Saturday, May 26, 2012

very interesting building at 650 Geary Steet.

vera came t0 america in 1995 to see academy of art in sf.

The building, San Francisco Landmark #195, is today the location of the Alcazar Theater. It was built in 1917 at a cost of $150,000 as the Islam Temple, Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. 

My grandmother Tamara Andreevna /Rezvyakova/ Takaeva. 1940. in Chinese zodiac THE SIGN OF THE DOG.

tamara was born in 1922.

In 1922, Ross was partially paralyzed in a construction accident when bricks fell on his head. He was unable to speak or work again.

my grandmother tamara.... g0t paralyzed .... when my m0ther went t0 study matematics....and 

princess diana born 1961 in england. tamara died 1966.

 Ross died in 1957 at the age of 84.

article picture

1957 my mother 15.  vera 11 in 84 and they made ted. we lived in 11.

and that was next. vera.... /they kept torchure my mother./ 

steve g0t this building in 1990  he came 0ut fr0m that building 
and said I d0nt want y0u t0 c0me in....

side.  / they /who?/ tried to kill vera when vera was born. vera had Pneumonia. 

they did cut 0n my right sight in 1973.

vera apple...

house 33

born 3rd of  may 1948.  My uncle Valera under Acacia.


1997 Ве́ра

Since 1884, Bulgari

ted 1984 vera lives in build. 11. since 1976.

In the early 1980's, Bvlgari Time was founded in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
It oversees the creation and production of all Bvlgari watches. 

In 1993, Bvlgari embarked on a strategy to selectively distribute its watches through the most prestigious retailers of the world.

2003 /33/ cosmos..../vera 30....

2008. 60 years after....

Sexy book by Vera Svechina.

la vera... /in russian/ 

flying strippers dont want to live there. they like freedom.....

yoko onno and dubble fantasy

they killed lennon.....

russian mafia tried to kill vera in 2009 and they need to go to jail. 

after vera went to steve jobs house. he said .
how vera svechina /sakura/ 

 get her money...?
vera has no money now even for train 
from sf to palo alto /only for one way/  /larry sonsini/ or to apple inc. where they told vera
not to come.

"Fantasy" (Nadia Ali song), 2010 ...... criminal  pincus with criminal farmville   g0t wife ali and  killed my aunt../0r bering straight did that/ 

"Fantasy" (Alice Nine song), 2006. nina my mother fr0m h0use 33. 

they cherry ....chernobyl.....

alice has n0 idea.....

illegal g00gle....

ugly w0jcicki g0t my shirt with0ut asking in 2006

they g0t my m0ney and my 23 and me and they tried t0 kill vera. 

they killed. 

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  

All IN All and they /russian 0r wh0ever they are/ tried t0 kill vera and what they put in vera?

and when they will g0 t0 jail?

"Fantasy" is a single by Earth, Wind & Fire  "Fantasy" — 3:54 

2."Fantasy"  M. White, V. White, Eduardo DelBarrio 4:38

health reform passed.....2010. 

"I Believe" is the debut single released by singer and American Idol season 3 winner, Fantasia Barrino

vera in rino


"I Nominate U" – 4:34 (Andre Harris, Balewa Muhammad, 

Vidal Davis, Candice Nelson)

vera have n0 c0necti0n t0 this pe0ple. / vera didnt Nominated any0ne/

Fantasia is the self-titled second studio album by American singer Fantasia Barrino, released by J Records on December 12, 2006.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

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