Thursday, July 5, 2012

1996 vera. pig0zzi g0t panama fr0m my m0thers hat. 

veras  stage name  anetta....  The Prince and the Showgirl (1957). vera fr0m gate 15. 3 fl00r.

Prince Jaime Bernardo of Bourbon-Parma,.

fake bernard0 bert0luchi and fake and criminal geremy th0mas

and they killed hercules. means they knew......

wh0 knew ... means they with mafia. itsudem0 yume0..../ fr0m my film/ 

fake film.

apple princess vera svechina.
1 30 veras time 0f birth 

ap.... alla pugacheva.. mafia and russian  mafia angelica plyazidevskaya.
and her fake sister anetta lives in turkey. she is fake. they killed many pe0ple.

they have red r0ses...... /they mafia/ 

my cr0wn n0t f0r mafia bert0lucci. they didnt give me m0ney f0r my film and they tried t0

kill vera.

this is vera. p0ints t0 mafia and ugly fake pe0ple. 
1997 LB. vera in the cr0wn.

san t0 ri. /vera/


1999 yume 0kiku. and they did crime ....

mafia fr0m russia .... tried t0 kill vera.  they friendly with rapist

 jean pig0zzi ...  /they hate veras m0ther, father and vera/

 tak a eva. /my m0ther teacher/


All About Eve ( 1950) takaeva nina


and mama became teacher.

he did crime. 

Virgin is a leading international investment group and

 one of the world's most recognised and

 respected brands. Conceived in 1970

 by Sir Richard Branson,

 the Virgin Group 

has gone on to grow successful businesses 

in sectors ranging from mobile telephony,

 travel, financial services, leisure, music, 

holidays and health & wellness

d00rs 0shimai in 1974. after vera b0rn. 

vera must be by 
n0w rich and fam0us.

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