminal prohorov inna need to pay vera. /she also got fake name of alexandra/my grandmother and they killed ruslana korshunova/

and they tried t0 kill vera.
they killed veras father.

inna didenko got building 73.
she is not born in 73.

/that was my candle in the wind/

they criminal...

and they did crime. they killed my father..
hurt my mother and killed some of my relatives and tried to kill vera.

and ugly wojcicki while vera lived in SF
got vera's shirt in 2006 and tried to kill vera in 2009. she stole my identity and invaded my privacy..  and she stole my 23 and me....

they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

and instead of learning how to live healthy they made people take drugs legally ...

and they need to go to jail.
raya /wife of president/

photo 1991.
Carla Bruni and Jean Pigozzi
Venice, Italy, 1991

In March 2012, in one of the clearest signs of change at Apple under the leadership of Mr. Cook, Apple announced that it would return some of its $100 billion cash pile to shareholders in the form of dividends and stock buybacks. 

svechina vera in 1974.



at 1.30  vera was born in 1973.

2003 vera got that fr0m apple. in SF. at 30 years old. /our planet/

veras shar....

"I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong," Jobs said.

and he is right.

1951. valera
born 3rd of  may 1948.  My uncle Valera under Acacia.

Lera /Anetta/ /based on Vera/ 

The peacock tail ("train") is not the tail quill feathers but the highly elongated upper tail coverts. The "eyes" are best seen when the peacock fans its tail. 

m0nique m0ntg0mery said they d0nt need that b00k. that vera gave t0 t0m.

vera gave it t0 n0rimaki cust0mer.

and in 2008 vera g0t fire ball 0n birthday....fr0m candle 0n the cake.../ph0t0 with apple ph0ne/

vera in t0ky0.

at 23 vera came t0 usa. 1997. /vera 2nd child fr0m her parents/

Susan Wojcicki's garage in Menlo Park, Calif., served as Google's first headquarters. Now, Wojcicki is a vice president for the search giant.

vera is n0t margarita..... vera svechina is vera svechina... 

and vera need t0 get rights t0 g00gle

and vera will fire w0jcicki.

f0r unethical way 0f d0ing business.

and maybe m0re pe0ple will be fired....

later they tried t0 kill vera. /g00gle was made illegally with0ut asking vera/

. and they killed veras relatives and g0t criminal  pv0....

Prince Jaime .....Princess Margarita 0f Bourbon parma

After earning her MBA in 1998, ugly Wojcicki bought 232

 Santa Margarita Ave. for about $600,000. She rented the 

garage to two Stanford students for $1,700 a month to help

 with the mortgage. The renters: no ordinary slackers, 

but the Google Guys, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who

 incubated Google(GOOG)right there.


•Introduced a future husband to Wojcicki's younger sister Anne, who recently married Brin on an island in the Bahamas.

23 and vera in america

my 23andMe..0n veras
 card macys

 Google has invested $3.9 million

in  fake Anne Wojcicki's biotech start-up, fake 


because that was sergey.

Larry Sonsini did crime. and his assistant suzan h0me fr0m my trip. t0 jeffs h0me

and they need t0 return me my things..

He has also worked for the Internet firms Google,  YouTube.

they killed my father.....

and h0w they will plan t0 give vera my

23 and vera in america

my 23andMe..0n my card macys

brin tried t0 kill vera with mafia fr0m russia.

they w0jcicki did crime against vera


my friend tsukada san invested in fake 

v.gall0 film 

 $4 million in 2003

1996 my bear fr0m t0ky0 said 1 milli0n

my 1 0ku fr0m 1986 0n 0pra...

/anne st0le veras macys card 023 

and veras

m0ney f0r veras film/ 

23andMe vera in america

steve j0bs came back t0 apple

and  they /russian mafia/ tried t0 kill vera.

new years..... 0n place 0f vera w0jcicki  Susan ...

2008 new year

Chez Panisse

how do vera get veras money?

Breakfast at Cafe Fanny

my father they killed.... grave 3055 2007.. strange cat arrived...

 525 st0ckt0n sf after my fathers funeral...2007

pig0zzi jean came as cat in 2008........ strange christina met him...

how do vera get veras money fr0m tim c00k?


Laurene Powell


In 1991 the skeletons of the Romanov family were dug up in Siberia. 


criminal mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail.

he had n0 right t0 make his brand fr0m my apt. because vera w0rks f0r living.

they tried t0 kill vera... made vera disabled ... made vera m0ve 0ut and tried 

t0 make vera g0 t0 h0meless shelter.....

vera is n0t pig0zzi.... pig0zzi g0t 0n my valera age. 52 5... and my apt.....

they did crime and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

yuri shillers wife irina  l00k alike fr0m  swiss..... iraq....  g0dess 0f the see.......

vera d0nt want t0 kn0w mafia....

 rapist pig0zzi invited vera. na0mi in 

veras hat criminal and need t0 g0 t0 jail

dasha is svetlana..... svetlana m0ther 0f b0rluc...... and fr0m 0bninsk mafia...

and nelli and alexia..... and fake linda wh0 has n0 c0necti0n t0 bill gates and vera and my gate.

cari b0rja simple pers0n.  n0t c0unt....what did they d0?

russian mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail.

fr0m my ph0t0. laddy di n0t with na0mi...

ugly mafia zhuk0va paid m0ney tried t0 kill vera svechina

0r her friends... vera never been interested in mafia zhuk0va they keep puting her name in my head

since 09....

sveta rudenk0 n0t living in my gate.

criminal d0ne with0ut asking



jacket fr0m my grandm0ther akulina zelenina svechina/ //queen 0f spade/ 

and russian mafia tried t0 kill vera after dinner with mick jagger. they jeal0us...

it was concert for me. because the light is mine..but pigozzi went with fake CRIMINAL artco....

[On media coverage]

"As long as my face is on page one

I don`t care what they say about me on page seventeen"

my vide0 2009 page 17.

and they need t0 be killed.

they mafia 

inna didenk0 n0t zelenina..... mafia did crime.... and w0jcicki.... where they f0und they did crime.

and they messed my family graves....

my building they did crime against vera.
and they need t0 pay.
they prepered crime.....already then...... and they killed priness diana t00...nelli and linda als0 criminal...

and ugly...zhuk0va ugly

need t0 get 0ut 0f my life. they sucking in with0ut asking and they d0ing crime.

abram0vich and zhuk0va and irina are criminal mafia and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera n0t interested.

and vera h0pes they die. they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

criminal zhuk0va has n0 right t0 get in my table and ph0t0s and my life

and they need get 0ut what they put in me..... ugly mafia  fr0m russia......... will be killed l h0pe.


mafia did criminal and children hate criminal.

film mamm0th 

and criminal 0bninsk and criminal band and criminal pig0zzi and abram0vich and zhuk0va...

and etc..

after cannes  in 09. russian mafia and mafia alexia with mafia zhuk0va   and that ugly criminal 

alexia vera met at pig0zzi villa.

they tried t0 kill vera......they need t0 g0 t0 jail

vera d0nt want criminal russian pe0ple ar0und vera...

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