Tuesday, June 26, 2012

g00gle and apple......

How, therefore, could their companies 
be anything but the best of friends?

n0t bef0re they pay t0 vera. / b0th/ and they need t0 g0
separate directi0ns

tim c00k instead 0f meeting 

with vera 


 vera talk t0 security......

 h0ping that

criminal rapi

pig0zzi /even if manipulated/

will be running 


sh0w... pig0zzi 

have n0


c0necti0n t0 

veras m0vie /iph0ne ipad i tunes

im0vie and etc.../

need t0 be made

he didnt pr0duce it. he didnt write it....


new ce0 0f apple...

 h0pes t0 rape and kill

  m0re w0men.....

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