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he need t0 g0 t0 jail. he with mafia abram0vich... criminal zhuk0va and etc....
 criminal alexia mafia...

they killed hercules.... and my relatives... and they tried t0 kill vera.

the Three Mile Island accident (1979)... and mafia br0ke veras neck /virgin island/

vera never been t0 virgin island...
On January 27, 2010, overachiever Steve Jobs 
launched another game-changing product – the iPad. /my japan /33 /

The iPad went on to become the fastest selling product 
in consumer electronics history.
On 17th January 2011 Steve Jobs went on a temporary
 leave of absence but stayed on as CEO, while Tim Cook became the interim CEO.

they killed Steve Jobs .

/ wh0?/ ....there is specific pers0n....same they killed many 0ther pe0ple....mafia ....
.d0ing that..


She opened her first boutique in 1984 on rue Etienne Marcel in Paris. /ted/ 

 1996 m0sc0w.  vera 23.  23 and me. vera.

2003 alexander bering straight... fake criminal band..../ vera friend with drummer/ 

getting my / apple l0g0s/ grammy.... fake sergey 0lh0vskiy.... pretends t0 be 15 gate...

ugly 0lesya need t0 get ut fr0m my life.

2003 criminal  / anna wint0urs/ micah reed vera met in january and steve j0bs g0t cancer

reed st0le my lv bag.... 800 d0llars present. 
and he was 0rdered by c0art t0 pay vera. he didnt pay .
vera div0rsed l0ng time ag0.....

In October 2003, while performing a routine abdominal scan,
 doctors discovered a tumor growing in j0bs pancreas. 

9 m0nth after vera met reed. 



See full size image

pig0zzi playing give me give me m0re game.....

2008. vera playing playing give me give me m0re s0ng....

2008. j. pig0zzi in s.f.

Livermorium  (formerly ununhexium) is the synthetic superheavy 

element with the symbol Lv(formerly Uuh) and atomic number 116.

my 16 fl00r. / they cut my trees/ they criminal.  all 

russian mafia t0gether with alexia.. pig0zzi lawyers ugly child.

need t0 be killed. they were wr0ng in 09 and they killed many pe0ple. 

and pig0zzi and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they tried t0 kill vera
..... and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 


 Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial (2007)

u2.  (2007) b0n0 came t0 cannes f0r vera.

Roppongi Hills Constructed by m0ri...... f0r veras 30 birthday.

last train fr0m r0ppngi . 1. 10 min. fr0m 1993.

what criminal g00gle d0ing there?

they g0t in my r0pp0ngi hills they /russian mafia/

 tried t0

kill vera. 2009 .....wh0 they are vera d0nt kn0w.

 p0lice did n0thing t0 help vera. 

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they with mafia fr0m russia....

Livermore (formerly LivermoresLivermore Ranch, and Nottingham)  is a city in Alameda County. The population as of 2010 was 80,968. Livermore is located on the eastern edge of California's San Francisco Bay Area.
Livermore was founded by William Mendenhall and named after Robert Livermore, his friend and a local rancher who settled in the area in the 1830s. Livermore is the home of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, for which the chemical element Livermorium is named (and thus, placing the city's name in the list of elements).[6] Its south side, home to local vineyards, has developed several executive subdivisions near Ruby Hill.

my ring....

1993. t0ky0.  present for my film. rubini nuriel.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)1979. 160 my apartment in Obnisnk. Russia. building 11.

The Devil Wears Prada is a 2006 comedy-drama film, a loose screen adaptation

 of Lauren Weisberger's 2003 novel of the same name. 

24  years after...1979. 

at veras 24  g00gle made illegally and they tried t0 kill vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 


1999 after cannes with hercules...  r0pp0ngi.....

 criminal   w0jcicki.... 2006... 

and they killed hercules. 2009

2006. vera 33. w0jcicki have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my 33.

they g0t my 525 st0ckt0n d00r c0de. 

pound LB  /vera/ 
023 and my macys card  

Leon Edward Panetta (born June 28, 1938) is the 23rd and current 

United States Secretary of Defense, serving in the 

administration of President Barack Obama 

ugly and need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they tried t0 kill vera. 

wh0 are they?

at 525 st0ckt0n. / russian mafia did that/

wh0 f0und r0sa fr0m my ph0t0. r0sa gund....  russian g00gle.... russian 0n that ph0t0 vera.

apple l0g0 is g00gle. and then faceb00k.... and then what else....

ugly r0sa .... and mafia fr0m russia...

and they ugly baby fr0m veras r00m. 

micahs friend name..

and they 

made vera disabled and  

they made vera m0ve 0ut...... and 

they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

Powell Jobs married Steve Jobs the same year. 1991.
Powell Jobs co-founded Terravera, a natural foods company
 that sells to retailers throughout Northern California. 

Later, Jobs turned her attention to non-profit entrepreneurship, 
focusing on education, women’s human rights, and the arts.

vera already 39....

h0w vera gets her 10 billi0n fr0m


f0r iph0ne and ipad.. and f0r 

being apple l0g0 m0del.

Vera Svechina in San Francisco. new montgomery 180..... 1997

bur0va irina fr0m 0bninsk ph0t0grapher. 
has n0 c0nnecti0n t0 vera.

attack 0f mafia fr0m russia started after vera called cl0e....2009.

they tried t0 kill vera.

Chloë / cali/  sp0ke like mark pincus fr0m criminal farm ville.....

/clint0n?/  and dated taiwanese f0rmer

 0wner 0f g0ld club..

vera never met him.

fr0m my ph0t0 2003. Chloë  fr0m kids...

????? angelica n0t fr0m my life. 

wh0 put her there. ?

they did crime.

irina bur0va and shiller irina criminal...

varya....  bape....

they killed varya and they killed h0pe bakakina. and anat0liy bulan0v
wh0s child dasha....

what  criminal pig0zzi d0ing in  criminal  ugly 
zhuk0va garazh... they n0t c0nnected.

they tried t0 kill vera and n0t leaving vera al0ne.

pig0zzi need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

pig0zzi need t0 get 0ut fr0m japan.

he need t0 g0 t0 jail. f0r 

crime against vera.

pig0zzi sent vera this ph0t0 means

 he kn0w the game
he tried t0 kill vera

he need t0 g0 t0 jail

 with his russian mafia.
they kn0w mick jagger n0t g0ing t0 jail.

d0nt mind stephany 0f m0nac0.
in pig0zzi b00k. he did crime.
and they keep d0ing crime.

garazh mafia place . need t0 be ended

criminal garazh fr0m my b0ttle 0f vine. in 1996
pig0zzi c0py l00king at wine. .
carmel.... wh0 g0t in my ph0t0s. 
they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

there b0ttle 0f wine... 1996 wine annetta.... 

1996..... vera in japan.... pig0zzi g0t island fr0m vera m0thers hat

and veras hat.....

that was time t0 make veras film...

and parfume.....

vera 125 .... emper0r akihit0..... vera 25. 

vps pr0ducti0ns.....


fake ph0t0... fake pe0ple wh0 f0ll0wing that ph0t0s. 2008.

0rl0va ugly mafia ...... wh0 put her 0n 0ct0pus and in my life. she killed my relatives and

pig0zzi tried t0 kill vera. they killed hercules.

vera with japan.

pig0zzi with mafia.....
they tried t0 kill vera 
and they killed h0pe bakakina  / my pr0ject/  
and pig0zzi and zhuk0va and 

they mafia they cheated and they tried t0 kill vera.

and pig0zzi criminal. 

they had n0 right with0ut asking t get in veras life.

they and their mafia n0t leaving vera al0ne.

they tried t0 kill vera with mafia. cvch?
they need t0 get 0ut 0f my life with their mafia...

they have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 veras life.

ugly criminal  and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 


my film. 

they mafia they did futball
and they g0t 0n my time and they tried
t0 kill vera.and they 
need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they g0 l0k in my apt.

and they need t0 cl0se ugly vinzav0d.
because that is ab0ut my wine.

and three years they made vera disabled.

they killed steve j0bs. and my father....

they didnt pay vera t0 use veras life.

they making m0ney ....ugly mafia m0ney...

abram0vich need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

pig0zzi need t0 be killed. 

he with russian mafia bringing 
bad time t0 pe0ple.

fake and they tried t0 kill vera.

apple l0g0 vera. 

that need t0 g0 t0 jail. and her 
friends need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

fake mgik..... that ugly never been t0 mgik....

ugly mafia. wh0 can kill her... that ugly 

t0rchured my m0ther. tried t kill vera with zhuk0va 

alexia...abram0vich and etc...

they killed my aunt. 

they mafia.

h0pe mamm0th marina ugly m0ther.....

that need t0 g0 t0 jail. that tried t0 kill vera.

they fake and ugly.... fr0m russia and 
they need t0 pay vera.

criminal band  bering straight... and they 
killed marina

and then they tried t0 kill vera.


fake sergey 0lh0vskiy.... pretends t0 be 15 gate...

fake marina fake marina killed fake marina

fake larisa 0lh0vskaya....

 and they tried t0 kill vera. 0lesya will be killed.

vera n0t getting in their life they fucked up veras life...

ugly mam0nt0va n0t c0nnected t0 vera.

and never will be 

they killed my aunt.  they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they mafia.  and ugly child 0f marina will be injured

if they d0nt put 0rl0va t0 jail. 

 0f  mafia marina 0rl0va... mam0th
 marina 0lga greek mafia
 marina... get them 0ut 0f veras life.
bering straight criminal pr0ject
kill them. fake  linda... fake 
ugly mafia nelli aksy0n0va..


1974. 0bninsk. I  was born in june 1973..
vera is n0t v0.

n0t c0nnected t0 vera

vo r0nin evgeniy petr0vich?....

Since it's opening in March 2000,  in sf Teatro ZinZanni .. 
 originally in Seattle 
my macys card  and my c0ming t0 america
st0len by w0jcicki.

they fr0m ukraine... mafia

he married svetlana... they have children 
anastasia and max.

ugly maxima fr0m agrentina
 after vera met alexander 
met prince alexander....

/ vera/ 

maxim apple .... /magazine/ ....

First issue
1995 (UK)

vera came t0 usa.... in 05 they made cia

m0vie with angelina j0lly... fr0m my ph0t0.

1999 after cannes my shirt 0n svetlana...
killed hercules bellville...

wh0 did that?. ugly chen?kaya fake tatarin...

we n0t tatarin.... mafia need t0 pay...

tatarin has her m0ther. 

my m0ther and father
n0t her m0ther.
svetlana hates strippers...
they have n0 c0nnecti0n
 t0 my 
they tried t0 kill vera.  wh0 they are?

vera in las vegas.....2009 spring...flying strippers

pig0zzi sent vera camera. can0n g9. 

bef0re vera had ky0sera...

after meeting mick jagger 09.... veras 0scar.............0rl0va  with st0lem fr0m vera ph0t0s

0n paul alen b0at 

they russian mafia.....

they tried t0 kill vera. killed bretney anne merphy....

alredy in 03... 0n veras time....mafia sent ugly greek

pig0zzi g0t island fr0m veras m0thers ph0t0...

mafia greek g0t there..... and then they dressed as vera

and they tried t0 kill vera.... and ugly pig0zzi g0t 0n my address

in sf because 0f my apple st0re... and he went 0n my time t0 japan

veras time t make film. he pushed vera t0 have sex.

killed hercules......veras time. they need t0 get 0ut 0f my life. 

pay and g0 t0 jail.  and they trying t0 kill vera n0w.

they put in vera s0ething. vera n0t greek ugly 0lga.....

they put her t0 fuck with vera. she can fuck with husband.

they mafia... 

1999 vera.

2006. vera 33. w0jcicki have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my 33.

that w0jcicki st0le my 23 and me....

and abram0vich g0t in veras dress.... 

and with mafia pig0zzi...

went 0ut....

and they killed my aunt.

and  they 

put mafia pv0

they killed my father and many

 0f my relatives t0 d0 pv0 wh0 have n0 

c0nnecti0n t0 vera.

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
there is n0 vev0. vera n0t v0.....  and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

that v.0.  and they fake and criminal. 

they mafia... vera d0nt want in veras life

mafia.....drugs.... ugly man....

wh0 killed my relatives and put ugly pv0...

we had s0ny vx 1000 vera g0t.  y0....

mafia did that. 
they did s0nya rukel fr0m my ph0t0 0f br0ther sweater...

mafia did that after vera met na0mi...

they n0t fr0m my life. what they d0ing in my life.

they made nig0 married against vera. 

what mafia that is.
 ugly nelli in my 0r 
my m0thers shirt. 
they mafia.....
and bad pe0ple. 
they n0t c0nectted t0 veras life.

they have fake linda.... became fake ugly pr0ducer and tried t0 get 0n veras idea....

they tried t0 kill vera. they friends with 0bninsk mafia. vera n0t friends with mafia.

vera n0t interested.. they ugly.

they g0t my hair cut.... in 09. 
and they tried t0 kill vera.
wh0 manipulated.?  they are ugly russian mafia..... 

vera never get in their ugly life.

They have two daughters, Jennifer Katharine Gates (1996) and Phoebe

 Adele (2002), and one son, Rory John (1999).

(2002), eve 0 h0lland pig0zzi....????? eve 0 f?  film... 

they didnt let me d0 my film.

 tak a eva.....

eve /vere/ 0 h0lland princess......0 in skywalker 

(2002) ele da......

1973 . m0viemakers. vera me linda 
/brazilian language/ .. 
melinda gates and bill gates.
vera living in gate 15. my m0ther fr0m 33.

0 maganda.....0 in skywalker ranch...vera...

last train fr0m r0pp0ngi . 1. 10 min. fr0m 1993.

 they ugly mafia fr0m russia... they fake and criminal....

ugly fake linda and they tried t0 kill vera... mafia.... they killed j0bs steve.... 

they made nig0 married 
against vera.... 

they  /ugly criminal linda bahmane/ in my dress fr0m 96.......

they did pr0blem in japan.....

last train fr0m r0pp0ngi . 1. 10 min. fr0m 1993.

0scar after vera.

cannes film festival 2009

09 vera need t0 g0 make film...

and they... mafia fr0m russia linda bahmane.... 

tried t0 kill vera....

they killed hercules..... 
what they d0 in my life.....?
and they killed prince 
fr0m brazil.
criminal ugly mick jagger.

need t0 pay f0r c0ncert.

vera d0nt need that.  my ... vera didnt like the c0ncert....

in 2008

in my american dress fr0m 96
mafia fake linda bahmane ...

LB Bepa. in russian and fake marina and elena. 

vera svechina n0t friends with ugly mafia 

girls..... vera svechina hates mafia....

ugly mafia...

1996. t0ky0. steve j0bs next c0mputer.

vera g0t c0mputer. thats veras life...

vera came to america... steve jobs came back to apple...

svetlana g0t child. that have n0 c0necti0n t0 veras


wh0 put my shirt 0n ugly sveta....

wh0 tried t0 fuck up my life

tatu elena and katya.... they n0t p0dnebesnaya

we n0t w0rk f0r them...

they need t0 get 0ut 0f my life.

they killed steve j0bs. and they tried t0

kill vera.... ugly elena and ugly makar0va

 with jail pe0ple they mafia. 

they n0t vera.   elena  and 

turkey and katya makar0va ... wh0 

made them send t0 vera ph0t0s...

vera n0t playing with ugly makar0va...

and her ugly jail friend....

vera has different interest....

and they need t0 be killed. n0w they with mafia

fr0m jail. 

pig0zzi g0t island in 96. 

fr0m vera m0thers hat

all that pe0ple have n0 c0necti0n 

t0 vera and her m0ther and father.

we didnt all0wed him...

1996 in american shirt. anetta.. Vera...
v.vera... vera lives her life. vera

 n0t giving fuck ab0ut mafia.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.
0r they will be killed.


ugly chiliyanz sergey invited fake linda...

they killed my 
relatives and tried 
t0 kill vera.

and they need t0 
g0 t0 jail .

she hes her ugly life.
get the fuck 
0ut fr0m veras life.

2009. mafia from fake 3d. they fake and ugly from the start...

and they need t0 pay. and they need t0
get vera new r0lex.
they mafia.

they need t0 get 0ut with their mafia

 fr0m my life..... they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they have father and m0ther 

get them 0ut fr0m my life. they n0t my friends.

get them out from my life. 

VERA WENT TO JAPAN in 1996. Company 3d. invited Vera. work in club

O MAGANDA.  VERA. Vera Next COMPUTER.  in 1985.

Vera got Computer 1996.... Vera wanted  to go to make film .....

(3d Veras  private apartment 0n 3rd floor.../ 

Ugly 0BNINSK mafia  build 3d shop....  they fake......  

this ugly not living in Veras apt.   and they need to go to jail. 

Vera got in JAPAN Wine..... for veras film.....

and  ugly zhukova got vinezawod.... VERA DIDNT INVITE UGLY ZHUKOVA



mafia abramovich and ugly her father....

and they tried to kill VERA and they need to go to jail. 

 ugly mafia alexia ni ed z i el ski.... alfa ed..... Vera and Veras Mother not Alfaed....

/ zaus vera went in 1996/ when ugly pigozzi got panama without asking VERA.

alexia's ugly parents fucked and made  her  to fuck with Vera,,,

she like criminal 0rlova who killed and stole my photos ... same as ugly zhukova....

and they tried t0 kill Vera and they need to go to jail. 

ugly beach for ugly ....... woman like  mafia criminal zhukova.... with abramovich who has nothing 

better to do then have on veras dress..... Vera don't know abramovich.. they need to leave Vera alone.

and they need to go to jail.  VERA DIDNT PAY ATTENTION to dress of miki...
 in NORIMAKI... 

my red jigsaw...from 2000. when Vera got macys card 023

stolen by ugly wojcicki my 23 and me.... and they tried to kill VERA.

to Vera that tricks not funny...... thats ugly.....

criminal pigozzi invited vera to zuni.....  2008. 


NEVER THAT WILL HAPPEN... ugly .... they killed my aunt and my uncle and they need to get the fuck out from my life.

pigozzi didn't need to get island in 1996  from Veras mother and Veras hat....

1980 . apple went public... tooru matsushima and my watch... rolex....  

we have Olga dorozhkina.....   

for premier..... vera's movie premier....

we don't need  ugly greeks... on Veras time in TED.

 opus one VERA.... my wine anetta.... 1996....Vera wanted to make

2009 cia princess Anetta...

mafia did crime.... they need to pay...

if he got island he need to pay.  they need to go to jail.  
for attempt to kill vera with help of RUSSIAN MAFIA.. 


ugly alexia was in mini dress.... in 2009 and they tried to kill vera.... 

she is not z...... TOPAZ is VERA.... and mafia

 need to get out of VERAS life.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. there is n0 katya... in veras life.....

katya barast0va.  need t0 g0 t0 jail.. 

they ugly russian mafia. get 0ut 0f my life.

b0n0 irish. 2007

vera said criminal  pig0zzi change....

 swiss l00king like ugly  irina ..... 

he criminal and didnt change

 they killed my father jeff sent vera

 ph0t0 0f vera it said irina....

vera is n0t irina . vera n0t crazy.

they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  
and they need t0 pay vera. 

ireland and ugly swiss lived there.

bape...../ vare/ 

 rapist pig0zzi need t0 g0 t0 jail.

ugly na0mi killed my relative....

and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

later they tried t0 kill vera...  Vera asked pigozzi

to get out irina look like swiss.....

he did crime opening shop in Japan on Veras time....

and he didn't get her out...

chloe in 2003.

from veras apartment....

ugly Obninsk Irina Burova....

and they need to go to jail. 

Vera called  dancer chloe /Calli/

in DEC. 2009.

she dated with taiwanese former owner of Gold Club

and spoke like Mark Pincus /Voice/ 

mark pincus lost because the made illegally farmville.

and One king way. 

Chloe Cali didn't call Vera back... and they thought Mark Won..

/Vera didn't play games with Mark/

he lost. he made ugly children with prohorov.....

 and he need to pay. they attacked Vera and killed 

Brittany Anne Murphy Monjack  / JACK SAKAZAKI VERAS FRIEND/ 

jack sakazaki was with Mata in Norimaki when Vera went 

there in 1999. jack didn't do anything....

mata didnt do anything....

russian mafia did....crime..... and they need to go to jail. 

1999 vera. roppongi.

2006. vera 33. w0jcicki have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 my 33.

that w0jcicki st0le my 23 and me.... wojcicki did crime....

who is head of russian mafia?

and they need to go to jail. 

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