Saturday, June 2, 2012

1999 nori didnt sleep.  he n0t any0nes friend.... they all need t0 0ut fr0m my life.
vera......unkn0wn fr0m pig0zzis  b00k?
vincent  criminal need t0 g0 t0 jail. ugly mafia fr0m russia..... they are .....
12-1 Campaign Vincent Gallo - A.JPG
ugly anne w0jcicki st0le my tshirt and my  23 and me..... in 2006 when vera was 33 and that my m0thers

number 0f h0use where she lived with m0ther father br0ther......

and tried t0 kill vera after they g0t ugly child benji. fr0m my apt. 

and they  need t0 g0 t0 jail.  and they need t0 be killed. f0r attempt t0 kill vera.


023 veras number. /girl 23/

ugly criminal need t0 be killed. and 
they mafia fr0m russia.... there is n0 exuse.... they keep killing....
w0jcicki mafia...... annex.. she need to go to grave ... now... after she tried to kill VERA. VERA NOT CRAZY to come to USA ..
pay for school money and give that all to ugly mafia crazy useless wojcicki.
maybe she crazy.... need to go to hospital....she is fucked up.... ugly wojcicki and her mother and father....
they need to pay and they need to go to jail. there never will be friendship.. they are wrong.
my apt. 160..... 

2000 remember me.../ great song from my film/  became dior 
ugly wojcicki got my macy's
card....  fr0m 2000 ........and they tried t0 kill  VERA never heard and never been interested in ugly wojcicki..
and they tried to kill VERA /Vera happy and not ugly/ and they need to go to jail. they did that with russian mafia.
and they criminal ugly people....
ugly wojcicki got my tshirt at 33 years old to have ugly baby....with criminal ugly brin....

that is private life. 

vera has family wh0 lives in that place..... 
w0jcicki n0t fr0m where vera fr0m...... 
need t0 be killed. 
they mafia and dishonest ugly american ....people..... and that is n0t ugly benji either......

and what happened in 09 ? 
criminal brin w0jcicki ugly f0undati0n need 
t0 be cl0sed...... they criminal...
hello kitty 
from veras highschool class. vera 15 
years 0ld. /merchandize f0r veras film/ 
See full size image
wh0 did that?
I h0pe   powell lourane jobs is n0t stupid... 

and g0ing t0 p0lice n0w. they   need t0 arest 

w0jcicki and the rest 0f that   mafia...and

    they need t0 pay me.   and they need t0
 make that crime kn0wn    because they want
 t0 keep d0ing crime.    they tried t0 kill vera... they were russian...mafia..
 and they need t0 go to jail .   vera is n0t
wh0 did that need t0 g0 t0 jail.

with Brittany Anne Murphy ?  with ruslana k0rshun0va?  sergey selyan0v g0t credit f0r my film   2008 .  he had n0 right f0r my film.  he is criminal. he is n0t pr0ducer 0f my film. 

CH and CB / Nikita and Vera?/ 
and hillary psychic in sf looks like oksana vasilenko that got on my time.. on time of my perfume...and film.../vera paid for school/
and criminal  pvo got to prince jaime.....
and they killed vera's father and russian mafia  tried to kill VERA. and they stole vera's photos and torchured vera's mother.... and killed veras relatives...


Minus the Bear is an American indie rock band from Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2001.

Minus the Bear is an indie rock group which formed in Seattle, Washington, United States in 2001 and have released four albums and four EPs. 

??? VERA blood 0-.
criminal  band.

The Love bracelet (styled LVe, with the horizontal line inside the letter "O" alluding to the bracelet's locking mechanism) is a famous piece of jewelry designed in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo for the French jeweler Cartier SA. 


was 20 years since my mother moved to house 33 in serpuhov..


vera 20 years 0ld in Tokyo....

criminal  tetsuya saito...... /fr0m russia with l0ve ? with l0ve t0...?/ 1993  and criminal jean pigozzi.....2005....

chunya......? wh0 0rganised that? with l0ve d0g kut0? and wh0 put pincus 0n my time? abram0vich... criminal

zhuk0va criminal. alexia criminal. 0rl0va criminal....
pushed vera t0 have sex..... wh0 0rganised crime making things fr0m veras life....

need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

and they got on my address in SF.

and jean pigozzi went to japan....?

 In 1993, the "Vendome Luxury Group" 

and criminal pincus wife Vera didn't like.../criminal/  made  Luxury m0thers one king way?

and they need to go to jail and they need to pay. 

and n0n 0f them asked if they can use my life t0 make m0ney.

Markkula also brought in Apple’s first CEO, Michael Scott, / in the circus/ then took the job himself from 1981 to 1983. 

and they g0t criminal laurene wren Scott .......

means n0thing.... and they need t0 pay me. they had n0 right t0 make m0ney fr0m veras life....

larry s0nsini need t0 write 0n the check like that. 10 billi0n d0llars. 00 cents.

t0 vera svechina. fr0m 1977 t0 2009.

and vera will will b0rr0w 12 d0llars f0r the train and will c0me t0 pick it up. 

if they think they like eur0 better.../ they need t0 be h0nest/

they can wright 10 billi0n eur0s. vera will put that in the bank....and will study.......h0w t0 use it better....

ceo of apple. tim cook ..gets me my rolex present from cook back from russian pawn sf...

we need t0 talk .......ab0ut apple l0g0..... and h0w t0 c0ntnue.....0n what terms.........
because there many criminal c0mpanies..... making crime.

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